Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer Reviews

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Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer is packaged in an elegant glass bottle which has a great formula and makes nails look classy. The Nail Lacquer comes in a variety of choices ranging from glitter, sand effects, metallic textures to gorgeous gold shades which makes the nails look gorgeous. The newest introduction in this range is the neon glitter which is a range of high shine pearl glitters. These are created to create impactful nail art and can be used on any chosen color. The unique formula ensures to take special care of the nails whilst delivering superior color. The applicator brush is fan shaped and round cut which makes application easy. The lacquer is dermatologically tested and is cruelty-free.

How To Use Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer ?

  • Apply a coat of the nail paint on dry and clean nails.
  • Follow it up with 2 coats of the nail lacquer.
  • Wait for a minute for the first coat to dry and then apply the second coat.
  • Ensure to clear off any excess from the corner of the nails.
  • Let the nail paint dry for a great effect.

Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer Benefits And Uses :

  • Unique formula makes nails chip resistant and does not discolor.
  • Beautifies the nails.
  • Can be matched with different apparels.

Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer Shades (Colors) :

  • Emerald Heights
  • Chrome Sapphire
  • Olive Gold
  • Amethyst Dusk
  • First Date