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Dr Batra Jojoba Hair Oil is a special non-sticky formula that makes your hair strong and healthy. This hair oil is enriched with jojoba that nourishes and restores the natural texture of your hair. It imparts a radiant and shiny look to your hair strands. The conditioning formula of this jojoba hair oil stimulates hair growth by unblocking hair follicles. It also contains brahmi that creates a relaxing sensation on the scalp and repairs damaged hair. Dr Batra Jojoba Hair Oil calms your nerves and prevents split ends, dandruff, and hairfall. It can also be used along with various essential oils for a soothing effect.

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  • 2affordable
  • 2developed by trichologists
  • 2refreshing sensation
  • 2prevents dryness and tangles
  • 2hydrates hair


  • 2strong fragrance
  • 2takes time to show results
  • 1not completely chemical-free

Dr Batra Jojoba Hair Oil Reviews

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Hair oil with Jojoba oil and brahmi Vasutha approves this product



Developed by trichologists

Refreshing sensation

Prevents dryness and tangles

Hydrates hair

Controls frizz


When I visited my mother sometimes back, she was using Dr Batra Jojoba Hair Oil a unique hair oil. I was curious and applied in my hair also. According to my mother this hair oil is made from jojoba oil and that is very good for hair growth and maintenance. This hair oil is a very good conditioner. She told me that this hair oil moisturises scalp, nourishes hair, gives shines and glow to the hair. It even controls split ends and reduces hair damage. This oil also has brahmi, which is very good nerve-coolant and gives a relaxation after applying. Dr. Batra is a renowned name in skin and hair care industry. Every town and every major city has Dr. Batra’s clinic. So a hair oil from them definitely will be a great product. Now a days I am more concerned about the chemicals in our skin-care and hair-care products. So this Dr Batra Jojoba Hair Oil seems to be free from chemicals and is enriched with natural oils like Jojoba and coconut oil and also has brahmi. It is a very good conditioner and freed my hair from tangles and made it frizzy-free. The packing of this hair oil is a light green colour transparent plastic bottle. You have to pour the oil from the bottle as there is no extra flip open or nozzle in the top of the bottle. The consistency is like oil only. And it is non-sticky and non-greasy oil. The fragrance of this Dr Batra Jojoba Hair Oil is strong. My mother massaged my hair with this oil and the feeling after the hair wash was mesmerising. Although I used it for some days only, I can say that it is a good conditioner and hair vitaliser. As it is available in affordable price one can try it.

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