Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo
Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo

Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo

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Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold hairwash shampoo is loaded with natural herbs which assist in repairing cells and nourishing the roots. This shampoo makes maintaining long, healthy hair a breeze. It strengthens your hair and gives it a shinier and bouncier apperance. With regular use, this shampoo gives your hair more volume making it look gorgeous. Its natural formula prevents premature greying.

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  • 3herbal ingredients
  • 1natural herbs
  • 1reduces hair fall
  • 1strengthens hair
  • 1improves hair texture


  • 2oodor is not very appealing
  • 1packaging can be improved

How To Use Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo ?

  • Wet your hair.
  • Take a small amount of the shampoo in your palm.
  • Gently massage it on to your scalp.
  • Massage the shampoo into the hair till it lathers well.
  • Wash it off with water.
  • Pat the hair dry.
  • Avoid direct contact with your eyes.

Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo Uses And Benefits :

Effective in cleansing the hair of dirt and impurities.

Herbal ingredients are gentle and nourishing.

Free from harsh chemicals.

Prevents hair fall.

Strengthens hair.

Promotes hair growth and improves volume.

Repairs hair cells from the roots.

Good for the scalp.

Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo Ingredients :










Bhringraj rose

Jamul chal

Bahera belpatra

Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo Side Effects :

May cause dryness of scalp leading to itchiness

Might cause hair fall in some

Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo Reviews

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Shampoo Sanober approves this product

3 months ago


Herbal ingredients

off late I was facing a lot of hair fall, due to work related stress and also due to the change in season. then my friend suggested me to stop using shampoos loaded with Chemicals, and to try a herbal alternative instead. she has been using Jeevan Ras Mukti gold hair wash shampoo for quite some time now, and recommended me to use the same. I was pretty impressed by the fact that it is a Herbal shampoo. in the initial few weeks I did not find much difference in my hair fall. but my friend convinced me to continue using it and I am thankful that she did. after the third week of usage I noticed that my hair fall had reduced. now it's been more than 6 month I am using this shampoo and my hair fall is negligible. apart from the smell which I find a little weird, I love everything about this shampoo.

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3 months ago


Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo is an all-natural and herbal shampoo that claims to make the hair healthy and accelerate growth. The packaging is nothing sort of attractive because I couldn't even guess that its a shampoo on the first look. I am a sucker for natural ingredients and herbs and so when I saw pictures if few herbs on the bottle I immediately picked it up. This shampoo has a weird fragrance that is not really appealing. However, when I used it the first time after oiling my hair, I noticed that it did cleanse my scalp well. It added a bit of a shine to my hair but I had to use a conditioner after shampooing because my hair felt dry while rinsing it off. I might not use it again because of the smell and also not-so-great effects. I would suggest skipping this product as it is not worth trying.

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Works Great Prabha approves this product

3 months ago


Natural herbs

Reduces hair fall

Strengthens hair

Improves hair texture

Good quality

Affordable price

Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo is loaded with herbal ingredients and is totally free of any harsh or harmful chemicals. These natural ingredients are very good for your scalp and hair. It gently cleanses the scalp of all impurities or pollution. It nourishes it from within and makes them strong from the roots. The herbal ingredients work together in strengthening the roots. They are very safe to use. I have got amazing results after using this shampoo. It has reduced my hair fall and also treated my dry scalp. My hair feels great and little amount is enough to wash my long hair. It also comes in a affordable price as compared to other shampoo. The quality is really good. It would be better if they can work on the packaging of this shampoo too. I would totally recommend this to everyone.

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Jeevan Ras shampoo Preity approves this product

3 months ago


Herbal ingredients

I like to travel a lot because of which I’m unable to take proper care of my hair and skin. My hair gradually reversed in length due to the hair fall and became weak and rough too. I don’t find time to do oiling for my hair and always keep on seravhing for great herbal products for taking care of my hair. I so far found Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hair wash Shampoo which is the only shampoo so far that helps in controlling the dandruff issues and hair fall. I was surprised by the results it leaves on regular use of the shampoo. This shampoo comes in normal not so attractive yet good packaging and the bottle is travel friendly too. This shampoo comes with a strong fragrance and even does lather well and makes hair smooth and soft. I would really love to recommend this product to you all

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3 months ago


My friend used the Jeevan Ras mukti gold hairwash shampoo as she was gifted the same. The shampoo comes packaged in a transparent dark glass bottle and has a sturdy cap. The packaging is definitely not travel friendly. The packaging listed all natural ingredients which she was happy about as she was sure this shampoo would work well with the natural ingredients. The shampoo has a mild fragrance which is not very overpowering. The shampoo lathered well and she could easily wash off the lather. The shampoo added a nice shine and bounce to her hair after every wash. Unfortunately her hair felt very dry after using this shampoo. She had to ensure conditioning het hair as the dry hair also got entangled and led to alot of breakage. The shampoo was not effective in controlling dandruff in the hair or hairfall. She was disappointed with this shampoo and would surely not recommend it.

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3 months ago


Hearing the claims of Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hairwash Shampoo about how it controls the dandruff and hair fall issues I was amazed by it and thought of buying it online. The product comes in an ordinary not so good packaging and the bottle is not travel friendly. the product has a strong odour which you won't even like and also it does not lather well. it iss just a herbal shampoo with not much forming. so if you need lather you will have to apply more product on the hair. This product does a good job in cleansing the scalp and hair and importantly it also removes the oil from hair completely making the hair dry and frizzy. so you will need a conditioner. it is a must to apply oil 1 hour before shampooing as it helps you to reduce the frizzes to an extent after you have dried your hair. I don't recommend this product as it does not give a good feel of shampooing.

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Long hairs Nikita approves this product

4 months ago


A hair growth shampoo shows results after 2-3 months which is a normal timing to analyse the results of hair growth. The Jeevan Ras Mukti Gold Hariwash Shampoo is a organic shampoo made up of natural ingredients does not contain any chemical. It has effective and positive results. I just love this shampoo because it has increased my hair growth alot.

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