Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream
Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream

Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream

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Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream contains traditional ingredients that provide healthy and glowing skin. It is enriched with turmeric and sandalwood. It has antiseptic property that fights acne-causing bacteria and gives a flawless skin. It also has an antioxidant property that combats free radicals and prevents skin damage. It helps to lighten the pigmentation and reduces stubborn sun tan. It wears off the dullness of the skin and makes it radiant. It highly moisturizes the skin and reduces the dryness and flaky skin. The texture of the cream is slightly thick and creamy that gets absorbed into the skin quickly imparting brightness to the skin.

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  • 3travel-friendly
  • 1natural ingredients
  • 1skin whitening cream.
  • 1available online.


  • 2slightly greasy
  • 1works slowly
  • 1not available easily

How To Use Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream ?

  • Cleanse the skin with a mild face wash.
  • Apply an ample amount of cream on face and neck.
  • Gently blend it into the skin.
  • Use daily for better results.

Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream Uses And Benefits :

Lightens the blemishes and dark spots.

Reduces sun tan and pigmentation.

Refreshing on skin.

Imparts glow and radiance to the skin.

Brightens the skin.

Reduce skin dullness.

Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream Ingredients :

Aqua Stearic Acid

Propylene Glycol

Caprillic Capric


Liquid Paraffin

Isopropyl Myristate

Glycerin Monostearate SE


Cetyl Alcohol

Polyacrylate 13


Polysorbate 20

Ethylhexyl Glycerin


Disodium EDTA




Vitamin E

Almond Oil

Turmeric Oil

Saffron Extract



Sandalwood Oil

Color CI NO. 19140

Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream Reviews

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Naturally glowing skin Vidhi approves this product

11 months ago



Natural ingredients

Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream comes in an orange tube with an orange cap. The packaging is hygienic and travel friendly. It contains natural ingredients like saffron, turmeric, milk, sandalwood and honey. These five ingredients are extremely beneficial for the skin. It is good cream for everyday use. It brings glow on the skin and reduces skin imperfections. It reduces pigmentation, discoloration and dullness. I used it for a month and was quite satisfied with the results. It controls oil and gives a fresh looking skin. I used it once a day after a bath. The cream works on bringing an even skin tone and effectively reduces scars and dark spots. The cream worked wonders for me and I was happy to see radiating skin. It protects the skin from environmental impurities like pollution, dirt and dust. It reduces the signs of aging and gives a flawless and radiant skin.

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11 months ago


This Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream is just a normal fairness cream that works with temporary results. I always have the habit of checking the ingredients when I get a product. So, when I checked it's ingredients, I was amazed to see that it contains 5 of the main ingredients that I used to make my homemade face pack. It has turmeric, milk, honey, saffron and sandalwood. So, I was happy that this product contained all those products that I love and it would take care of my skin. It is something similar to Vicco turmeric cream and the results were only average. The price of the product is expensive for its quality. The product feels greasy over oily skin like mine and I always have the fear that it would clog my pores and lead to breakout as I have an acne prone skin. This product has antiseptic property but does not work out so well. It is just an average product and nothing great.

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Great cream Rinku approves this product

11 months ago


I believe in investing in products which contain natural ingredients and are mild and safe on the skin. I came across Galway Rupabham Haldi chandan cream which is enriched with all natural ingredients of sandalwood, turmeric, saffron, almond oil milk, honey and Vitamin E. All these ingredients in one product truly amaze me. I immediately purchased this product which comes packaged in a yellow colour tube with and orange colour cap. The tube is lightweight and travel friendly and can be easily carried around. The texture of the cream is thick and I applied it all over my face and neck after washing my face. With regular usage of the cream I saw a nice radiance on my face and it also worked as an antiseptic cream to heal any scars and wounds as well. The cream has hydrating qualities which ensure to keep my skin soft and moisturized. I would surely recommend this product.

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Galway haldi chandan cream Preity approves this product

11 months ago



Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream is an traditional age old cream that contains anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. This traditional ingredients provides healthy and glowy skin . This haldi chandan cream is enriched with the richness of the turmeric and sandal wood extracts. Turmeric has an antiseptic properties that fights from the pimples ,acne and acne- prone infections and the bacteria which causes acne and helps in removing and healing the marks and damage which the acne cause and leaves on the skin . This cream is extreme creamy in texture and leaves a pleasant yet mild fragrance and is an unised product and can be used by the children’s to because it is an natural moitsurizee that does not cause any harm to the skin rather make it look flaw less . This craem helps in reducing and fading away the marks, scars and blemishes from the skin.

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Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan Cream Anitha approves this product

11 months ago


Skin whitening cream.

Available online.

I was on a trip to the other side of states, it was a lovely season of winter and I was on a long vacation, All my bags were packed with winter clothes and creams and moisturisers, I have extremely dry skin. Some of my moisturisers were missed in a bag while travelling especially the cream that I use for my face. My friend offered me Galway Rupabham Haldi Chandan. I had no other option so started to use the cream, The ingredients are turmeric and sandal. This cream was smooth and had a very pleasing aroma to it. The tube is yellow in colour also has an infusion of Saffron. Traditionally these ingredients give glowing and healthy skin. They are rich in anti-bacterial properties and avoid any breakouts or pimples. I like the fragrance, texture and also the ingredients that are included in it. It has good reviews on the net too. I will buy another tube for myself.

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