Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash

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Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash is a hydrating, soap-free face wash that replenishes the moisture loss in the skin. With every use, the face wash gets rid of dry and flaky skin, leaving your face feeling refreshed and renewed. Enriched with extracts of cucumbers and aloe vera gel, this face wash soothes and cools down the skin, along with toning and softening it.

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9 Ratings & 9 Reviews


Would recommend this to a friend


Aloe Vera and Cucumber

Cleans and moisturizes

Fresh and glowing skin

Mild face wash

Prevents drying

Soap-free formula



Dries skin

Not for all skin types




Odor is a put off

Nothing great about this one. I have been a big fan of Himalaya products and hence I decided to try this face wash. I generally have a combination skin hence during winters when my skin dries up I need a face wash which hydrates and nourishes hence I purchased this face wash. It comes in their signature Green color tube. I removed a small portion on my palm and found the consistency to be thick. It is a creamy texture. I personally did not like the odor of the face wash and found it very fake. The fragrance did not last a few minutes after washing the face which was strange. After washing the face I did not find my skin feeling stretched which generally happens in winters hence I believe the wash does its job. I did not feel it moisturized my skin to a great extent though. May not buy this one again.

Keeps my skin fresh and clean



Keeps my skin fresh and clean Himalaya is a pretty cheap and affordable brand in skin care. That is one reason nobody minds buying its products. All the products by this brand are herbal based, and there are no chemicals in them (this is what the brand’s claims are). The quality is pretty good if not very superior. In summers and monsoons, using a face wash is very essential for me because the sweat and the oil of my face make it look very greasy and sticky. I have used many products by Himalaya and find them pretty decent enough. Some of its products work quite well for me one of them being the Himalaya Moisturising aloe vera face wash which I am going to review today. The packaging of Himalaya Moisturising aloe vera is quite okay. It comes in a transparent plastic tube with a flip-open cap which securely keeps the product inside it. The packaging mentions the list of ingredients clearly. I found the scent of this face-wash a bit strong and artificial and did not like that. The face wash is green in colour and spreads evenly with a little water. It is very gentle on the skin and cleanses the skin very effectively. It does not have any granules which often itch on sensitive skins and can be harsh sometimes. I used it regularly and even in winters because the creamy aloe vera face wash does not make the skin dry even in winters. It keeps the skin intensely nourished and hydrated. I loved the glow that it brought on my face. I love the clean, and fresh feel that it gave to my skin. The presence of aloe vera gives a very cooling effect in summers and prevents dryness in winters. Regular use of it helps in controlling the oil of my face and helps prevent acne.

Not for me But suited my aunt


Cooling effect

Travel friendly

Reasonable price


Didn't suit my oily skin

When I went to my aunt's house for vacation, I saw this Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash near the washbasin. I trust Himalaya products and I am crazy about anything that contains Aloe Vera. I have an oily skin with acne, so I prefer products with Aloe Vera, hoping it would soothe my skin. So, when I saw this, it was like double bonanza. Yayyyy!!!!! The product claims to hydrate the skin from dry flakes, it is a soap-free face wash that replenishes the moisture loss in the skin. It contains extracts of cucumbers and aloe vera gel, which soothes and cools down the skin, along with toning and softening it. The product comes in a transparent plastic up side down tube. It has a green flip open cap which shuts tightly avoiding leakage. The packaging is travel friendly and the price is reasonable which is why I like Himalaya products. The face wash is light green in colour. It has a medium consistency. It is more or less like a conditioner, not a gel and not creamy. This face wash does not lather well. I had to take more quantity, but still was not satisfied with it's foaming. It has a mild, pleasing fragrance. Application is simple. Wet your face. Take the face wash in Palm, massage it on your face and rinse it off. This face wash gives a cooling sensation on my face due to the presence of cucumber and Aloe Vera extract. I liked the effect it gave me, I felt a wide open eyes and it was good. But later I felt greasy which I didn't like. Usually Himalaya products like neem face wash has the greasy effect after washing the face but this was not good, felt like something oily went into my eyes. It did give me a soft skin but I didn't notice any instant brightness or glow which I had experienced previously with other face washes. I didn't like the face wash, it was totally disappointing, heart breaking. I asked my aunt, why she bought the face wash when it was a total waste. But she said, she liked the face wash and it did soothened her dry flaky skin. Her skin felt soft and hydrated. Then I realized that this face wash is not for the person like me but for people with dry skin who feel stretchy and flaky.

