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The one who creates a buzz in the city - a trend-setter - a rising star whose statement enlightens the ones in the vicinity.

Macro Fab-reviewers (50K+ Followers)

The social-celebrity, idealized for his/her art and lifestyle - admired beyond the digital world - the s/heroes IRL.

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General FAQs

StyleCraze is the largest Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness Community for women.

  • Sign up at link. Provide all details.
  • Once you are onboard, we will invite you to participate in campaigns, depending on the brand’s requirements.
  • Create fresh content, get it approved, and publish it on your blog/social media channels and our official StyleCraze Reviews website. 

Brands tie up with StyleCraze to promote their product or service. These campaigns can involve either of two approaches: (i) the brand specifies the influencers they want to work with, or (ii) the brand lists general criteria like category of influencer, city, reach, etc. Based on what the brand opts for, our team will invite influencers to participate in the campaign. 

Limited spots are available, so the first ones to fill in the form and confirm their participation with us have greater chances of getting a campaign. At all stages of the campaign, our team will remain in touch with you.

As soon as a campaign gets finalized, we will reach out to you. Sometimes, the brand is particular about the influencers they wish to work with. If you haven't been contacted for a campaign yet, don’t worry! There will be plenty of opportunities for you in the future.

Influencer FAQs

You need a minimum of 500 followers to be a part of our network. Work on the content you share on your social media handles, expand your follower network, and reapply.

You need to have a public Instagram account to become a StyleCraze Influencer. If your content is not visible to everyone, you will not be able to exercise any influence. Moreover, we’ll not be able to pitch you to brands.

Typically, it takes 24 to 48 hours for us to review your posts.

It varies from campaign to campaign. Our team scrutinizes most campaigns to meet the brand’s expectations.