Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream

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Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream is a facial cream which helps you attain a lovely, radiant, and glowing skin. It has a unique formula of Vitamin C and Glutathione which makes the skin extremely bright. It fights against stubborn pigmentation and discoloration on the face. It hydrates the skin and makes it look youthful and firmer. It controls the oil secretion on the face and rejuvenates the skin. Its gentle formula suits all skin types.

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  • 3sturdy packageing
  • 3removes acne marks
  • 2hydrates skin
  • 2lightweight and non greasy
  • 2adds glow to the face


  • 1thick texture
  • 1not easy to apply
  • 1greasy look
  • 1no result
  • 1expensive

How To Use Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream ?

  • Apply on a cleansed skin.
  • Glide the cream on your entire skin.
  • Massage a small amount on the arms and then legs.
  • Keep massageing on the body until it is absorbed.
  • Use on the other parts of your body as required.
  • Apply a sunscreen over the cream before moving out in the Sun.

Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream Uses And Benefits :

Lightens uneven skin tone.

Improves skin complexion.

Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream Ingredients :

Vitamin B3

Vitamin E



Glycolic acid


Mulberry extracts

Kojic acid


Calendula and emblica extracts

Titanium dioxide


Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream Side Effects :

Can cause redness, itching, and burning sensation in a few.

Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream Reviews

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Fabulous Product Rinku approves this product

9 months ago


My colleague used the Glow plus gold skin whitening cream and was quite happy with the results. She had a very dull looking skin and since she needed to travel a lot skin would get easily tanned. The product comes packaged in a glass jar with a golden colour cap and is further encased in a cardboard box. The cream has a soft texture and on application she found it lightweight and it got easily absorbed into the skin. She liked the fragrance of the cream as it was mild and not very overpowering. She used this cream during the day before moving out in the sun and at night before going to bed. The cream effectively protected her skin from the harmful UV rays and she saw her tan getting controlled. With regular usage her skin felt very soft, hydrated and radiant.

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Glow plus whitening cream Preity approves this product

9 months ago


Sturdy packageing

Removes acne marks

Perfect for dark skin tone!! It works great for lot of people and for me too. I have a dark color skin tone, and also dullness all over the face. I use this Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream which helps me reduce the pigmentation and discoloration on the face. Even I use it daily for a good result before bed at night and in the morning after shower. This facial cream improves skin tone and also gives a glowy, soft and beautiful face. It is suitable for all skin types without any allergy or reaction to the skin. I am a happy customer of this glow plus which have helped me with a lot of benefits.

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Takes time to show results Ramya approves this product

9 months ago


One of my friends was using this cream which she had got from online after a friend's recommendation as it would help remove pigmentation and dark spots.the packaging is simple and the Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream comes in a tub packaging. The texture she mentioned is a bit thick types for a whitening cream itself. Inspite of that it feels totally lightweight on the skin.after blending it does not leave behind any greasy or oily residual feeling on the skin .it gives this radiant glow on the face.although she has been using this for a month or so she did not notice any radical change in dark spots and pigmentation .overall an okayish product

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9 months ago


Good packaging

Nice fragrance

Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream is an advanced formula and claims to give 12 effects on your skin like whitening, reducing acne marks and many more. I was really excited to see what changes it brings to my skin. After using it for a week I am not at all impressed. First of all the texture is thick and foundation like. It is really difficult to blend into your skin. It also gives a greasy finish. It has a nice fragrance. It was kind of moisturizing but it did not do anything other than. I have been using it for 1 week and still, I can see nothing at all.

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Good product Sahithi approves this product

9 months ago


Sturdy packageing

Hydrates skin

Lightweight and non greasy

Adds glow to the face

Removes dullness

Eradicates pigmentation

Removes acne marks

Makes skin firmer

instant radiance

Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream is the best alternative for salon facial. I use it occasionally if I can’t go to salon and gives the same results as salon. The cream is very light gets easily absorbed into the skin. The non-oily and non-greasy formula makes it very comfortable on the skin. It helped me with my tan on the temples. It provides moisturization to the skin keeps it hydrated for a good amount of time. It gives instant brightness and radiance to the skin. It is travel friendly. It suits all skin types. It is little expensive but best for its price.

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9 months ago


Glow Plus Gold Skin Whitening Cream comes in a tub packaging which I personally feel slightly unhygienic. the product has a creamy consistency which is slightly thick and you will have to blend it into your skin with your fingertips. the product has honey coloured cream and also has a very good fragrance that pleases your mind. the product works very slowly but you will have to use it for at least a month to see the improvement in your skin tone. I would say this product is slightly above average and dont expect amazing results. It suits all types of skin.

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