Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar
Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

BY Dove
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Product Description

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is a hypoallergenic bar that contains the classic ¼ moisturising element. It cleanses your skin but doesn’t dry out your skin like ordinary soaps. It is an unscented soap bar that is gentle for sensitive skin. Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is dermatologically tested and is suitable for daily use. It can be used as a daily face cleanser or as a gentle cleanser for body, hands, and legs. It gives you a mild cleansing experience and protects skin’s natural moisture.

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  • 3fragrance-free
  • 3can be used for face
  • 3non-comedogenic
  • 3non-acnegenic
  • 1makes skin soft


  • 3expensive
  • 1slippery soap
  • 1difficult to rinse off

How To Use Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar ?

  • Rub your Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar in your hands and work up the lather.
  • Gently massage the lather on your body and rinse it off with water.

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar Uses And Benefits :

Ideal for sensitive skin care.


Dermatologically tested.

Gentle cleansing.

Contains ¼ moisturising cream.

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar Ingredients :

Stearic acid

Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate

Sodium Tallowate or Sodium Palmitate

Lauric acid


Sodium Stearate

Sodium Isethionate

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Sodium Cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate

Sodium Chloride

Tetrasodium EDTA

Tetrasodium Etidronate

Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891)


4.6/5 5

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar Reviews

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Beauty Bar Unsia approves this product
4.9 5 0


Makes skin soft

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is from the brand name Dove that have been trusted and tested by all the doctors and dermatologists. This is the one soap that everyone uses in home. From younger ones to the most eldest. All of my skin care products are from dove only and nothing else we are ready to trust. This sensitive bar is so mild and delicate on the skin. It does not dry up the skin but instead keeps the skin hydrated for longer hours. It also helps in controlling the oil from the face and reduces the acne and prevents it from occurring further in future. It also keeps the skin healthy and glowing. It also has a mild fragrance to it that is very good. This can be used on all skin types and it does not cause any harm to any type of skin.

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Soft creamy soap bar Vidhi approves this product
4.3 5 0





Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is a moisturising soap bar. My skin becomes very dry and stretchy in winters after bathing with normal soaps. I switched over to Done Sensitive skin beauty bar. This is an amazing soap that contains moisturising cream. It gives a luxurious bath experience. My skin feels so soft and hydrated even in winters that there is no need to use a separate moisturiser. I have started using it to wash my hands. With regular and frequent hand washing, my hands become so dry that it begins to itch. With Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar my hands remain soft and nourished. I don’t feel itchy in my hands. My whole family now uses this soap including my kids. It makes the skin absolutely clean without over drying it. There is not even a speck of dirt left on the skin and the skin becomes soft and supple.

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Best soap for winters and i am madly in love with this. It gives a gentle and soft skin from first wash. Sahithi approves this product
5 5 0



lathers well

deep nourishment

locks the moisture

Dove sensitive skin beauty bar is my all-time favorite. I have used Dove bar for a really long time and I am very much satisfied with it. Recently I have tried this sensitive bar as I have sensitive skin and seriously is very mild on skin and made my skin very soft and supple. The creamy texture of lather is very nice. It cleanses properly and provides deep misturization also. It is must for me in winters and nothing can replace it. I even use it on my face too. But it is little difficult to rinse it off. It is quite affordable luxury. You can definitely feel the change the skin texture from the first was itself and is sage on sensitive skin too. It is free from any fragrance and does not irritate your nose. It never caused any breakout on my skin and is hypo allergic. I am so madly in love with dove bar that I done even try other soaps.

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No.1 bar soap Vasutha approves this product
4.6 5 0



Can be used for face



Among all the bar soaps Dove stands at number one due to its quality. When I see Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar I quickly grabbed one soap from my shopping mall. The soap is really wonderful. It is made with 1/4 moisturising cream to make our skin super soft. It is like a bar of butter and cleanses our skin with out making it oily. My normal skin now looks even more soft and clean. Dove is a brand we can rely on closing our eyes. It is hypoallergenic. There is no harmful chemicals in it. As it is bar carrying it for travelling is easy. There is no artificial scent is added in this soap. This soap is No. 1 bar soap recommended by dermatologist and doctors. This soap doesn’t dry out our skin like other bar soaps. It suits all types of skin. The lather is maximum in this soap. So it lasts longer and so economical too.

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dove sensitive bar Preity approves this product
4.4 5 0



Can be used for face



Dove sensitive skin beauty bar is dermatologically tested hypo allergenic beauty bar in the form of a soap bar. it contains all the necessary contents which makes the skin refreshed after the wash . it comes in a milky white soap bar .it contains no hardeners and is used as a cleanser that removes oil from the skin and cleans the pores effectively . the residue are not left behind it also makes the skin clean by cleaning the dead skin cells It is good and is specially designed for sensitive skin. It cleanses the skin well and removes all the oil content and impurities from the pores. It works gentle on the skin by making skin softer and smoother skin. it does not really melts quickly and is not at all expensive and can be affordable by any one and also is really worth the money . im happy with the use of this sensitive skin bar

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