Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick Reviews

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11 months ago

Slim lipstick


Smart packaging

Smooth texture

Nice shades



The only issue i feel with this lipstick is that there is no colour mentioned, through which we can know which colour it is. Otherwise the product is slim which can be carried in pocket easily. Once applied stays on lips for long period of time. Its texture is smooth when applied gives best finish.

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Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick is a stylish looking lipstick in complete black packaging. The vivid range of colors suits all skin tones. It is rich in vitamin E, evening primrose, and avocado oil. It provides moisturization to the lips. The texture is smooth but not creamy. It glides smoothly over the lips providing intense color pay off. A single swipe of the lipstick gives a sheer finish. This long-lasting lipstick brightens your makeup look with its bold shimmery finish.

How To Use Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick ?

  • Apply on clean moisturised lips.
  • On the upper lip, swipe from the center to the outer corners.
  • On the lower lip, swipe it end to end.
  • Ensure that the color stays within the natural lines of your lips.
  • Press the lips together to get an even finish.

Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick Benefits And Uses :

  • Even finish.
  • Intense and vibrant rich colors.
  • Luscious texture.
  • Extremely light on the lips.
  • Unique gel-based formula.
  • Moisturizes lips.
  • Hydrates lips.