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Hair Conditioning


Hair strengthening

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High risk 33%

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Low risk 67%

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Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Lovely Oil


My friend shared her review of using the Dabur Maha Bhringraj hair oil. She had extremely dry and damaged hair which was a result of extensive travelling and exposure to the sun and pollution. She tried alot of home remedies, medicines and tried different products to improve the texture of hair but all was in vain. She had read about the benefits of Bhringraj which is natural herb known to fight various scalp disorders, prevent premature graying of hair, fights dandruff and improves the texture of the hair. The oil comes packaged in a transparent plastic bottle with flip open cap mechanism. She took a small amount of the oil in a bowl and after heating it slightly dipped a cotton ball in the oil and gently rubbed the oil on the entire scalp. She then took oil and applied with fingers all through the volume of the hair till it got completely absorbed. She left the oil overnight on her hair and washed it off the following day. She used the oil for almost a month and applied it almost three times a week. Her hair became extremely soft, silky and bouncier than before. The texture of a hair improved dramatically and she was thrilled to see the results.

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2 years ago

Promotes hair growth


Promotes hair growth Contains ayurvedic values

Hair oil is an essential product in my case as I have dry and rough hair. I prevent my hair dryness by applying oil regularly. But I have a hair fall issue, in order to prevent my hair oil, my neighbour suggested me to try this Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil. As the hair oil contains Bhringraj as an essential product, it prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. Products from Dabur have always given good results as they are one good manufacturer in hair care products. About the hair oil it is an ayurvedic tonic which is rich in ancient medicinal values. The hair oil works effectively on hair and scalp. It stimulates the hair growth by penetrating deep into the hair root. It hydrates the hair from hair root to hair strand. It also eliminates dandruff and itchiness from the scalp and hair. It also works on the split ends and promotes hair growth. The oil has thick consistency by gets absorbed quickly. It is best suitable for all types of hair. It also nourishes the hair that makes them thick and strong.

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2 years ago

Good Oil


Hair Tonic

Protects hair damage

Hair Growth


Ayurvedic Product

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is the hair tonic which is easily available and have tremendous effects on the hair. I love the texture of my hair after using this oil. It is 100% natural and trustworthy. It is rather one stop solution to all the hair issues. It has many medicinal benefit. It goes deep into the follicles and gives strength to the hair with shine. Apart from that its gives nourishment to the scalp as well. Now I no more have irritation and itchiness in the scalp. There is considerable growth and enriched look to the hair. It is suitable for all hair types and can be applied by both men and women. Most importantly it is sulphate free. I no more have to worry about hair loss and hair damage because of the dust, pollutants and other harmful elements. It also has a reverse balding effect. Overall, I am very happy using this product. I would recommend Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil to everyone so that you can also benefited same as I am. The product is durable and travel friendly. It is easily available everywhere.

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2 years ago

Ayurvedic hair oil


Suitable for all hair types.

Shampooing is optional after using this oil.

This hair oil has been a constant product used by my mother in law as this hair oil is infused with natural ayurvedic products and is very safe to use. Bhringraj is an ancient medicinal herb that helps in hair growth and prevent hair loss. My mother-in-law had severe hair fall issues and an itchy scalp. She started using this hair oil and it has benefited her a lot. It has made her hair longer and stronger. Her hair texture has become very smooth and they no longer entangle much. It is easier to comb them and the hair fall is much less. This hair oil comes in a normal plastic packaging bottle with a screw cap. The smell is peculiar and very strong. It may be bothersome to those who are sensitive to strong odors. This hair oil is very effective to treat dandruff and soften the itchy and dry scalp. It also combats premature greying of hair and makes the hair follicles stronger. It also solves the issue of split ends and prevents the hair from breaking. Highly recommended for those who have severe hair fall.

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2 years ago

dabur bhringraj hair oil


Suitable for all hair types.

Shampooing is optional after using this oil.

Dabur maha bhringraj hair oil provides three in one benefits to the hair. It not only let the hair become softer but also makes it look stronger and leaves an lustrous shine on the hair that lasts long even after you shampoo your hair. . the unique three In one benefited hair product by Dabur works wonder on the hair and the scalp too. It reduces dandruff and also the itchiness on scalp there by making the scalp looks clean and clear and leaves a subtle shine on it. It is used when one suffers from excessive hair loss it is the perfect medicine to cure the hair fall problems as it has maha bhringarj it also helps the hair by making them look natural black and retains the old hair color and makes hair healthier and shinier with a touch of smoothness. It helps in giving nourishment to the scalp and also is used to control stress . bhringarj helps in retaining the old natural hair color back there by reducing the early ageing of the hair . this oil is perfec t for curing the scalp related issues and reduces itichiness and redness on scalp. It comes in plastic bottle which is green in color with a flip flop dispenser and leaves a mint like fragrance and relax sensation on scalp

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2 years ago

Strong fragnance


Suitable for all hair types.

Dabur maha bhringraj hair oil works good for those whose hair are falling as this product will show result quite soon. This product will make the hair thick and will make the scalp stronger. This product can help to get relief of headache too but one has to wash their the very next day as they might feel uneasy or heavy. The fragrance of this product is quite strong .

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Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is an ayurvedic hair tonic that provides ancient medicinal effect on your hair and scalp. It helps to cure a lot of hair problems. It helps to cure itchy scalp. It strengthens your hair from the roots and makes your hair smooth. It improves the density of your hair. It leaves your hair with a shiny look. It reduces hair fall and promotes growth of new hair. It combats premature greying, dandruff issues, and many more hair issues. It provides deep nourishment to your hair shafts and helps to get rid of sleeplessness. Regular use of Bhringraj Oil will give you lustrous thick and healthy hair.

How To Use Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil ?

  • Apply the oil to the scalp and hair and massage.

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Reduces excessive hair loss.
  • Promotes scalp nourishment.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Combats premature greying of hair.
  • Gives relief from itchiness.

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil Side Effects :

  • Not to be used in case of allergy and swelling on the scalp.

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil Ingredients

Cl 61565
Cl 26100
Cl 47000