Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap

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Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap is a pure form of sandalwood in a soap. Sandalwood is known for its immense medicinal health benefits. It cleanses your skin deeply. With regular use, this bar soap will nourish your skin, lighten your blemishes, give your skin a healthy glow. It has leasing sandalwood fragrance. It can be used by both men and women.

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  • 3lathers well
  • 3unisex product
  • 2sanalwood fragrance
  • 1smells good
  • 1none


  • 2dries skin
  • 1irritates skin
  • 1fragrance doesn't last long
  • 1longevity is less
  • 1may not suit all skin types

How To Use Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap ?

  • Wash your body with water.
  • On wet skin, rub the soap bar.
  • Exfoliate with a loofa.
  • Rinse thoroughly wth water.

Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap Uses And Benefits :

Makes skin clean and healthy.

Sandalwood fragrance uplifts mood instantly.

Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap Ingredients :

Pure sandalwood

Rose extracts

Sandal oil


Natural minerals

Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap Reviews

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Pure sandalwood! Divya approves this product

4 months ago


Lathers well

Unisex product

smells good

Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap is the best alternative to pure sandalwood. I love the fragrance of this soap. I actually had switched from soaps to body washes but then this one made me use the soap again. I really like how the fragrance stays on for the entire day and also the soap is super easy when it comes to having a bath. It just glides and also the soap lathers really well. You will enjoy the bathing process. I have been enjoying it and I am sure that all of you will also enjoy it. This soap is a great buy. You will find it easily and also you will not have to shell out your earning to buy one product. This is affordable and super easy to get. Use it and you will know it.

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Ok Ok Mudhiminchi approves this product

4 months ago



I am huge fan of sandalwood soaps and I usually collect sandalwood soaps, Most of the tome I end up using Mysore sandal or Kerala sandalwood soaps. But recently my aunt suggested me to use Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap as knows that I collect as well as I use sandalwood soaps. I have been using this soap from quiet some time and I can say that it’s a good product but not that great compared to other sandalwood soaps. The biggest drawback of this soap is the fragrance doesn’t last long and the soap longevity is very less. It doesn’t harden the skin. Yet it doesn’t smoothen it as well

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Skins Best Friend approves this product

4 months ago


Pleasing aroma

Promotes even skin texture

Lab tested product

Gokul Santol Sandalwood soap has no harmful chemical powder used in its manufacture. It has antibacterial properties. Using Gokul Santol soap kind of promotes a feeling of calmness.The aroma inhibits a relaxed atmosphere. I have felt a difference, after using this soap for over a month now my acne and pimple breakage have improved a lot. Also if you are more of an outdoor person frequently experiencing heat of the sun you can use this soap as it is a UV protectant as well. It also generates a lasting fragrance and adds brightness and allows your skin to feel an even texture. Its a trustworthy brand and it has been capturing a loyal consumer base only because of its result.

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nice sandalwood Manju approves this product

4 months ago


Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap is a very nice soap I used within an affordable rate. I happened to use this when I went to my friend's place. It smells so nice and lathers well to clean away the dirt and impurities. It moisturizes the skin so well. My skin looks so nourished and healthy now. Since it is enriched with sandalwood, it evens out the skin and clears out the blemishes so well. The soap has got a very nice sandalwood fragrance which lasts for a long time. The cost of this soap is also not very expensive, but the availability of this soap is a matter though.

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Nice fragrance Lalitha approves this product

4 months ago


contains pure sandalwood oil

Grade 1 soap

Improves skin texture

I am a huge fan for sandalwood soaps and talc. I used gokul santol pure sandalwood soap which lathers well and is very gentle on my skin. I loved its sandalwood fragrance that lingers on my skin for long hours. It kept my skin fresh and clean. It is infused with pure sandalwood oil which improves the skin complexion. It made my skin radiant and glowing. All my family members use this soap. It lightens the skin blemishes and dark spots. This soap effectively removes the dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin. It gives a healthy looking skin. I will continue using it.

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Beautiful skin Aparna approves this product

4 months ago


Hydrates skin

Deep cleansing

Since my teenage I was very much fond of applying ubtans and face packs for keeping my skin look beautiful. However over the period of time I have realised that now I hardly have time for all this. But who does not love beautiful skin. Hence I decided to buy Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap recently and decided to use the same every day. It helps me in deep cleansing of my skin. It has made my skin look really healthier as compared to earlier. I feel that with regular use of this soap my skin tone has lightened to some extent now.

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Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap Anitha approves this product

4 months ago



Lovely aroma of sandalwood.

From my childhood I have used this soap, most of my family members use this brand till date, the fragrance is strong and makes you feel fresh all day long. The packing is simple and sustainable. The soap lathers well and the sandalwood smell just lingers around us every time you use the soap. The pure aroma is the best part of the soap. I have never heard any complaints from any of the family members about this soap. I always stock this soap up at home. Skin gets cleaned and also the freshness is long-lasting.

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SANDALWOOD SOAP Divya approves this product

5 months ago


Lathers well

Unisex product

Sanalwood fragrance

i know about GOKUL SANTOL Brand. since my childhood, i used the face powder , now they create a sandalwood soap now.its really good to use and very affordable price and travel free package , i like the fragrance of sandalwood. its lathers well . but some time makes your skin dry. totally good product.

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