Foundations are available in a never-ending range of finishes, types, coverage, and shades, and it only gets tougher to pick the right product. Stylecraze Reviews help you pick the right foundation by reducing the time you would spend researching products online. On this page, you will find a range of foundations from top brands, covering most categories, skin types, and finishes. Real people write about their experiences with these products, rate them, and make your job a million times easier. All you have to do is filter through these categories and zero down on products that are the best match for you.

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Foundations have the power to make or break your look. Despite being an absolute necessity in your makeup stash, foundations are one of the toughest makeup products to buy. Add to that the fact that foundations are available in a never-ending range of finishes, types, coverage, and shades, and it only gets tougher to pick the right product.

There's also the challenge of finding one with the right formulation, ingredients, texture, and made specifically made for your skin type.

Well, we are here to help you with all that and more. The ultimate goal is to pick a foundation that looks like your skin, but better. Follow these 5 steps to achieve that goal.

1. Start With The Skin Type

Identify your skin type to buy a foundation that caters to its needs. This is the most crucial step.

    • Normal skin - People with normal skin should go for hydrating foundations that are lightweight and add glow to your face.
    • Oily skin - For oily-skinned beauties, a non-oily and lightweight foundation is a good fit. You can go for powder or liquid foundations.
    • Dry skin - The best picks for dry skin are foundations that are moisturizing and offer a satiny/dewy finish. Liquid and cream foundations are your best bet.
    • Combination skin - This is a tricky one. You can try pressed or loose powder foundations and adjust the coverage depending on the part of your face you are applying it to. You can also try oil-free, hydrating liquid foundations.

2. Know The Undertone

The key to getting your base right is understanding your undertone. You need to figure out if your undertone is warm, cool, or neutral. If your bare skin is more towards the rosy/pink tone, you have a cool undertone. If your bare skin appears yellowish or golden, it means you have a warm undertone. In case your skin appears both rosy and golden, or you simply cannot make a distinction, it means you have a neutral tone.Once you have figured this out, it gets easier to choose a foundation shade. Also, some foundations have undertones mentioned in their shade labels.

3. Swatch The Shades

Going a shade lighter or darker with your foundation will make it appear unnatural. Use a foundation that matches your complexion perfectly. Swatch the shades on your jawline and pick the one closest to your skin tone.

4. Find A Formula You Like

The choice of formula depends on your skin type and the type of finish you wish to achieve. The options available are liquid foundations, cream foundations, stick foundations, and loose and compact powder foundations.

5. Figure Out How Much Coverage You Need

Foundations range from sheer to full coverage, and you can decide which one you want based on the level of coverage your skin requires. If your skin is mostly clear, you can opt for foundations with sheer to medium coverage. In other cases, medium buildable coverage is recommended.

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