Essie Bahama Mama Reviews

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Essie Bahama Mama is an extensive range of gel nail polish available in hundreds of vibrant shades. The gel polish wears smoothly to deliver a high gloss finish to the nails. The brush applicator fits every nail for perfect application just in a single swipe. The creamy gel formula is rich in pigments and thus provides opaque coverage. It lasts long without chipping or discoloration. The huge palette of shades offers a color for every season on every skin tone. Featured in a sturdy glass bottle with a white brush top, it is easy with this to achieve salon-like manicured nails on the go.

How To Use Essie Bahama Mama ?

  • Pick your shade from the Essie Bahama Mama range.
  • Sweep the brush starting from the tip of the nails.
  • Let it dry and apply a second coat.

Essie Bahama Mama Benefits And Uses :

  • Delivers glossy finish.
  • Streak-free application.
  • Delivers full coverage.

Essie Bahama Mama Shades (Colors) :

  • 44 Bahama Mama
  • 57 Forever Yummi
  • 49 Wicked
  • 59 Aperitif
  • 269 Twin Sweater
  • 231 A Skirting The Issue
  • 55 A List
  • 61 Russian Roulette
  • 50 Bordeaux
  • 63 Too Too Hot
  • 45 Soul Mate
  • 62 Lacquered Up
  • 48 Luxedo
  • 854 Toggle to the Top
  • 64 Fifth Avenue
  • Baguette Me NOt
  • Big SPender
  • Carry On
  • Dressed to the Nineties
  • Flowerista
  • Girly Grunge
  • Go Ginza
  • Hazy Daze
  • In The Lobby
  • Jamaica Me Crazy
  • Kimono over
  • Lilacism
  • Making Hamony
  • New Year, New Hue
  • Play Date
  • S'il Vous Play
  • Sexy Divide
  • Shades On
  • Splash of Grenadia
  • The Fuchsia of Art
  • Velvet Voyage