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Vitamin C

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Vitamin C
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Good Vibes Orange Gel Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.5

7 Reviews


7 months ago

Naturally Amazing


Refreshing fragrance

Natural ingredients

Moisturises well

This orange gel is a beautiful product which I've been using since last 6 months. It has a light smooth texture and smells great too.Gets absorbed very well and does an amazing job in brightening the skin over a period of time. Works well in controlling oiliness of the skin. Moisturises well. Loved it. Do give it a try.

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9 months ago

Best product for skin brightening


Refreshing fragrance

Fades dark spots

Gives glow

Non sticky

Suits all skin types

This good vibes orange gel, I am using for more than 6 months. It is such an awesome product for all skin types. It fades acnes. Gives an instant glow to your face. It is better to use as night gel and leave overnight and wash it off in the morning.

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1 year ago

Orange goodness


Refreshing fragrance

Natural ingredients

Of all the orange gel I have used this Good Vibes Orange Gel is the best one and it suited my face so well. It is rich in vitamin C is good for the overall wellness of the face. It is lightweight and gets absorbed to the skin easily. It tightens the pores and acts as a good anti-ageing benefit.My skin was dull and very lifeless, but this orange gel has made it brighten and lighten it. There is also a better reduction in the acne issues I had before. The moisturising and the hydrating effect it does to my skin is commendable. I love to chill it before applying on to my face. It gives a relaxing effect and I love the awesome fragrance of this gel. The excess oil is all cleared and it removed the blackhead and whiteheads off he face. My skin looks even-toned and discolouration around my neck area which got after my delivery is all gone since I start using this one. The other part why I like this gel is because of its cruelty-free and Good Vibes Orange Gel is for all skin types, especially for dry and dull skin..

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1 year ago

Orange colour


Refreshing fragrance

Natural ingredients

Good Vibes Orange Gel is one of the most excellent skin care products that I have started using regularly. As I used to face a lot of skin problems and was never too happy and satisfied with the products that I used till now in the past. I was really excited to use this one by mere looking at the colour of this gel. In fact what more attracted me to buy this gel is the fact that it has aloe vera with it. Since long I like aloe vera a lot as it simply makes my skin glowing like anything. This gel has a very smooth texture making it very easy to apply on my face. it has helped me in getting a clean and clear skin. All the dark spots that I used to have on my over all skin have been reduced to a great extent ever since I started massaging my face with this gel.

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1 year ago

Perfect for combination skin


Made of natural ingredients

Removes excess oil

I have a combination skin and I keep on trying products to to suit my skin and keep the oiliness at bay. Most of the products that I have used generally clog the force and because of which the acne and pimples reoccur on my face. When my friend heard that I was facing this  issue she suggested me to use Good Vibes Orange Gel. This gel comes in a glass packaging tub with the screw cap which I found a bit unhygienic. It comprises of orange oil and aloe vera gel. We all are very well aware of the positive effects of orange oil for combination and oily skin. It is infused with a lot of antioxidants that help in cleaning the skin and making it free of dark spots and blemishes. A perfect gel for oily and combination skin that is very lightweight and gets easily absorbed the skin.

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Good Vibes Orange Gel is a vitamin C-rich gel made from orange oil and aloe vera gel. It has antioxidant properties that eliminate toxins from the skin and makes it clean and glowing. The gel helps in reducing acne by drying them and preventing it from occurring again. It has a rich texture that gets absorbed by the skin immediately and provides nourishment. It moisturizes the skin and is the best suited for oily or combination skin types. It also helps in regulating sebum and keep the pores clean so that the acne doesn't come back. This gel also helps in fighting the signs of ageing due to its tightening effects on the skin.

How To Use Good Vibes Orange Gel ?

  • Massage gel on the cleansed skin.

Good Vibes Orange Gel Benefits And Uses :

  • Tightens the pores and provides anti-ageing benefits.
  • Brightens skin.
  • Prevents acne and keeps oil at bay.