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essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil Ingredients

Cl 77499 (Iron Oxides)
Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride
Cl 77510 (Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide)
Polyglyceryl-4 Diisostearate / Polyhydroxystearate / Sebacate

essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.1

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Long Lasting Eye Pencil


I have been using this Essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil from a long time. The texture is smooth and velvety. It is a water proof eyeliner that stays for long time and does not fade. It has many attractive shades. I love this eyeliner as it do not get smudge

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1 year ago

Lasting eye pencil


Stays long


I was window shopping one day and I was looking at some eye pencils, it is obvious we end up buying something so I came across this essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil and bought it but I was skeptical about it initially. As and when I started using it I was happy about it. I wanted my eyes to always look bold and perfect and this product made it happen. It really gave a good look to the eyes. The texture is so soft that it glides along the eyes so easily. It is also water proof and stays for quite a long time. I found the difficulty while sharpening it so it is necessary that we do it carefully without breaking the tip. Otherwise it is quite worth the money and runs for a longer time.They also come in various shades that could suit any eyes.

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1 year ago

Very long lasting eye pencil


Convenient to use

Sturdy packaging

Does not irritate the eyes

I picked up black essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil thinking it to be a twistable one. I was later disappointed to find that it needs to be sharpened. The pencil has really dark black pigmentation. I tried it for a day outing and the pencil was still there till I came back in the evening. It did not get smudged at all. The pencil stayed put even in a hot sweaty summer afternoon. It is a waterproof pencil. It has soft creamy texture which glides smoothly on the eye lids. Once applied, it stays conveniently for about 8-9 hours. My eye pencils usually gets faded away but this one lasted very long. It is convenient to use and draws lines easily on the eye lids. It does not sting or irritate the eyes. It is an affordable pencil and good to be used daily.

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1 year ago

Best eye pencil in affordable range with vibrant colours.


long lasting

essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil is long lasting and is very cheap. I have started using this since 2 months after seeing my sister using this. Before I was using lakme eyeliner. I am tired of twisted eye pencils as they break very frequently but this product relieved from al the stress. It gives a bold line and stay put for a really long time and is water proof. It is dead cheap and comes in variety of shades. I have bought four shades of it and my favorite is Black love. It is quite similar to the best products in the market but is quite affordable. I find it most suitable as it does not hole my pocket. I am in love with the product as it glides softly and one stroke really gives a dark bold look which everyone desires to have. It is a must product for everyone and I strongly recommend it.

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1 year ago

essence extreme eye pencil


Good color pay-off

Velvety Texture


essence extreme lasting eye pencil is the perfect long lasting eye pencil I have ever found. I am very curious when it comes to eye make up and eye look I choose beauty products which gives me long stay duration. I came across this pencil as it names indicate this eye pencil definitely leaves an extreme eye high color which stays really very long . it glides out so smoothly and in an fine way that does not leave any smudge thin lines under the eyes and also gives an bold texture and look to the eyes. It comes in many vibrant shades which can really last for two days even if not used make up remover to clean the color. It is water proof even which makes it the bestest product among all the other eye pencils. It has a velvety texture which gives an matte dark color to the shade and perfectly sticks on the eyes making it an long lasting product in a beauty regimen

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1 year ago

Standout eye pencil


Good color pay-off

Velvety Texture

Vibrant colors


My new eye pencil is just Wah! Only. It is essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil. I particularly concentrate on my eyes more than any part of my face. Eyes are the door to enter into one’s heart. People will notice our eyes only when they see our face first. So eyes definitely need more care. This eye pencil is water-proof, silky texture, easy to hold, easy to apply and blends very well. And this pencil is available in various ranges of colours. The main quality is its long-lasting capacity and smudge-proof finish. The pigmentation is huge and high colour pay off. This need to be sharpened often. This eye product is not packed in wooden pencil, but of plastic only. This is creamy and buttery in texture and glides easily on our water lines and eye lines. We can make lines and shapes easily with this. The price is very reasonable. Little go long way.

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essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil comes in beautiful shades. Its velvety texture spreads on the eye lash smoothly. This is water-proof and lasts long. They have a trendy color range that will suit every look. This eye pencil has an extremely high color pay-off and glides smooth and easily.

How To Use essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil ?

  • Start from the inner corner of your eye and continue outwards.
  • Apply both on the top and bottom lash line.

essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil Benefits And Uses :

  • Lines your eye lines with a vibrant color.

essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil Shades (Colors) :

  • Blacklove
  • Black Midnight
  • But first, Espresso (Brown)
  • Nighttime in the jungle (Green)
  • Rockin’ Taupe (Brown)
  • Silky Nude