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Cooling agent

External Analgesic


Skin Conditioning


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Comedogenic Rating (1)


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Paraben free

Contains Silicon

Sulfate Free

Alcohol Free

Paraffin Free

Allergen Free

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High risk 0%

Moderate risk 17%

Low risk 83%

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Emami Golden Beauty Talc Ingredients

Cl 77220
Thymus Vulgaris Herb Oil
Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primerose Oil)

Emami Golden Beauty Talc Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

6 Reviews


1 year ago



Unisex product

finely milled

Smooth texture

Good for daily use

cooling effect

Emami Golden Beauty Talc is a burst of freshness. I have been habituated to using talc every day in the morning after a shower. If I don't apply talc I feel the process of freshness is incomplete. I started using this product when I was bored of Nivea. This one the moment I applied gave me an amazing cooling effect and the best part was that the entire day I dont have the need to check on my odour. I also didn't apply any perfume or do for that matter. Summers can get really embarrassing but then with this product I really stopped bothering about the stinky smell. The other good thing about this product is the herbal ingredients. This will for sure not hurt any ones sensitive skin. One amongst the best talcum powder.

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1 year ago

Good one


Smooth texture

Good for daily use

My mother loves to use talcum powder and she is been using the emami brand for along time.This emami golden beauty talc is a beautifully fragranced one which lingers the smell for long time.It is a refreshing smell for a happy day.This controls the oil in the body and controls the sweat and body odour too.It does not leave any white patch on the skin.This talc is the best one for daily use and since it is a trusted one for ages we can use it for long use with our fear off any allergies.It glides onto the skin very nicely and even my father uses it.

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1 year ago

Pleasant Aroma


Controls body odor

Excess oil control

Pleasant fragrance

I wondered seeing an aroma talc which resembles a perfume fragrance. Emami golden beauty talc is one such talc which has a French perfume formula that instantly blooms the skin with its floral fragrance. I love its scent when I apply it on my skin. The talc is finely milled powder that blends smoothly on my skin without forming a white cast on it. Its fragrance lingers on my skin for long hours. This aroma lingers even on my bed covers and feels calming my senses. It controls the body odor and perspiration leaving my skin, oil-free, soft and smooth. I highly recommend this beauty talc for everyone.

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1 year ago

Emami Golden Beauty Talc


Ultra fine talc

Emami Golden Beauty Talc is from a trusted brand and commonly used talc in most households. I love the simplicity of the talc. The packing is in white colored plastic long case. The talc smells great and is good for all types of skin. I use the talc after shower, It combats sweat and odor. The awesome fragrance makes me feel fresh and happy the whole day. It is fine powder and spreads evenly. The talc smells good especially in the summers. The talc is good for daily use and very reasonable. The talc goes long way and the quantity is perfect.

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1 year ago

Beauty Talc


Nice aroma

I never liked spraying perfumes much but as my office hours were really very long and hectic. I wanted some kind of good smelling talcs for my self which I can use before stepping out of my house on a daily basis. Than one fine day I saw an advertisement of Emami Golden Beauty Talc on the television and the add in fact attracted me more to but the same. The packaging is really beautiful as it showcases most of the flowers and so it the smell of this powder. I am simply in love with the soothing aroma that this talc has. I feel so refreshed and lively every time I apply this. The texture of this talc is smooth and silky and is not harsh on my skin like other talc.

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1 year ago

Fresh and refreshing


Control Sweat

Doesnt irritate skin

Fragrance is pleasant

My mom is not a fan of perfumes or deodrants. So she resorts to using this on a daily basis and she swears by it. Now that i am in lockdown with her i also started using this and i am suprised that i actually like it. IT controls sweat and doesnt irritate my skin at all. It doesnt have a strong smell like other talcum powders.

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Emami Golden Beauty Talc contains 6 ancient herbs that are put together in a French formula that manifests in an amazing aroma. The fragrance of this talc refreshes you instantly and leaves your skin soft, silky, and smooth. The smell of this perfume is pleasant and not overpowering. It helps to control body odour and sweat. The texture of this talc is smooth as it is finely milled, which makes for an easy application, as it glides smoothly on to the skin. It is good for daily use.

How To Use Emami Golden Beauty Talc ?

  • Take the required quantity on your palm.
  • Apply smoothly on to dry skin.
  • Apply twice daily to remain sweat-free and odour free.

Emami Golden Beauty Talc Benefits And Uses :

  • Makes skin smooth and silky.
  • Skin remains odour-free.
  • Skin remains sweat-free.
  • Smells amazing.

Emami Golden Beauty Talc Shades (Colors) :

  • Varieties:
  • Alpine Dew French Perfume
  • Moon Drop French Perfume