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High risk 0%

Moderate risk 50%

Low risk 50%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

Sulfate Free

Alcohol Free

Paraffin Free

Allergen Free

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Jovees Veg OAT Peel Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.9

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Happy customer



This Jovees Veg OAT Peel is a wonderful product to get rid of the scars caused by acne, burns, tanning or pigmentation. This gives the skin an awesome effect by restoring its radiant glow and life. It brings a healthy and nourished facial skin. The product is safe for regular use as its free of paraben, alcohol and cruelty. I am a person who mostly go for the products which are free of cruelty on animals. This has only the natural products which are safe for skin. My back head issue is almost gone by the regular use of this product. The skin looks thrice brighter with in the first two weeks of its use. This is best in removing the dead cells from the skin. The price of this product is very reasonable and the availability of this product also is not an issue. I would suggest it to all those who want to get rid of scars and evens the skin tone..

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2 years ago

Jovees veg oat peel



The people with oily skin and has high pigmentation should try this Jovees Veg OAT Peel into their skin care routine. It works effective on blackheads, large pores, dark scars, fine lines and acne. It also reduces the tanning and exfoliate dead skin cells from the debris and brightens the skin. The natural ingredients such as almond powder, henna powder, yeast powder and wheat grain together protects skin from signs of ageing and wrinkles. Make a paste with a toner and apply on the face and neck. Then massage in circular motion on your face. And finally rinse with water. This oat peel has great exfoliate power which reduces blemishes and fade dark spots and gives you a spotless and flawless skin. and with regular use it removes blackheads and makes the shield on the face. And it comes in an affordable price with a good packaging which is easy to carry while you travel

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2 years ago

Removal of black heads



Inspite of going for regular monthly facials I was developing black haed issue on my face. It used to e so severe that I could see so many black heads over my nose and the surrounding areas. I started following a strict skin care regime so as to keep my skin clean, gentle face washes too but nothing helped much. Also off lately I could see several dark spots spread on my face. I was thinking to start using Jovees Veg OAT Peel for my face as heard so much positive about the same through my friends and colleagues both. How ever some how was not getting time to go to he market and buy. Finally I ordered it online itself and started applying it over my face. I simply mix it with toner and apply it over my face and neck region followed by a gentle massage scrubbing my face thoroughly. With regular use I have realised that my black heads have been reduced to a very great extent now. My skin looks so clearer day by day.

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2 years ago



I purchased the Jovees Veg Oat peel Pack as it claimed to reduce the pimple, acne ,blackheads and any pigmentation on the face. As I have an acne prone skin I thought this product would be effective for me and I purchased it. It comes packaged in a white colour tub with a white colour cap on it and is travel friendly. The peel pack is light gray in colour and is in a powder format. I took a small amount of the peel pack in a bowl and added a few drops of rose water to dilute it and make it in the form of a paste. I gently applied the paste all over my face by gently massaging the extracts on my face for a few minutes . I left on the mixture on my face for a good 15 minutes till it dried off completely. I washed my face off with water till the entire pack was removed. The pack contents are not very soft on my skin and felt rough on my face which I was not happy about. After using this product for almost one month I saw a marginal reduction in the facial marks.

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2 years ago

Jovees Veg OAT Peel


Reduces black heads.

Good exfoliation power.

Brighter skin.

One of my friends is using this product. This is in the form of a powder that needs to be mixed with toner and applied on the skin. Her skin is a little oily type but she does not have breakouts. her skin got really tanned and sue to heavy exposure in the sun she has pigmentation patches. She was advised to use the Jovees Veg OAT Peel is powder on the pigmentation patches at least tow time in a week. This powder is rich in almond powder, henna powder, yeast powder, and wheat grain powder. This is applied and face for at least 15-20 minutes and washed with cold water. There is a positive change in her skin, the dark patches are fading and her skin tone is becoming even now. She even said that this mixture application has reduced the scars, blemishes, marks, and pigmentation effectively.

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Jovees Veg OAT Peel is a powder that needs to be mixed with and toner. The paste can be used twice in a week if you have high pigmentation and scars. It is rich in almond powder, henna powder, yeast powder, and wheat grain. This mixture is extremely beneficial in fading away the scars, blemishes, marks, and pigmentation. It reduces the formation of black heads, It also has good exfoliation power. Skin becomes brighter and get glowing.

How To Use Jovees Veg OAT Peel ?

  • Make a thin paste mixing it with rose or cucumber toner.
  • Now apply it over face and neck.
  • You can gently massage and scrub.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Jovees Veg OAT Peel Benefits And Uses :

  • Minimizes scars.
  • Reduces pigmentation.
  • Removes dead cells.
  • Provides glow to skin.

Jovees Veg OAT Peel Side Effects :

  • Redness if scrubbed for longer time.

Jovees Veg OAT Peel Ingredients

Yeast Powder
Wheat Grain