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Fade Out Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Whitening Day Cream Ingredients

Rosehip Seed Oil
Sacha Inchi Oil
Licorice and naturally occurring Sodium Lactate
Naturally occurring Lactic Acid

Fade Out Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Whitening Day Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.4

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Not for oily skin


For some reason my skin has completely changed and the acne scars takes a lot of time to fade away. I was searching for a good product that would help me in healing those scars and discolorations and found this Fade Out Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Whitening Day Cream. This product comes in green tub packaging which looks cute and the price is slightly expensive for its effects. I would say this product has three purposes of giving an even tone, protecting the skin from sun's rays as it contents spf 25 and it also moisturizes the skin well. But for people with oily skin like me, this cream would feel heavy and sometimes cause breakouts if you have a sensitive skin. so, before investing on this product I would say you to try on it or have a patch test. If you have a dry skin then this product will suit you well as the moisturizing effect is well suited for people with dry skin.

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1 year ago

Radiating skin


Bright and radiant skin

My cousin has a highly pigmented skin. She started using Fade Out Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Whitening Day Cream. It comes in a beautiful green jar with a white lid. The cream is white and has a smooth texture. It has thick consistency. It spreads easily on the skin and gets absorbed into the skin in no time. It is non greasy and does not leave any residue on the skin. It definitely works and I have seen a lot of difference on my cousin’s face. Her pigmentation marks have become lighter and her skin has even skin tone. It shows results slowly but there is definitely an improvement in her overall complexion. Her skin remains hydrated all day long. The best part is that it has all the natural ingredients. After seeing the results on her face, I ordered it for myself. I have started using it and my skin feels soft and nourished.

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1 year ago

Great one


My sister had a lot of pigmentation and a dull looking skin which was caused due to extensive travelling and exposure to the sun and environmental irritants. She read about the Fade out advanced vitamin enriched whitening day cream and decided to buy it. The product comes packaged in small tub format with a sturdy cap on it is further encased in a cardboard packaging. When she read the details on the packaging she noticed that the product contains Spf 25 to give adequate protection from the UV rays. On application she found the texture of the cream thick and slightly pink in colour and it easily blended on her skin. She found the cream greasy and on perspiring it felt sticky on skin. The lasting power of the cream is great as it lasted a good 6 hours post which she needed to re apply it. With regular usage of the cream she found her skin looking more radiant and brighter and the cream hydrated her skin beautifully.

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1 year ago

Fade out whitening day cream


Natural ingredients

Ever since I have started using this cream initially I found that my skin have turned smooth and soft. I could also notice reduction in blackheads and pimples, acne. This fairness Cream smells nice and the fragrance is really good. My face has never felt so fresh and looked this good. And this could not happen to me without this Fade Out Advanced Whitening Day Cream. I apply this lotion twice regularly before bed at night and in the morning after shower. It reduces fine lines and blemishes and wrinkles. Moreover, this advance whitening cream lightens the skin tone and brightens the skin as you start using the cream. It also contains SPF formula which helps in protecting from UV rays by the sun, and the pollutants. I recommend using this product for those people who want to be happy with their flawless skin and look beautiful. It is affordable in price and the packaging looks class.

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1 year ago

Fade Out Advanced plus Vitamin Enriched Whitening Day Cream


Removes discoloration.

Last year I was out on vacation, it was very hot and my skin was tanned too much. I had sunburns and pigmentation over my forehead and cheeks. I started to use a lot of home remedies but the patches were the same. I just assumed that it was tan and will go away in few months however my face was looking dull and skin are irritated. After consulting my dermatologists I applied few sunscreen lotions and the anti-pigmentation cream for 2-3 months and my skin was back to normal. I was also given a fade-out advanced + vitamin-enriched whitening day cream regularly. This cream will give me protection from the sun and also help me in maintaining the skin tone. So now that I am using this cream, it moisturizes my skin also provides protection against the sun. It is mild on skin yet effective.

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1 year ago

Fade out your age not Beauty


Natural ingredients

So this moisture from fade-out is really very awesome and affordable at the same time you can use it on your daily basis and it moisturizes your skin so well it is supernatural as it made of all-natural ingredients no preservatives and I totally adore it very much this is super easy to apply too and I highly recommend this product it is also nongreasy so try it out!!!

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Fade Out Advanced Whitening Day Cream is enriched with vitamins provides deep nourishment to the skin. It contains natural skin whitening agents that improves the skin texture and lightens the skin tone. It hydrates the skin well and makes it appear healthy and glowing. It contains SPF 25 which protects the skin from harmful UV rays and prevents the skin from further damage. It leaves the skin intensely moisturized and makes it soft and smooth. The texture is creamy soft. It smoothly spreads on the skin and gets absorbed into it easily. It is formulated with all natural ingredients that helps in brightening the skin.

How To Use Fade Out Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Whitening Day Cream ?

  • On clean skin, apply this cream.
  • Spread it evenly and massage gently till it is absorbed into the skin.
  • For better results, use it twice daily.

Fade Out Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Whitening Day Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Reduces the finelines and wrinkles.
  • Lightens the skin blemishes and spots.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin.
  • Softens and smoothens the skin.