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The Fair & Lovely Powder Face Cream imparts instant fairness that lasts all day long. It claims to impart fairness that lasts for up to 14 hours. Besides giving fairness, it also protects from dust, pollutants, and oil. This lightweight Face Cream controls excess oil production and provides powder-smooth finish to your face. The unique formulation of fine brightening powder and advanced multi-vitamin fairness cream gives a matte look without an oily feel. It blends quickly and makes skin radiant. The revolutionary formula looks like a milky white cream but feels like a powder on the skin. Fair & Lovely Powder Face Cream is specially formulated for young girls. It can also be used as a primer or base before makeup.

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  • 3affordable
  • 3floral fragrance
  • 2sturdy squeeze tube
  • 2thick smooth texture
  • 2contains skin lightening vitamins


  • 2not for dry skin
  • 1just another ordinary cream and nothing much
  • 1very cakey
  • 1does not blend easily
  • 1not easily absorbed
Fair & Lovely Powder Face Cream Price - ₹ 290.00

Fair & Lovely Powder Face Cream Reviews

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Just instant fairness


Travel friendly

easy to use


instant glow

I have been using Fair and Lovely cream since my childhood. I still remember using Fair and Lovely to get a fair skin when I was in school. This fair and lovely powder face cream is just another ordinary cream which gives an instant glow to my face and nothing much. it does hide some dark spots and has a good fragrance which fades away after sometime. I have an oily skin and this cream does not make my skin more oily. It gives a Matte finish after applying and blending it into my skin. Also it does not form any casting layer which I faced in other fairness creams. It comes in a pink plastic tube with white flip-flop cap which is travel friendly. When I in a hurry I just use this Fair and Lovely cream to give me an instant glow. They don't improve the complexion on continuous usage but does make the skin brighter instantly until the cream wears off the skin. Overall it is a decent product got at an affordable price for an instant glow.

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Not recommended



Travel friendly tube packaging

This is a matte fairness cream that imparts a matte effect powder like and is in a cream form. It claims to protect the face from dust, grime, pollutants in the environment. It also claims to control the excess oil secretion on the face. I am however against using fairness creams and this one is no different. This is an age old cream that comes in a white tube with a pink screw cap. Very affordable and travel friendly. However, it is very heavy and greasy. It does not get absorbed easily on the skin. It leaves a white cast on the skin and not blendable. It gives an unnatural look to the face. Although it has a matte effect to it, the white cream doesn’t suit all skin tones. Also it becomes cakey and looks patchy over the time during the day. I have seen my friend using it and these are the observations that I found seeing her use it. Not at all recommended.

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Good Rinku approves this product


Easily Available


Makes skin look radiant

Great Texture

I always ensure to maintain my skin well and definitely buy good brand products for it. I found my skin looking very dull due to extensive travelling and wanted a product which would make it look more fairer and brighter. I brought the Fair and lovely powder cream. The product comes packaged in a tube with a flip open mechanism. I wash my face and apply this after applying a moisturizer. The powder after application makes the face look instantly bright and radiant. I loved the texture as it was very smooth and easily blended into the skin. The lasting power is great and stays on the face for more than 6 hours. It does not look patchy after sweating. It acts as a perfect base for makeup and blends easily. The fragrance is average and I did not find it very appealing. Good product.

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Nice cream Aparna approves this product


Instant bright look

No need to reapply

Thick smooth texture

Fast absorption

Conceals dark spots

Less is more

Floral fragrance

Suits Indian skin tones

Contains skin lightening vitamins

Sturdy squeeze tube

Dust, dirt, grime, harmful pollutants and what not are a part of the atmosphere now a days. And you really can not do much to protect your skin and face from all this. I am seriously so damn tired of the dry and patchy skin that I have developed because of the same. Also I could feel the early ageing signs of my skin post I across the age of 30. The surrounding has definitely added to these problems of mine. Also I could see deep and dark patches all over my skin leading to uneven skin tone which I hate like anything. I just wanted to get rid of all these issues but was really not getting the right product that is indeed made for my skin type yet. I have tried tons of moisturising creams available in the market. But sadly, I never found anything that made me satisfied with it till now. So, I am always in search of a good cream for my face. One day one of my neighbour suggested me to try out Fair & Lovely Powder Face Cream. Initially I was not much in to buying the same as this one is quite old and since than I started my research on it. One fine day while talking to a good friend of mine I got to know that she is being using this cream since ages now. And is really happy with the results. When I told her about the issues that I was facing she strongly recommended this cream to me. Ever since I started using this my skin appears to be more smoother and more lifted too. In fact I have now started getting many complements saying that I look much younger comparatively.

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Not good at all


Floral fragrance

I hate this product because of many reasons. First of all the strong fragrance gives me headache and it lasts throughout the day which feels very irritating. It comes in a tube like packaging . It claims to suit all skin types but it does not. It looks ashy on darker skin tones and leaves a white cast too. It feels very drying on the skin and the skin starts to sweat instantly. It does not provide any powder like effect and it is a task to blend this product. I would not recommend this product to any one. Please dont waste your money on this.

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