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Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF 30 Ingredients

Yashad Bhasma
Tocopheryl acetate(vitamin E)
Eladi Tailam
Curcuma Longa(Turmeric)Extract
Mukta(Pearl) Pishti
Prunus Amygdalus dulcis(sweet almond oil)
Sorbitan olivate and cetearyl olivate
Fresh aloe barbadensis(Aloe Vera)Juice
Coriandrum stivum(Coriander)Leaf Extract
Eugenia aromatic(Clove)
Citrus Limon(Lemon Extract)
Hemidesmus indicus(Anantmool) Extract
Azadirachta indica(Neem) Leaf Extract
Citrus Paradidi(Grape fruit)Oil
Sodium Anisate(Plant derived preservative)
Vetiveria Zixanioides(khus)Oil
Phytic acid(natural chelating agent)

Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF 30 Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

7 Reviews


7 months ago

Good for hydration


Paraben and cruelty-free



Comes with SPF 30

I have severely acne prone skin which acted out in the beginning of this year. I wanted to try out something "natural" so i bought this cream. The texture of this cream is very good and it does make my skin super soft. I have combination skin and it suited my skin type pretty well. The thing i liked about this cream is that it comes with the perfect spf, other than that I have seen no difference in my skin or my acne or scars. if you're looking for a cream to provide you perfect hydration and that has spf, this is a good product, but if you're looking for something to help with acne or scars, this does nothing. I've used this for 5 months.

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1 year ago

Amazing Cream


Amazing fragrance

Rich cream

Moisturizes very nicely

Soft supple skin

Nice packaging

Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF 30 is a specially designed cream for teenagers. Though I am not a teenage but I have dry and acne prone skin I wanted to try this cream. The thing that attracted me most towards this cream is it is prepared using the age old ayurvedic formula with natural ingredients. I was totally impressed with the package that it comes with. Super cute flowery box and the cream comes in a cute glass jar with golden lid. The cream is light green in color, soft in texture and smells heavenly which is very pleasing. The ingredients list is quite impressive too. The creams easily absorbs into the skin and you can feel the nice cool sensation. It kept my skin hydrated for long hours. I am in love with this cream. With a week's use my skin has become soft, supple and also radiant.

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1 year ago

Teenager Cream


My younger sister is just 16 and she was looking a cream for her than we came across to this Forest Essential Eladi Teenage Day cream with 30 SPF. This is a natural product she really love this day cream a lot. The best thing about this product is it contains SPF which protects skin from sunrays and it do not contains any parabens.p

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1 year ago

Wow product


The brand forest essentiala mostly gibws a luxurious feel when to the packaging. Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF 30 comes in glass jar packaging and has a golden screw cap to it which is totally classy .the cap stays shut and it won't leak too.however it also has a safety lid that covers the jar.the cream is enriched with a lot of natural ingredients like eladi thailam,sweet almond oil, aloe vera juice, lemon extract, clove extract, coriander extract, ficus extract, turmeric extract, neem extract, grapefruit oil, vitamin E, khus oil along with pearl extracts and silver extracts. The consistency is a bit thick and has a creamy base to it.i love the smell which is quite pleasant just lifts up the mood however does not stay that long enough. All you need is very little cream and it spreads evenly on the skin. It gets absorbed quickly leaving the skin Nourished and also gives this subtle glow to the face and helped in lightening the blemishes to a little extent

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1 year ago

Great one


I came across the Forest Essential Eladi Teenage day cream and was very impressed with the packaging. The cream is actually designed for teenagers but however since I have sensitive and acne prone skin I decided to buy it.The product comes packaged in a glass jar with a the golden lid and the packaging is leak proof. The glass jar is encased in an outer cardboard box which has a lovely floral print on it which look very elegant. The cream is light green in colour and has a thick consistency. I applied a small amount of the cream all over my face and it glided onto my skin with complete ease and quickly got absorbed into my skin. It has a lovely fragrance to it which was very pleasing. The cream contains SPF 50 which gives me adequate protection from the UV rays. The cream made my face extremely soft, supple and hydrated and has a good longevity.

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1 year ago

best day cream which provides a great benefits.


anti bacterial properties

Eladi Teenage Day Cream is a great product from forest essentials and have multiple benefits. I was gifted this by my husband on our anniversary and truly it is a gem of the product. I always love to take care of my skin and I can say it is my dream product. It has unique blend of ingredients like pearl extracts, silver powder and Zinc has various health benefits. I have found a great change in my skin texture after using it. It enhanced my skin tone to certain extent. It protects the skin from harm UV rays also thereby prevents pigmentation of the skin. The cream is very light and goes deep into the skin and nourishes it well it has antibacterial properties also keeps all skin infection at a bay. It removes excess oil without making skin dry and hydrates it well. it is expensive but worth of money.

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1 year ago

Best day cream


I was using a day cream from Himalaya which has hardly shown its effect on my skin. When I came across eladi teenage day cream, I thought of trying it and bought the cream. It is a good day cream that is enriched with pearl, silver and zinc bhasma. It provides clean and clear skin. This cream is infused with eladi tailam that has the power to provide healthy and fair skin. It lightens the skin blemishes and pigmentation. I could see my dark spots has reduced and it has effectively lightened my skin tone. This cream gives an even skin tone. It does not irritate the skin or inflame it. This is safe and gentle on the skin. It can be used by those with sensitive skin. It also protects the skin from harmful uv rays. I highly recommend this eladi teenage day cream for flawless and glowing skin.

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Eladi Teenage Day Cream is the perfect day cream to regulate sebum production and protect the skin from acne. It provides an SPF of 25 for protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This cream is enriched with powerful and potent ingredients like mukta (pearl) pisthi, which helps in clarifying the skin and leaving the a radiant glow, rajat (silver) bhasma, with its anti-bacterial properties works on the deepest layers of the skin ,yashad (zinc) bhasma, acts an all-natural sun-protecting agent and the aloe vera gel for soothing and moisturizing the skin. It helps to unclog the pores, clear blemishes and protect it from the pollutant environment. Use this cream regularly for better results.

How To Use Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF 30 ?

  • Clean your face with a face wash or cleanser.
  • Take a pea-size amount of the product.
  • Apply it daily during the day time.

Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF 30 Benefits And Uses :

  • Reduces blemishes and prevents acne.
  • Protects from harmful UV rays of the Sun.
  • Provides soothing and cooling effect during summer.
  • Healing and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Helps in uneven the skin tone.