Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++
Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++

Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++

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Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ is a herbal formulation that is scientifically developed using argan oil extracts, green tea, calendula, chamomile and other natural extracts. These ingredients have the property to protect the skin from sun exposure. It has SPF 60(PA++++) that forms a protective layer on the skin and protects the skin from harmful effect of UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun. The herbal extracts also have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides essential hydration, keeps the skin toned and healthy. It is free from paraben and alcohol. It is suitable for all skin types.

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  • 3nice fragrance
  • 3absorbs quickly
  • 3non-sticky
  • 2light
  • 2chemical-free


    How To Use Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ ?

    • Apply the lotion evenly all on your face and neck.
    • Use it 10-15 minutes before stepping out in the Sun.

    Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ Uses And Benefits :

    Forms a protective layer on the skin.

    Moisturizes the skin, nourishes, makes the skin even-toned, and healthy.

    Blocks UV-A and UV-B rays of sun.

    Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ Ingredients :

    Argan Oil

    Green Tea

    Peach Extract



    Oat Bran Extract

    Carrot Seed Oil

    Liquorice Extract

    Sandal Extract

    Micronized titanium dioxide

    Ash of Zincum

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    Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ Reviews

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    Lovely one Rinku approves this product
    4.5 5 0


    My friend used the Jovees Sun Guard Lotion with Spf 60 and shared her experience with me. She found the packaging lightweight and travel friendly and purchased this product as she wanted to hydrate her skin and at the same time protect herself from the UV rays. She was happy with the lotion as it was extremely light on the skin and the SPF 60 gave very good protection from the sun. It has a mild fragrance which was not very overpowering and the texture of the lotion is thick. The lotion beautifully hydrated her skin and is waterproof and she could wear during a swim as well. She also noticed that her skin was getting less tanned than before and hence she was very impressed with this product. The lasting power of the lotion is great and lasted a good 6 hours on her skin .

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    Jovees sun guard lotion Preity approves this product
    4.7 5 0


    Nice fragrance

    Absorbs quickly

    Jovees argan sun guard lotion spf 60 PA++++ is an sunscreen lotion which comes with the herbal extracts. It is hundred percent safe and reliable lotion to be used from getting protection from the sun. It jrlpd in treating sun burns and sun tan and also provides relax sensation to the skin from the burnings. This sunscreen lotion has green tea extracts which helps in maintaining the ph balance level in control and also reduces tan to greater extent. It also makes the skin become even and removes sun tan too. It also hydrates the skin and keep it healthy and fresh with its pleasant fragrance

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    best sunscreen Sahithi approves this product
    4.1 5 0




    Nice fragrance


    Absorbs quickly


    free from alcohol

    I have been looking for a nice sunscreen since months and my friend suggested me with Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++. i loved using it so much and made it a part of my daily skin care routine. the cream is very light and was never oily on my skin. it gets absorbed really well into the skin and does not leave a white patch. it has all the goodness of argan oil, green tea and chamomile. it suits all skin types and protects skin from harmful UV rays. it kept my skin moist for a really long time. it is safe for the skin as it free from harsh chemicals like paraben and alcohol. i am looking forward to continue using it.

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    Effective Sun lotion
    4.6 5 0


    Provides protection

    Absorbs easily

    Matte finish


    Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ is a nice sunscreen that moisturizes your skin as well as provides protection against harmful radiations. Most of the sunscreens I have used are either too greasy or makes my skin dry. This sun guard lotion is perfect. It absorbs smoothly and leaves a matte finish. It also stays for long. It is also non-sticky, non-oily and does not cast any white cast. However, I feel at the beginning while applying it, the product waters my eye and there is slight irritation that goes away in some time. It is gentle on the skin and I would definitely recommend it to all.

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    Really good Nilofer approves this product
    4.4 5 0


    Non oily

    Travel friendly packaging

    I will recommend this Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ to the people who love to use minimum product on the skin. My dermatologist recommended me to use a good sunscreen when I go out in the sun. This product is really good and also travel friendly. The product serves as both moisturizer and as a sunscreen with spf 60 which is very essential for our climate. The product spreads easily over the skin and does not form any white casting layer. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not feel heavy or oily. It is one of the good sunscreen lotion that you could try.

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    Chemical free sunscreen Ramya approves this product
    3.6 5 0


    I started using sunscreen a test back or something and I was recommended this by the sakes assistant when I enquired if there is any sunscreen which is somewhat chemically free. The Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++ includes Argan oil, Green Tea, Peach extract, Chamomile, Calendula,Carrot seed Oil, Liquorice extract, Sandal extract etc to name a few .the sunscreen is a big thick consistency and is white in colour . It just sinks right into the skin and it does not give a whitish cast in the skin. It acts perfect as a moisturizer too and I usually apply this 15 minutes prior to going out. It gives a matte finish and stays maximum for 4 hours and you might need to reapply if you wish too. It protects the skin from the harmful Sun rays and prevented tanning too

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