Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil Reviews

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1 year ago

Eye shadow pencil


Lovely pigmenatation

Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil  comes in a retractable crayon kind of pencil which is very convenient and super easy to use. the packaging is quite sturdy hence travel friendly. the texture of this eye shadow pencil is very smooth and it glides on very smoothly on the eyelids as well s the waterline. the pigmentation is amazing and just two swipes gives a very vibrant color pay off. it is waterproof. but sadly this eye shadow crayon is not smudge proof. it smudges really bad. on my eyelids it hardly stays good for around 2 hours then it starts to fade and smudge. actually the texture of this eyeshadow crayon is so creamy that it settles into the fine lines of my eyes and then it looks very weird. also i have oily eyelids, and i feel this is the main reason that this creamy eyeshadow doesn't last for me.

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1 year ago

colorful eye shadow


variety shades

I normally don’t do much makeup but my sister loves to do all these. She has a very good collection of makeup items with her and she loves o color her eyes. Recently she bought The Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil. It is very easy to use and gives great pigmentation. She wore it for a family gathering this weekend and she got so many compliments for that. It comes up in a travel-friendly package and she carries it easily in her purse. The texture is great and glides naturally on the eye lid. It is very light does not feel weight on eye. It is safe with contact lens also, she never faced any problem. It gives a uniform color and gives a great look to the eye. She has got 3 shades of it with her. It is safe even for sensitive skin. great product if you love to color your eyes.

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1 year ago

Bestest Pencil


Great texture

Glides onto eyes with ease

My sister is using different types of Eye Shadow Pencil but it not perfect. When She found on the internet about Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil, she started using It works brilliantly on eyes and glides on easily due to its smooth Pencil Pointer. By using this product her eyes look gorgeous and she gets ready for an evening party. It gives a great texture to her eyes. The packaging is good and travel-friendly. The pigmentation of the pencil is perfect and it gives full coverage on one single swipe. She advised many of her friends to use Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil. The shadow comes from coloressence and it is in the form of a pencil. Due to long nails, I am unable to dig my fingers into the pot and so I thought of trying Eye Shadow Pencil from coloressence. Finally, it’s a good product and gives the result perfectly.

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1 year ago

Bright and bold eye shadow


The Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil is newly added in my collection of eye shadow. It is a retractable pencil type eye shadow. I usually applies eye shadows only for close family wedding receptions. And this one perfectly matches my requirements. This golden colour highly pigmented creamy eye shadow is easy to apply and stays for sometimes. It does not crease or smudge easily. And the retractable pencil restricts wastage due to sharpening. And it superbly blends with any kind of make up creams and foundation. It suits our Indian skin tone. But there are only limited shades available in this product. The coverage is full with even a single stroke. It is safe for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. It glides easily, blends nicely and provides a gorgeous look to our eyes with affordable price. But the ingredients list is not written anywhere. And it can not wear on daily basis.

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1 year ago



Intense pigmentation

Smooth texture

Safe for sensitive eyes

Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil comes in a retractable pencil style and is easy to use. I saw this eyeshadow pencil with my friend who uses a lot of cosmetic products. She had three shades of this eyeshadow. I had mostly seen eyeshadows in a palette and and was astonished to see this pencil styled eyeshadow. The application with this eyeshadow was very easy and it is quite beginner friendly. It is highly pigmented and the texture is quite soft and creamy. It lives mostly on the eyelids and gives of full coverage with a single swipe. Looking at this new product I wanted to Try it once. Since I wear contact lenses I was apprehensive for using it before. But my friend assured that it is very safe to be used. This pencil is used to two line the outer edges of the eyelids for precise eye shadow application. Did not bother my sensitive eyes at all. I found this very useful.

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The Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil works brilliantly on eyes and glides on easily due to its smooth and even texture. The pigmentation of the pencil is a delight to work with as it gives full coverage on one single swipe. The liner makes the eyes look gorgeous and all ready for an evening at a party or a semil formal office meeting. It’s travel friendly packageing makes it easy for one to carry it around. It is suitable for people with a sensitive skin including contact lens wearers too.

How To Use Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil ?

  • Was your eyes before applying the eye shadow.
  • Begin by applying it on the inner area of the eyes and move outwards.
  • It can be applied on the waterline or on the lids.
  • Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil Benefits And Uses :

  • The pencil comes packaged in a lightweight tube
  • It comes in a retractable form which prevent wastage
  • It has a nice soft texture
  • It glides on easily onto the lids and does not bother
  • It is lightweight
  • The pigmentation is great
  • It gives great coverage to the eyes and can be applied on waterline too
  • It is suitable for people with sensitive eyes
  • Contact lens wearers can use it
  • There a variety of colors available in this range to match each mood.
  • The liner has slight shimmer which is not too loud
  • The eyes look beautiful and well defined

Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil Shades (Colors) :

  • Aqua Blue
  • Plum Pink
  • Antique Gold
  • Electric Blue
  • Emerald Green