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Himalaya Anti Rash Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.1

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Effective for rashes


Light in texture

Instant relief

Soothing for rashes

Himalaya Anti Rash Cream is a herbal formulation that effectively reduces rashes and irritation. It is specially designed for pregnant women and also can be used for other dermal cuts and scratches. When I shifted to this new place because of the change in climate and water I had got lot of rashes on some parts of my body. My family doctor suggested me to use this cream. It is prepared with herbal ingredients like almond oil and other herbs which was safe to use. As soon as I applied this cream I found an instant soothing feel. The rashes were gone in 3 days. It was a great relief. Also, the cream is soft and silky and it makes the skin also very smooth. It is very gentle on the skin. I must say it is very effective and gives instant cure to rashes problem.

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2 years ago

best rash cream helped me a lot in my pregnancy.


anti bacterial property


travel friendly

Himalaya Anti Rash Cream is the best in soothing the skin during pregnancy. I have got severe rashes and itchiness in 3 rd trimester of my pregnancy due to cholestasis. It was very difficult for me as I was unable to sleep in nights due to itchiness. Then I started using it as it is completely safe during pregnancy. It really helped me calm my skin. Itchiness had reduced and made me relaxed. It has Aloe Vera helps to sooth the skin and cream has variety of natural ingredients like yashada bhasma helps in healing the skin problems. The almond oil in it helps in giving deep moisturization. My rashes had reduced a lot ever since I used it. I can say it as a boon for me and really made my life easy during pregnancy. The cream is very light and gets absorbed well. It is travel friendly and is quite affordable.

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2 years ago

Great cream for rashes


Rashes can happen due to alot of reasons maybe due to folded skin, sweat etc and the most common areas includes the armspit, under the breast area and below the stomach.himalaya has come up with lot of products especially for new moms and one such product being the Himalaya Anti Rash Cream which has quite a good quality of natural ingredients like Yashad Bhasma, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, together in healing the wounds and the scars. The packaging of the Himalaya Anti Rash Cream comes in a white squeezable tube with a green cap. The tube has a thin nozzle through which the cream comes friend had been using this cream for quite sometime after getting rashes .she mentioned it has this lavender aroma which itself is quite soothing. The cream helps calm and soothe the redness and reduces the irritability and also helps to see to it that the scars don't happen. After using this she noticed within a day or two the rashes would somewhat disappear :

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2 years ago



My sister loved her experience of using the Himalaya Anti rash cream. During pregnancy she had developed alot of rashes on her body which were a cause of embarrassment for her. She purchased the cream which comes packaged in a white colour tube with a green colour cap. The cream is formulated with rich ingredients of Aloe Vera, Almond oil, Manjishtha and Yashada Bhasma all work towards the healing of skin, making it firm, soft and hydrated. She took a generous amount of the cream and gently applied it all over the infected area. The cream is white in colour and has a soft and thick texture and it got easily absorbed into the skin. She did not find the cream feeling sticky or greasy. She applied the cream twice a day for best results. She saw a great reduction in the itch on her body and the cream very beautifully soothed her skin. She would surely recommend this product.

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2 years ago

Herbal anti rashes cream


During my pregnancy I had to face skin rashes as my skin was very sensitive. I used Himalaya anti rashes cream. It contains all natural ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin. It effectively reduces skin rashes and irritation on the skin. This cream also reduces the itchiness caused due to skin sensitivity. The cream is enriched with aloe vera which is soothing and calming on the skin. It reduces the itchiness caused due to skin sagging. The cream is weightless and glides smoothly on the skin which gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It replenishes the skin moisture on the skin. It makes the skin clear and flawless. It lightens the blemishes on the skin. This cream has antiseptic and anti microbial properties that prevents infection maintains the skin condition. It also helps to heal the wounds. This cream can be safely used in pregnancy. Highly recommend cream for moms.

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2 years ago

Anti rash cream


Natural ingredients

Nice sturdy packageing


The himalaya new range is specially made for mom to be and pregnant women. The anti rash cream can be used for rashes irritation or any infection. It contains aleovera and manjhistha which has anti inflammatory properties that will help in giving a good relief. If you are a mom to be then use it.

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Himalaya Anti Rash Cream is specially formulated to gently heal rashes and give relief from any itchiness. The cream is ideal for pregnant women and gives immense relief and soothens the skin. The cream comprises of the finest ingredients which ensures the efficacy of the cream. It contains almond oil which nourishes the skin and make it soft and supple. It contains aloe vera and manjishtha which have anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredient of yashada bhasma has healing properties. It is good for people with sensitive skin.

How To Use Himalaya Anti Rash Cream ?

  • Take a small amount of the cream and gently massage the cream all over the affected area.
  • Massage gently till the cream gets absorbed.

Himalaya Anti Rash Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Soothes skin.
  • Relieves itching sensation or rashes.
  • Heals skin and keeps it soft.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
  • Ideal for pregnant women.
  • Suits people with sensitive skin.

Himalaya Anti Rash Cream Side Effects :

  • Some tingling, redness or irritation may occur


Himalaya Anti Rash Cream Ingredients

Yashad Bhasma