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Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel Ingredients


Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.0

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Amazing product


Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel is an amazing product that soothes skin and moisturizes it intensely. This product is not known to many of them as the brand has not given any advertisement. But it is really a good product as my father in law uses this. He has a dry skin so he prefers using their gel which is infused with aloe vera. it comes in a small tub packaging that is travel friendly. the gel texture glides smoothly over the skin and get absorbed instantly. it does not feel greasy or oily over skin and also it gets completely absorbed into his dry skin. He uses that after showering on damp skin and he has been using this product since 2 to 3 years. it is one of the best product available in market and suits all types of skin. I surely recommend this amazing product to everyone.

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1 year ago



Herbal ingredients

Cooling and soothing

Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel is an ayurvedic skin coolant. I bought this gel just by looking at its ingredients. I was looking for something to soothe my tired eyes and reduce the puffiness. That is when I came across this Aloe Cucumber Gel. This gel is really very nice. It gives instant cooling to your skin. It has a nice calming effect as soon as you apply the gel. It also moisturized my skin good enough. It refreshed my face and it was also very good for my eyes. I could see that the puffiness had reduced considerably. The only thing disturbing was that after the gel dries, it leaves a white cast on the skin. Also, this is a great product to use in summer but not in winter as it is very cooling. Otherwise, I am satisfied with this gel.

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1 year ago

Moisturizing Gel


Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel is a moisturizing gel specially made for dull and ageing skin. It has aloe vera and cucumber gel that is great for hydrating the skin. It instantly moisturizes and makes the skin look fresh. It's a wonderful moisturizer to use when in a hurry as it does the job of a moisturizer and more than that. I use it a moisturizer with a simple lip gloss and kajal on some days. I've also used it as a primer for my makeup and it did a great job of making the skin smooth for foundation application. It minimizes the pores and makes the skin look younger. The ingredients in it have excellent anti-ageing benefits for the skin. I would highly recommend this gel for everyone except people with dry skin types as they require intensive moisturization that will last long. Do try this for the soothing properties of aloe vera and cucumber.

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1 year ago

Green leaf gel


Ayurvedic product

Can be used daily

Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel !! It’s great. I use this daily to reduce dark circles and blackness around my eyes. Even it helps in reducing puffiness and fine lines on my face. As the gel itself shows the rich contents in it, aloe Vera extract helps the skin restore the natural oil in the skin and smoothens the skin. And as everyone knows cucumber is cool and refreshing which improves skin tone, fights rashes irritation and reduces sagging skin on the face. It has anti ageing properties which eliminates the ageing signs and prevents acne, pimples all over the face. I use this gel as a toner on my face. It Moisturizes and nourishes the skin deep inside the roots. Aside, this gel is pure Ayurvedic product, which does not have any harsh chemicals or side effects to use and is suitable for any kind of skin without causing any allergy or infection.

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1 year ago



I love using aloe vera on my face and when I came across the Green leaf Aloe cucumber gel I immediately grabbed it. This gel reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness of eyes and black heads hence I purchased it. This gel comes packaged in a small transparent tub with white colour cap on it. I really do not like tub formats as they are difficult to use and make the entire process of application very unhygienic. I used a spatula to remove the gel which is white in colour and I applied it over all the dark circles and problem areas. The gel gives a very relaxing and soothing impact on the face and is extremely lightweight and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It does not have any distinct fragrance and is non greasy. With regular usage I did not see any major improvements in my dark circles or blackheads and I was very disappointed with this product.

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1 year ago

Great product


Green leaf aloe cucumber gel moisturiser offers a great result to my skin. It moisturises my skin so well and gives out a flawless result. I am using this product for like one month. And people can see the result on my face. My face looks so fresh and refreshing that I can't even express.

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Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel is a very effective gel that caters to undereye problems. Cucumber is known to be beneficial for treating puffy and tired eyes, dark circles, freckles (skin lightning) and black heads. Aloe vera is known to rejuvenate the skin. The gel soothes the skin around your eyes. This gel also works as a face and skin coolant. It is an ayurvedic product.

How To Use Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel ?

  • Apply this product on clean skin.
  • Use it as a reghular moisturizer or as an overnight cream.

Green Leaf Aloe Cucumber Gel Benefits And Uses :

  • Rejuvenates the skin.
  • Treats under eye problems like dryness, undereye blackness, etc.
  • Fights signs of ageing.
  • Refreshes tired and puffy eyes.