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Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil) Ingredients

Rich castor oil

Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil) Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.4

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1 year ago

Multipurpose oil


Multipurpose oil

Safe for kids and adults

My mother used this Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil) to treat my hair fall and for my scanty and thin hair. She religiously applied this oil by mixing it with almond oil on my scalp and in my hair. This hair oil not only made my hair soft and lustrous but also increased the hair volume and reduced hair loss. This is also quite effective in treating constipation issues in adults as well as children. It is ideally mixed with warm water or milk and consumed to overcome the constipation issues. The oil is very thick in consistency. It is very sticky as well which is a mark of purity for the castor oil. It is also beneficial for treating skin related problems.

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Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil) is a 100% cold pressed pure and good quality castor oil. Castor oil is most popularly used to treat constipation and hair growth. The oil is thick and sticky in consistency. This is the true quality of a good castor oil. It is very effective in treating constipation. It can also be used to treat hair fall problems and promote new hair growth. It improves density and volume of eyebrows and eyelashes also.

How To Use Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil) ?

  • For treating constipation: Take 2-4 teaspoon with warm milk for adults and 1 teaspoon with warm milk for childrens.
  • For hair: Mix with coconut oil or almond oil in equal parts and apply to scalp and hair.

Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil) Benefits And Uses :

  • Improves digestive system.
  • Treats irregular bowel movements and constipation.
  • Promotes new hair growth and reduced hair fall.
  • Improves hair texture.
  • Fights skin disorders and acne.