Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Reviews

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1 year ago

Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss


Sturdy packing

Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss comes in 12 vibrant shades that give you a matte looks to your lips. The long transparent bottle with a white cap looks simple and elegant. The applicator is good and gives precise application, I use one swipe when I need a lighter tone of the shade, reapplication of the gloss may be required if you have meals. For a deeper colour, I like to apply more than twice. The product is long-lasting thus the bottle will go a long way. The pigmentation is good. The backbox has all the product information, the packing is not trendy looks boring and unattractive. The consistency is rich while they are not much shine. This is a bit sticky initially when I apply but once dried it has a very little shine like glass. The mild fruity fragrance is very nice when I apply the lip gloss. I always happen to carry these lips gloss in my bag.

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1 year ago

Just Okay


Nice Shine

Light Shimmer

Good Packaging

I keep trying new lip gloss or lip sticks for a new shade and texture. I saw this Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss in a beauty store. I tried the sample and immediately bought one. I purchased the Bubblegum shade for a daily look. This shade is light peach in color and fine shimmers. The texture of the lip gloss is thick and creamy. It is very smooth to apply. The packaging comes with a doe foot applicator. The pigmentation is not that great. You will need to reapply 3-4 times to get that color right. The shine is however good. Not too glossy and does not have too much shimmer. It is just alright and can be used for daily wear. It has a mild fragrance. The staying power is not that great. It fades away in few hours and needs reapplication. I am not very satisfied with this product.

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1 year ago

Just average product


I love using lip glosses and the reason why i purchased this Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss. The packaging is quite standard comes in a cylindrical tube with a black coloured cap which has a doe foot applicator attached to it for application.you can take this around while travelling as it is compact and can easily fit in the bag. The texture of this lip gloss is like typical lip gloss thick yet creamy .and like most of the lip glosses this one too is a bit sticky in consistency which really made it difficult to apply on lips. I tried applying as a stand alone just the lip gloss which gave me a good pink peachy shade with a little bit of shimmer .i had to literally swipe it couple of times to get the shade right and also the staying power is very less it stays for maximum 2 hours after which you need to reapply

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1 year ago

Not good


My friend loves using lip glosses as she likes a slight shimmer and creamy look on her lips. She purchased the Faces Go Chic lip gloss and was attracted to purchase it due to its competitive price. The product comes packaged in glass tube with a black color cap which has the doe foot applicator attached to it. She normally applies the lip gloss over the lipstick to give a shiny and glossy look to the lips. The texture of the gloss is soft and creamy and it glided on the lips with complete ease. The glass has golden shimmer in it which she did not fancy much. She was not very happy with the pigmentation of the lip gloss as she had to apply at least 2 to 3 coats to get the right shade on her lips. The lasting power of the lip gloss was not very impressive and it faded off within 2 hours. She would surely not be using this lip gloss again nor would she recommend it.

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1 year ago

Sheer coverage but great moisturizing


The Faces Go Chic Lip Glosses are got at an affordable price. One girl whom I know was wearing this lip gloss. It looked good on her not pigmented pink lips. The lip gloss comes in a tube packaging with a doe foot applicator brush that gives a smooth coverage. This lip gloss is travel friendly and has good intentions that moisturises our lips. So, if you have dry or chapped lips like mine, you could surely go for it. The lip gloss gives a sheer coverage and you can use it over a lip color if you have pigmented lips and could also wear it on bare lips. It provides intense moisturization that keeps the lips soft and supple without any dryness. The product has an artificial fragrance which some may not like and also has low staying power of about 2 hours. After which you should reapply if needed.

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1 year ago

Lip gloss



Glossy lips


Amazing shades

Non drying

The faces go chic lip gloss is one of my go to lip glosses. I use it while going to college because it stays for pretty long and makes the lips look glossy and beautiful. It has a travel friendly packaging, so you can carry along with you or put it in your pocket as well.

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Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss has vibrant shades of glosses. It has a rich consistency and provides deep color. The lovely shades are long lasting. Only one swipe is enough to get perfect look. This lip gloss has shine that makes your lips glow and bright. They are very sturdy to carry, leak-proof too.

How To Use Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss ?

  • Apply the gloss on your clean lips.
  • Start at the center and swipe to the outer corners.

Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Benefits And Uses :

  • Easy application
  • Bright colors

Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Shades (Colors) :

  • Honey Beige
  • Caramelised 03
  • Choco Luv 04
  • Copper Luv 04
  • Copper Broze 05
  • Luv That Mavve 10
  • Plum Rhapsody 13
  • Bubblegum