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We all have different hairs. But more importantly, our hairs have different moods. ‘A bad hair day’ isn’t an excuse, it’s a reality of life. Naturally, we have a shelf-full of hair products to rescue us during times of need. One of those most important hair care products is that hair straightener - in smooth strokes, it gives you silky, sleek hair that sails you through a party and an office day alike. Hair straighteners straighten curly or wavy hair, tames frizzes, and gives them a naturally-straight look. Some hair straighteners can also be used to give mild curls if you wish so. But the best of all is that you can get back your natural hair just after one wash!

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Why Do You Need A Hair Straightener?

The PROs:

  1. Straight hair looks sleek and is a good style for both office and party.
  2. Even straight hair is barely all-straight. Yes, we are talking about frizz and baby hairs. Straightening tames those inconveniences.
  3. Healthy straightening practices temporarily shields your hair from damaging pollutants.
  4. A hair straightener-look looks more natural than chemically-straightened hair.
  5. You can get back your natural hair after just one wash.
  6. You can use certain straighteners for mild curling as well.
  7. If you need a touch up during the day, it’s very easy to do so.
  8. A hair straightener is usually more economical to other permanent hair straightening solutions.

The CONs:

  1. It’s tiring to straighten your hair using a hair straightener. (But look on the positive side - good arm workout.)
  2. It’s short-lived and the style gives up after just one hair wash or somewhere between 24-48 hours.
  3. Without a proper heat-protactant, it can damage your hair.
  4. Rain, humidity can affect the straightness pre-maturely.

How To Choose A Hair Straightener

For Thin or Damage-Prone Hair: A higher heat setting is more likely to shorten your hair’s life if you have weak hair. For that you need a hair straightener with multiple heat setting so that you can use a lower temperature to straighten your hair. It may take a few pulls/strokes on each segment of hair but it will lessen the risk of further damage.

For Thick Hair: Not unlike thin hair, thick hair also needs a temperature-adjustable straightener. A higher heat-setting will allow you to straighten your hair faster.

For Curly Hair: Curly hair is the most difficult to straighten. For one, it requires more ‘straightening’ but too much of it could damage your hair. So, you needs wider plates which will get the job done easier. Ceramic plates will prevent some damage.

For Straight-ish Hair: If you have mostly straight hair and you only need to tame the frizz, straightening brushes will be your best choice. However, these days the straightening brushes come with advanced technology that allows you to straighten crulier hair too.

Do NOT Forget Your Heat Protectant

Hair straighteners have a reputation for damaging your hair. Even though the material of the plate may prevent some damage, at least some extent of damage can be expected if you use naked heat on your hair strands. It has an effect on the proteins on your hair, making them weak. This is why a heat protectant serum is vital if you are using a hair straightener. These serums (also sprays and leave-in hair masks) not only create a barrier to protect your hair from heat but also nourish and strengthen your hair. It’s a win-win situation throughout.

StyleCraze Reviews has a wide selection of hair straighteners from the best brands. Understand the requirement of your hair and the styling needs and make an informed choice going through the detailed analysis of each hair straightener in our catalogues.

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