Episoft Cleansing Lotion
Episoft Cleansing Lotion

Episoft Cleansing Lotion

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Episoft Cleansing Lotion is the best solution for dry, sensitive skin. This lotion is effective for sunburnt skin as well. This is a gentle formula that thoroughly cleanses skin impurities without causing any dryness. A gentle massage with this lotion removes dead skin cells, excess oil without ripping the skin's softness. Few ingredients like cetearyl alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol and butylene glycol hydrates skin and moisturises the skin. This gel slowly improves skin texture while making your skin smooth and supple. It is a very effective yet mild cleansing lotion.

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  • 3sulphate-free
  • 2non-comedogenic formula
  • 2travel-friendly
  • 1gentle
  • 1clear skin


  • 1non availability.
  • 1should consult expert.

How To Use Episoft Cleansing Lotion ?

  • On wet skin, apply Episoft cleansing lotion and massage.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Wipe it off with a tissue or cotton ball.
  • Do not scrub your skin.

Episoft Cleansing Lotion Uses And Benefits :

Unclogs pores.

Removes the impurities.

Prevents breakouts and pimples.

Improves skin diseases.

Suit dry and delicate skin.

Hydrates skin.

Episoft Cleansing Lotion Ingredients :

Purified water

Cetearyl alcohol

1, 3 butylene glycol

Maltooligosyl glucoside/hydrogenated starch hydrolysate

Cetostearyl alcohol

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate


Acrylic acid/c10-c30 alkyl acrylate copolymers


Episoft Cleansing Lotion Side Effects :

May cause:



Contact Dermatitsis

Allergic reactions

Episoft Cleansing Lotion Reviews

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Replaced face wash with this product! Kriti approves this product

10 months ago


For the past month I have been using the Episoft Cleansing Lotion instead of my regular face wash and have found the difference in my skin to be very clearly better from the popular face wash products available. As I already have dry skin most face wash for sensitive and combination skin type completely strip the face off natural oils but the Episoft lotion cleanses gently without drying the skin further and has a much needed hydrating effect.

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11 months ago


Episoft cleansing lotion is just like a lotion which helps in the cleansing purpose of the skin. It is specifically manufactured for sensitive and dry skin. It does not cause and kind of allergic reaction or rashes on the skin. It is very smooth and gentle on the skin. It helps to remove all the impurities and dirt’s from the skin and keeps the skin healthy. It is all about the lotion. The effect of the lotion does not last that long and the skin becomes dry in some time. This lotion does not have anything else to be mentioned specifically. It acts as a moisturizer for a very short while.

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Episoft cleansing lotion Preity approves this product

11 months ago



Non-comedogenic formula

I am happy that I could have find this cleansing lotion for my skin. And will be using this product in future too. It helps me a lot in many things such as removes dead skin cells, brightens the skin, Moisturize the skin and nourishes deeply into the roots. The ingredients in this removes the excess oil from the skin... and helps in making the skin soft, smooth and glowing all the time. I recommend this product to everyone and added to my skin care routine. I love using this lotion for my skin and making me look beautiful and glowing.

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Useful lotion Aparna approves this product

11 months ago



Clear skin

Episoft Cleansing Lotion just a perfect remedy if you are facing with dull and pigmented skin like I was in the past. This lotion helps in deep cleansing of my face like never before. It is extremely effective and excellent lotion in making my skin look more hydrated and soft and supple too. I completely regret of not using this lotion earlier to this. My dull looking skin now looks so vibrant and healthy too. Also recently when I was suffering from sun burns after a family trip return this lotion was indeed really helpful. Also it is very gentle on my skin unlike other lotions.

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For sensitive and dry skin Shruti approves this product

11 months ago


No irritation

Makes skin soft and smooth

My friend had very dry and sensitive skin. It comes in a classy white packaging bottle with a soft creamy textured lotion. This lotion helped my friend clean her face while protecting her skin layer effectively without stripping off the natural oils of the skin. It helped her in removing all the dirt and impurities from her skin effectively and made it soft and smooth. It did not cause any rashes or irritation on her skin. She is extremely happy and satisfied after using this cleansing lotion on her face. This also helped her in making her skin texture soft, smooth and supple. It improved the skin tone as well.

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Exfoliating and Hydrating cleanser Geeta approves this product

11 months ago


Gentle and sulfate free

While looking out for a exfoliating product like a scrub to remove the topical dead skin build up, I stumbled on the Episoft Cleansing Lotion. As most scrubs can damage my sensitive skin I use this lotion cleanser product in the same way as a scrub by massaging it gently into my skin for twenty seconds and rinsing with lukewarm water and the results are astounding! On reading the ingredient list I was glad to find it is sulfate free as as an added bonus!

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Gentle lotion Kalyani approves this product

12 months ago




I was in search of a cleansing cream that wont irritate my skin, and I came across this. Without any second thought, I ordered it from one shopping website. Episoft Cleansing Lotion really worked great on my skin. It did not irritate my sensitive skin and also cleared the impurities easily. It even soothed my sunburns and moisturized my dry skin. I recommend it for all skin types as it won irritate the skin.

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Clear Skin Vandana approves this product

1 year ago


Gentle formula


I was using this Episoft Cleansing Lotion for the past one year, and it is one of the best cleansing products I have come across. It improved my skin texture. It worked effectively on my sunburns and also cleansed my skin thoroughly. I use it regularly after reaching home from my work and gives me a refreshing feel. It even worked great on my acne and reduced my dark spots.

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