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Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum is a luxurious fragrance for women who are not afraid to explore their femininity and free spirit. It has a very distinct scent that makes heads turn. It is an irresistible combination of sultry notes like blackcurrant nectar, chypre, and light musk wood. Si can be described in three words - grace, strength, and independence. It comes in a clear-cut glass bottle with a black lid.

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  • 3not overpowering
  • 2available in different sizes
  • 2long-lasting fragrance
  • 2mature and sophisticated fragrance
  • 1not overbearing


  • 6expensive
  • 1basic and boring packaging
  • 1very sweet fragrance

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fragrance is long lasting Riya approves this product


Available in different sizes

Not overpowering

Long-lasting fragrance

Mature and sophisticated fragrance

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum is An inebriating mix of cassis and dark currant separates at the top will entice your faculties. The aroma at that point moves to an agreement of May rose, neroli total, davana and osmanthus. Patchouli, vanilla, ambroxan and a mix of woody notes are the completing touch in the base. It has a profound blackcurrant nectar aroma that blurs into vaporous florals. Its base is musky light wood which leaves a particular trail. This scent is so irresistible! The most ideal approach to portray it is consider it a lavish embrace that you never need to escape. It smells so warm and rich and great, and one of only a handful couple of scents that don't give me a cerebral pain. A totally tasty smell. A standout amongst the best scent I have. Despite the fact that a costly one yet a little goes far. Remains on for a whole day. The majority of the aromas blur on me however this stays set up till the night. The scent merits each is enduring.. solid yet not simply need one-two splashes and you're a solitary container goes on for more than a year..just shower noticeable all around and let it choose you in the event that you feel that the scent is too solid to even consider being showered legitimately. It's one significant layer to my mark scent. I can ensure on the off chance that you attempt this once. You could never change to some other EDP. Particularly for ladies who don't care for florals. Attempt it however it's exorbitant yet it merits the cash. This is my most cherished aroma since it just remains on you until you go for a shower. You truly don't have to reapply. The scent is delicate and ladylike however alluring and enticingly sweet. Each lady ought to have this in their scent accumulation.

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum-fragrance is long lasting-By riya_neema
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Jessica Scott
The most sophisticated perfume


Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum is known to many, and ever since it was launched, it has been a hit. So, I had to try it on myself.It has a deep blackcurrant nectar scent that fades into airy florals. The base of it is musky blond wood which leaves a distinctive trail.I will say that Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum will suit ladies who are in their early ’30s-’40s. It is a soft fragrance which is very subdued. It wears close to the skin and does not make a strong statement. It does not fill the entire room but lingers softly on your body.When I first used it, the first tone I picked up was cassis which smells fresh, then it settles down to freesia. I don’t really get to smell may rose, but I am fine with it as I’m not very keen on floral tones. The scent lasts for about 6-8 hours which works perfectly for me because it lasts through my office hours.Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum is more like a day perfume because it is mild and soft. It is also best to use during the summer and spring seasons.My overall opinion of this perfume is a positive one. I really don’t have any bad thing to say about it other than it being overpriced. If you can afford it, and you have a taste for mature fragrances, then I think it is a safe bet.

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Great for anyone who loves vanilla perfumes


I really like this Si perfume from Giorgio Armani because of its hint of vanilla. I have always been a lover of vanilla fragrances, but it is not easy to get the right one. Some get way too sweet and girly. But Si is different. In a sense, it is much softer and subtler, and there is a sense of woodiness to it. Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum lasts for long, so I don’t need to reapply it. However, the packaging is quite boring. It is very basic and does not grab my attention. Honestly, if not for its tag, I would have never noticed it.

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Barbara Lee
Too sweet for me


Giorgio Armani Si EDP is a classy perfume. But for my taste I find it to be very sweet. The top notes are quite sharp and fruity, but it quickly settles into a sweet floral fragrance. I like the fruity notes, but on my skin, the floral notes are way too sweet. Some people may like it, but it is just too much for my nostrils.Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum would be perfect for those who prefer floral perfumes and want a mature and classic fragrance. It lasts all day on me and even longer on my clothes. So I still wear it, but not too often.

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An outstanding perfume!


Si is my new found love. It has just been two weeks since I got it and I have already started recommending it. Whenever I wear this perfume, I get so many compliments. It is simple, not loud and overbearing. It sits well on my body and gives me an aura of sophistication. I spritz it on the pulse points of my wrist and dab it on the sides of my neck and on my clothes. Just that and I’m good to go for the whole day. I can still smell it on my clothes the next day. It is indeed an outstanding perfume.

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