Davidoff Run Wild Women Eau De Parfum Reviews

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Inspired by nature, Davidoff Run Wild Women Eau De Parfum is crafted with precious floral-fruity notes that are sensual and elegant. This feminine fragrance is specially designed for women who love freedom and empowerment. The freshness of the wild is transferred in a bottle with noble notes of pistachio cream, pomegranate, sand flower, and jasmine. The floral and fruity notes are perfectly blended to complement each other. This juicy floral fragrance combats body odor and keeps you refreshed all through the day. It comes encapsulated in a luxurious bottle and steals your heart with just a spritz.

How To Use Davidoff Run Wild Women Eau De Parfum ?

  • Hold the perfume upright 15cms away from the skin.
  • Spritz on the pulse points like the collar bone, inside of wrists, behind ears lobes, and behind knees.
  • For long-lasting effects, apply a moisturizer before spritzing the perfume.
  • Do not spray on open wounds.

Davidoff Run Wild Women Eau De Parfum Benefits And Uses :

  • Keeps body odor at bay.
  • Delivers long-lasting fragrance.
  • Features clean notes of pomegranate, pistachio, and jasmine absolute.
  • The fragrance feels sensual, elegant, and refreshing.
  • Makes you feel lively and confident.