Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

BY Himalaya
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Product Description

Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream is a hair root and shaft nourishment cream. It is a cream full of goodness and specially crafted ingredients that are meant to promote hair growth, strengthen roots, and make your hair soft and shiny. It is enriched with amla and chickpea, and it nourishes your hair to reverse damage and promote health.

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10 Ratings & 10 Reviews


Would recommend this to a friend


Creamy consistency

Dual usage

Leave-in conditioner

Tames frizz and dryness


Adequate quantity

Enriched with amla, chickpea, and wheat germ



Contains parabens

Unhygienic packaging




Does not help Frizzy Hair

Well this is an average product. The packaging of the product is decent. The cream is white in color but disappears on the hair when applied. I generally apply this half an hour before washing my hair. I had a friend who used it after washing her and mentioned that it went too sticky hence I did not want to take a chance. The price of the product is economical hence I decided to try it. The main reason I bought it was too tame down the frizzy hair. I had colored my hair which made it frizzy but this product did not do much good to my frizziness hence I was not satisfied. It does make the hair shiny too a certain extent. The odor of the cream is also nice. The quantity of the cream is good enough and lasts long. I would not recommend this to get rid of frizziness.

Works great


Makes hair soft

Reduces frizz


Tub package

Himalaya is one of the brand which fulfills what is claims most of the time. It is well known for it's content. It is also my trusted and favorite brand. Himalaya shampoo and conditioner have given me good results for my hair. Himalaya Protein Hair Cream is a nourishing cream for hair. It is applied on both scalp and hair for a good texture. Himalaya Protein Hair Cream claims to promote hair growth, strengthen roots, and make your hair soft and shiny. It is enriched with extracts of wheatgerm, chickpea and Indian gooseberry (amla). Where the ingredients contain vitamins A, D, E and protein which promotes hair growth and give a lustrous, healthy hair. The product comes in a white plastic opaque tub with screw type green lid. Taking the product out from tub is bit annoying. The tub is leakage free and it would be convenient if it comes in a tube form. It is travel friendly and the price is affordable. The product is easily available in stores and in online. The cream is white in color. It has a creamy texture with medium consistency which is not too thick. It has a sticky nature that it fee