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Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Hair Conditioning


Hair growth


Hair strengthening


Natural colouring

Special Ingredients

Ingredients Safety Breakdown
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EWG Rating

Safety rating based on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database.

High risk 0%

Moderate risk 25%

Low risk 75%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

Sulfate Free

Alcohol Free

Paraffin Free

Allergen Free

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Indica Easy Hair Color Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.7

6 Reviews


3 months ago



I'm using Indica hair colour shampoo for the past several years.. today I bought a 25rs sashet and applied it..but that pack contains only shampoo and colouring agent is missing.. what to do? I want my money back.. still I have that pack..if you want that batch no and all other details.. I'm ready to send

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2 years ago



This hair colour is the worst hair colour I could ever see. My mother had once bought this hair colour to dye her hair. But as it was the first time, she was trying Indica brand’s hair dye, she ‘fortunately’ did the patch test. She applied just a small stroke of this hair dye on her wrist. Within the next few minutes, she started experiencing irritation on that wrist area. She immediately washed off this sample from her hand, but her wrist got red due to the inflammation and it was looking like a burn mark. So, she did not apply this hair colour on her hair and she threw away the entire unused product. Although this hair dye was not expensive, the results which it showed was completely shocking. Hence, I would not recommend this hair colour to anyone. Rather go and buy any other trusted and good hair colour.

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2 years ago

Good Product !


Easy to apply

No Ammonia

I bought the Indica hair color for my father in law. He has been using hair color for over five years. He was not happy with many brands. My father in law also has a sensitive skin. So he is very careful about the hair color he uses. I suggested Indica hair color to him after seeing many advertisements. The hair color claims that it is ammonia free. That was the main thing that made me by this product. The hair color with ammonia caused serious consequences with the skin. it caused rashes and boils. It was worse. So using a hair color was becoming nightmare. This hair color from Indica does not have any harsh chemicals. It is made from amla, henna and bringraj. It gives a deep black color and the color stays for long. It nourishes the hair and gives a shine to the hair. It is a good product.

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2 years ago

Does not last long


My mom was having allergic reaction to hair dyes and she hated applying mehendi on her hair. So we have been trying the shampoo based hair dyes off late and Indica Easy Hair Color was one amongst them. It is easy to use and less time consuming too. This is easily available and also affordable at much reasonable rate. This is a shampoo based hair dye which takes less time than the normal hair colour and hair dyes you need to keep it for less time. you need to use gloves as it will stain your hands if you use bare hands for application. You need to take out the entire content into the gloves hands and mix it and apply on dry hair .you will need to massage for 3 minutes on the grey part of your hair till it gets covered fully. Also wait for ten minutes And then rinse it off. It gives nice shiny and black hair and covers the greys too. However i felt it did not last for a long time on my mom's hair

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2 years ago



My mother has a lot of grey hair and she finds it extremely time consuming to colour her hair. A friend told her about the Indica easy hair colour and she immediately purchased it. The product comes packaged in a cardboard box which has small white colour sachets which comprises of the hair colour. The product is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Henna and Amla which make it extremely mild and safe. She was very happy to know that the product does not contain any ammonia and hence it gave her the comfort to use it. What she like best about the product is the ease with which she could apply the colour on hair. She bought a pair of gloves and took a small amount of the hair colour which comes in the format of a shampoo and she massaged it all over the her wet hair. She left on the hair colour for a good 10 minutes and then gently washed off the hair till all the hair colour had come off. It effectively concealed all the grey hair on and her hair felt extremely soft shiny and silky without any staining on her scalp.

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2 years ago

Easy hair colour


Indica hair colour has a revolutionary formula which does not require a bowl and brush to cover the greys. It is a shampoo based hair colour which is very easy to apply. It is very much convenient to apply with gloved hands. This hair colour is formulated with natural ingredients like amla, henna and bhringraj that are effective and potent herbs that colours the greys as well as nourishes the hair. It does not contain ammonia in its formula. The natural ingredients deeply nourishes the hair and moisturizes making it soft, smooth and supple. It does not dry the hair or make it rough and harsh. It does not stain skin or clothes like a regular hair dye. This has a mild and pleasant fragrance that lasts on hair even after wash. The hair colour lasts long depending on the frequency of hair wash. However, this is hair colour is safe and much better than the harmful hair dyes.

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Indica easy hair color is scalp friendly and contains very few chemicals. It comes in a shampoo format which makes applying hair dye a breeze as you don't have to mix together multiple products. It has all the goodness of Amla, Henna, and Bhringraj and no ammonia.These ingredients not only color your hair but also nourish it.

How To Use Indica Easy Hair Color ?

  • Wear gloves while handling the product.
  • Cut open the contents of the pack.
  • Massage it on to your hair with your fingers.
  • Leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.
  • Run through or rinse well till the water runs clear.

Indica Easy Hair Color Benefits And Uses :

  • Enriched with natural ingredients
  • Ensures long lasting shine to hair

Indica Easy Hair Color Shades (Colors) :

  • 3.16 Burgundy
  • 1 Natural Black
  • Dark Brown


Indica Easy Hair Color Ingredients