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Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream Ingredients

Jojoba Oil
lemon fruit juice
Strawberry Fruit Juice
Papaya Fruit Juice
Watermelon Fruit Juice

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.0

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Good one


Cute packaging

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream is a good fairness cream to use especially for people with oily skin who feels the greasiness during summer. this product gives a matte finish by controlling the excess oil secretion, so it is good to use. Also, this product does not clog pores which is a major concern for people like me with acne. the product also does not have any parabens in it, and it is completely safe to use. it makes the skin bright and radiant. I consider it to be far better than the ordinary fairness cream available in the market. the packaging looks really good with red tube and golden cap.

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1 year ago

Radiant glow though temporary


Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream claims to give a radiant glow when sister had purchased this cream alongwith few other jovees products. The cream comes in a squeezable tube which is red and has a golden screw cap. The texture is quite creamy and although it does gives a whitish cast at first but alter settles on to a matte glides on easily into the skin and also reduces the dullness and gives a radiant glow on the skin but I feel it is more of a temporary effect.if you use this cream at night ,it does make the skin feel soft and smooth the next day when you wake up. This is easily available and is priced decently too

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1 year ago

Jovees bridal face cream


Floral fragrance

Does not clog pores

I used many creams and moisturizers for my face. And none of those helped me out for a good spotless skin. Then I went through a website and find out this Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream which I wanted to try for my dull and dry skin. And literally it worked out for my face and I am happy to see my clear and clean flawless bright face. I unexpectedly got this what I was searching from long time. Eventually it removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin and even the skin tone without any discolouration or dark patches on the face.

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1 year ago

Brightening face cream


Light weight

Infused with many fruit extracts

This brightening face cream comes in a royal red colored inverted tube with a golden screw cap. I purchased this cream for myself as my skin had become very dark and pigmented due to constant sun exposure. This face cream comprises Turmeric Root Extract, Strawberry Fruit Juice, Papaya Fruit Juice, Watermelon Fruit Juice, Honey, Lemon Fruit Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Jojoba Oil, Ginseng Root Extract. These extracts are highly enriching for the skin and lighten it as well as make it soft and smooth. It is very lightweight and gets easily absorbed. It gives a radiant skin. It is free of chemicals and does not have any harmful effects on the skin.

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1 year ago

Perfect for brides


As my younger sister was getting married we were looking for making a skin care kit for her that she can use after marriage. We were stuck in choosing a right face cream for her as she has been trying a lot of other brands but none of them were effective on her skin. Than one friend told about Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream. it was a hardly a month remaining and we were not sure if we should take risk of trying new products now. But some how she said she will start using it from now only. And in just 15 days her face started glowing like never before. This cream brightened her skin tone to a great extent.

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1 year ago

Nice one


Floral fragrance

Does not clog pores

Light Weight

I used this brightening face cream during the winter season. I have dry skin, and in winters, it becomes too worse. After using this cream, my skin became too soft and smooth. It moisturized my face and reduced dark spots on my face. It evened my skin tone and brightened my skin texture. I recommend this product for women who are facing issues with dry skin.

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Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream is a daily skin care product that offers bright and radiant skin. Specially curated with herbal extracts, the product repairs cell damage caused by sun's exposure, pollution, and other environmental factors. The unique blend of turmeric root extract and strawberry lightens dark spots, discoloration, and pigmentation, promoting an even-toned skin. Rich in antioxidants, the non-greasy formula does not clog pores and fights against the free radicals. This lightweight cream moisturizes skin, soothes dryness, nourishes skin cells, works through the night and adds glow to your skin. This product is free of parabens and sulphates. It is also cruelty free.

How To Use Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream ?

  • Cleanse your face with a mild face wash at night before going to bed.
  • Pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Take a little quantity of the product on your fingertips.
  • Dot the product on face and neck, covering all areas.
  • Massage gently with your fingertips and blend it into your skin.
  • Allow it to get absorbed.
  • For better results, use daily.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Brightens skin tone.
  • Lightens dark spots, discoloration, and pigmentation.
  • Herbal extracts nourishes skin.
  • Repairs damaged skin cells.
  • Enhances skin texture.
  • Adds glow to skin.
  • Skin appears healthy and luminous.