Healthy Cleansing



Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash as the name suggests is one of the hydrating and nour-ishing face washes available in the market since quite a long period of time now. The key ingredients being aloe vera and cucumber are known for its helpful qualities of cooling. Yes this face wash indeed gives a cooling sensation over your face. Because of this sensation I feel more refreshed after every application. This is the best thing about this face wash that it is extremely hydrating in nature and is completely soap-free face wash that replenishes the moisture loss in the skin. It not only cleanses my skin but also provide adequate amount of moisturization to my face. In a few application it self I liked this product and started using it on regular basis every day after every shower. Though I feel at times it dries out my skin slightly so I would not recommend this face wash for people with dry skin at all as it may dry their skin more. It was not that harsh on my skin being a combination type of skin with the T zone prominently oily. Ever since I have started using this product I feel that my skin feels more fresh and glowing. Unlike other face washes this Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash is quite mild and very much gentle on the skin. Also it is not much high as for as the price is concerned and hence any body can use this certainly. With every use, this face wash has helped me a lot in getting rid of my previous dry and flaky skin. It has always left my face feel refreshed and renewed and I simply love the mild fragrance that this face wash has got. The texture of my face feels so smooth and silky now a days. It has also helped me a lot in removing the excess oil present on my face.

Best for dry skin!



Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash is the best product that probably Himalaya has or will ever launch! The Himalaya face wash is very hydrating for the dry skin. This is the best product for dry skin users. The benefits of cucumber and aloe vera are very high to even speak off. They give you all the good things. There can nothing go wrong with these two specifically! The face wash is very mild. The fragrance also makes you believe that there are no harmful chemicals in it! The soap free formula from the Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash is the best that one could get. Just a little of gel or soap like structure can actually give you some good lather or foam to your entire face. Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash can be used at any part or time of the day. Use it daily for making sure that your skin gets the required hydration and relief from all the dust and dirt outside!! The product is very affordable and is not something that you would have to think before you buy. It’s a very safe product and can suit any skin type. I felt it best worked on my dry skin and I am very sure it would also work on any of the combination skin type as well. Nothing to worry off!

Best Face Wash In Summer!!



Himalaya's is the most trusted Indian product especially when it comes for baby products. All baby products ranges starting like massage oil, moisturizing lotion and diaper rash cream are best and reasonable when compared to other branded products which are too costly. Openness to experience new face washes , I tried Himalaya Aloe-Vera Moisturizing Face Wash since it claims to remove dry and flaky skin . This Face wash comes in a transparent tube with a flip top. Its leak proof and so pocket friendly . The texture is creamy and light green in colour because of its main ingredient Cucumber and Aloe vera. It does not lather much which tends to use more quantity of face wash each time. Though it does not lather it cleanse the face very well. It removes impurities , dirt and treats dry skin making it supple and helps to get rid of flaky skins.The smell is very mild and pleasant and does not linger for long time . It smoothens the skin and gives a cooling and refreshing effect after each wash . After a regular my dry skin became more moisturised and soft than before. Since it does not lather much we cannot use this to remove heavy makeup . I generally use makeup remover and then wash my face with Himalaya Aloe vera face wash which makes my skin so refreshing and cool. Himalaya Aloe Vera face wash is very affordable and easily available chemical free face wash . This is the best face wash during summer which maken the skin cool and refreshed . The quantity is very good for the price and a single tube comes for a month . Himalaya Aloe Vera Moisturizing face wash is my favorite face wash from the himalaya product . Highly suggest it for dry skin people !!

Can get blemishes free skin


Good quality


Availability issues

Yaa.. It's having aloevera properties nd cucumber which helps in fighting acne nd other blemishes of our skin, so this range is quite worthy , seriously results are quite amazed .. if regularly applied twice .. at mornings nd before going to bed.

Himalaya aloe wash in my opinion


●not over drying

●removes excess oil

●has vit e and aloe which soothes irritation

●less chemicals

●has a mild fragnance

●gives a cooling sensation


●availability issue

Since ages himalaya is know for using natural agents and natural and organic agents may take long time but works effectively.This wash is a mild cooling moisturizing wash which causes no difficulties and in my opinion you should once try it out to get a better knowledge of how it works.Since iam a combo skinned i do face some dryness and oilyness which might be troublesome but with this wash its easy to wash away my oil and tackle the dry area.Its a balanced wash.



Reasonable price

Silky texture


Dries out my skin

I've recently came across a technique called 'dry cleansing'. Face wash is applied onto dry hand and massaged onto your face. Your then wet your hands and repeat. I've started doing this routine while using the above product. Although it caters for normal to dry skin, I feel it dried my face out. I am still in the process of finding the winning face wash. This one, unfortunately is not it.

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