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Anti dandruff


Anti Hair Fall/Loss




Hair growth

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Fourrts Hairgro Gel Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.9

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Hairgro gel


Homoeopathic formula

a few months back i was facing a lot of hair fall die to which i was facing the problem of hair thinning. then my friend who is an ayurvedic practitioner suggested to use Fourrts Hairgro Gel . it is a homoeopathic gel which helps to curb hair loss and promote new hair growth. it is made from natural ingredients and is completely free from harmful chemicals.since it is a homeopathic formula which has over few chances of side effects, i decide to give it a try. this gel is to be applied on the scalp 3-4 times a day. the gels gives a slight burning sensation when applied. i used this gel regularly for about a week then to my utter shock my scalp had dandruff all over. before this i never had dandruff problem. i immediately stopped using it and my dandruff reduced and eventually vanished.

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2 years ago

Awsome Gel


Travel-friendly packaging

I’m suffering from hair fall and dandruff problem. I have used so many gels to come out of my problems. When I found Fourrts Hairgro Gel it helps to prevent hair fall and it controls my dandruff problem. It helps me to maintain my hair more effectively. I’m using it on a daily basis. This product can be used by people with all hair types. It also helps to grow my hair densely. It contains natural ingredients like Arnica Montana, Brahmi Cantharis, Jaborandi Topical. It's also helpful to people with a sensitive scalp. It’s a Homeopathic formula for hair growth. It does not contain any chemical which damages the hair. It Blends well with oil. This gel also helps in preventing premature hair clean and also eliminates dandruff and prevents it from reoccurring. It is quite easy to use and affordable. It comes in a friendly packaging. I’m very happy with this gel and definitely suggesting to use others also.

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2 years ago

Hair grow gel


Travel-friendly packaging

Free from harsh chemicals

When I was transferred to a new city sometimes back, I moved my residence there. Everything was OK with the city except my hair. The water did not suit my hair and hair fall was started. I tried so many shampoos, hair care products, oils and medicines. But as there was no stopping of hair fall I tried Fourrts Hairgro Gel as a lost resort. Thank god it worked for me. My hair fall was stopped. It is a homeopathic treatment for hair fall. It curbs falling of hair, controls dandruff, revitalise hair growth, nourishes the scalp and also acts as a conditioner. As it is in gel form it helps in managing the hair and styling the hair easily. The ingredients are arnica montana, cantharis, jaborandi and brahmi. All these are adding life and shine to dull and dry hair. There is visible change in my hair growth both in length and volume now. It is available in a round tub container. I applied it 2 times a day initially. It is affordable also.

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2 years ago

Homeopathic hair growth gel


enriched with natural ingredients

free from chemicals

blends well with oil

Fourrts Hairgro Gel was used by my aunt for a long time. She has been using it after consulting homeopathic doctor. She had a really bad hair fall, and dandruff. She mixed it with coconut oil and started applying on her hair daily. It really gave good results and helped with her grey hairs. It increases hair growth and increases hair volume. It has all the goodness of Arnica and jaborandi. Its unique blend of ingredients helps with the dandruff. My aunt had severe itching on her scalp and it is much better than before. It nourishes the scalp and gets absorbed well. It gives a bouncy and shinier hair in no time. It can be applied directly without even diluting in oil also. Either ways it is effective. But sometimes it caused mild burning sensation on her scalp. It comes up in travel friendly package and is affordable too.

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2 years ago

Hair growth gel


Does not contain harsh chemicals

Contains Jaborandi and Arnica

Easy to use

Aids hair growth

I have seen my friend using this Fourrts Hairgro Gel for her extensive hair fall issue. She usually mixed this gel with her hair oil and applied it on the scalp by gently massaging it For 10 minutes. This is a homeopathic formula and it takes time to show results. It comprises of Jaborandi and Arnica that help in preventing hair loss various scalp disorder and also help in hair growth. This gel has helped my friend intensively in her hair loss issue and made then stronger and Shinier. It took her a year for the results to show on her hair. This gel also helps in preventing premature hair clean and also eliminates dandruff and prevents it from reoccurring. It is quite easy to use and affordable. It comes in a friendly packaging. She is extremely happy with this gel and definitely recommends this.

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Fourrts Hairgro Gel nourishes hair deeply. It promotes hair growth and is an effective Homeopathy cure for hair loss. The gel aids in preventing premature graying of hair, controls dandruff, and prevents hair fall. It helps maintain the hair more effectively on a daily basis. It can be used by people with all hair types. Being mild on the hair, it suits people with a sensitive scalp and does not aggravate any existing scalp disorders. The gel is enriched with the goodness of Jaborandi and Arnica. It can be easily blended with any existing hair oil, and hair volume improvises with regular use of the gel.

How To Use Fourrts Hairgro Gel ?

  • Take a small amount of the gel in the palm of your hand.
  • Gently massage the gel on the entire length of your hair with your fingers.
  • Massage gently till it gets absorbed.
  • It can be used 2-3 times a day.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes.

Fourrts Hairgro Gel Benefits And Uses :

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Homeopathic formula for hair growth
  • Prevents hair fall and dandruff
  • Suits people with a sensitive scalp
  • Is mild on hair and treats scalp disorders
  • Blends well with oil
  • Adds more volume to the hair
  • Makes hair look more healthier and bouncier
  • Does not irritate a sensitive scalp
  • Prevents premature graying of hair

Fourrts Hairgro Gel Side Effects :

  • Can cause burning of scalp, Redness of skin, Increased hair loss, Inflammation at root of hair, Itching


Fourrts Hairgro Gel Ingredients


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