Cleansing and Conditioning play major role in maintaing strong and healthy hair. Do you know why? Cleansing removes all dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities from the scalp, leaving it squeaky clean and dry. Whereas conditioning restores the lost moisture, adding life and luster to the hair. They nourish, hydrate, smoothen, soften your hair, add nutrients, and protect it from potential damage. It provides a coating to your hair cuticle to prevent hair breakage, split-ends. They add volume and shine to your hair, making it manageable, frizz-free, and gorgeous, like Rapunzel’s waterfall-like hair. That\'s why StyleCraze listed different types of Conditioners here along with their reviews. Choose your best!

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Types Of Conditioners:

Rinse Out Conditioner: The most common out of all is a rinse through conditioner. Just apply this conditioner on the damp hair strands and rinse them after a couple of minutes. It ideally treats your hair cuticle’s outer surface, preventing hair damage caused by heat treatments. Suitable for everyday use, it fits right for most hair types from normal to dry to oily.

Deep Conditioner: Ideally formulated for dry and damaged hair, deep conditioners condition your hair thoroughly, reversing the existing damage, and fighting maximum dryness. Infused with emulsifiers, oils, and waxes, it treats your hair deeply from within. However, it is not very likely to work on oily or normal hair types since it will weigh them down, making them feel greasy. Apply these on hair and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. Deep conditioning your hair once a week or twice a month is ideal for keeping your hair healthy and damage-free.

Leave-in Conditioner: Formulated with surfactants, leave-in conditioners form a protective layer of conditioner around the hair cuticle, making it softer and smoother. Ideal for styling, leave-in conditioners are thinner in consistency and lighter in weight than regular conditioners. These conditioners work wonders for thin, curly, and oily hair.

Masks: This heavy and thick consistency conditioner, mask, provides extreme nourishment to the hair. They deeply penetrate the hair, delivering essential proteins and moisture to the hair. This provides long-lasting results, making hair healthy, shiny, and gorgeous. Hair masks can be easy home-remedies or readymade formulas available in the market. However, different ingredients work differently based on various hair types.

Different hair types deserve different kinds of pampering. Like thick, curly hair would require deep conditioning or hair masks, wavy hair would gel well with weightless conditioners whereas thin or fine hair would need volumizing conditioner, and strengthening or fortified conditioners would work best for damaged hair. However, don’t miss out on conditioning your hair at any cost. A little love and care for your hair shall take it a long way.

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