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Keo Karpin Body Oil Ingredients


Keo Karpin Body Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Loved it



Natural ingredients

The packaging of this body oil looks very simple in its plastic bottle which retails for just INR 55. However, this 100ml bottle is sturdy enough to carry along while travelling. For extra protection from an accidental spill, it has a lock lid system. The fragrance is pretty strong (I guess due to the presence of Camphor, and other herbs), which stays on your body for a time being, but does not overpowers your senses, too. The consistency is not too runny neither too thick. It becomes easy to apply all over the body after bath. It spreads easily and even gets absorbed into the skin without being sticky or greasy. You need to massage it on your body to get it absorbed by the skin. It is a lightweight body oil which can be used during the winters as a substitute for any kind of body lotion for moisturization. Overall, it a nice body oil and affordable too

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1 year ago

Nice body oil


I remember using keo karpin hair oil in my childhood. I was astounding to see its body oil online and thought to give a try as I am fond of using facial and body oils. This is a body massage oil which contains many herbs that reduces skin blemishes and imperfections. The formulation is enriched with olive oil, neem and haldi which are skin caring ingredients. It conditioned my skin well and kept it well nourished. It has moisturized my skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. It is soothing and calming on my skin.This has effectively reduced my skin dryness and flakiness. The packaging is food in a spill proof bottle and its texture is light and slightly runny. It is non greasy when applied on my skin. It is suitable for all skin types. I felt relaxed when massaged with this body oil. I highly recommend this body oil. Can give a try.

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1 year ago



I was looking at an effective body oil which would help me moisturize my skin and keep it glowing during the winter season. I had read a lot about the Keo Karpin body oil and hence decided to try it. The product comes packaged in a very monotonous looking yellow colour bottle with a flip open cap mechanism. The packaging did turn me off a bit.The oil is loaded with all natural ingredients and is chemical free hence I was sure that it would work effectively on me without being harsh on my skin. I took a small amount of the oil and gently massage at all over my body after bathing till it got completely absorbed. The oil has a mild fragrance which is not very overpowering and it felt extremely non-greasy. It got quickly absorbed into my skin and deeply nourished it throughout the entire winter season which was commendable. It did not help me to even out my skin tone however I was satisfied with this product.

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1 year ago

Body oil


I frequently change the moisturizers and like to try on new products. Well winters are something' that i dread of my skin becomes extremely dry during that time. I read quite alot about the Keo Karpin Body Oil and thought about giving it a try. It is a body oil which claims would reduce sunburn rashes wrinkles and the dryness and eventually make the skin glowing and soft .the packaging is simple comes in a pale yellow coloured plastic bottle with a maroonish screw cap. It has a tiny opening through which the product comes off. You can take it along while travelling too as it won't leak or spill. All you need is very little oil and it has herbal ingredients too in this oil smells pleasant for me though. You can apply this before and after taking a bath. It just sinks right into the skin and leaves it Moisturized and hydrated. But still I haven't noticed any glow or anything just a budgeted body oil that's it.

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1 year ago

I would definitely recommend this product !



Natural ingredients

No harmful chemicals

I used to have dry skin issues and one of my friends suggested the Keo Karpin Body Oil. I have been using it for the past 3 months and I am happy that I chose this product to address my skin issues. This is oil is herbal and has ayurvedic properties. The neem extract used in this oil has antifungal properties which help in preventing fungal infections. The sandal extract in this oil nourishes the skin and keeps the body cool and moisturized. The olive oil extract acts as antioxidants and has anti bacterial effects. The Arjuna oil extract effectively treats skin disorders and protects the skin. With all these benefits, the oil is great for the skin and keeps the skin soft. The fragrance is mild and pleasant. The oil is not greasy and gives a smooth and soft look on the skin. Use the oil regularly for excellent results.

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Keo Karpin Body Oil helps the body to restore its moisture and repair damaged skin. This oil made from natural ingredients is light-weight, non-sticky and has a mild pleasant fragrance. Keo Karpin Body Oils packs the goodness of sandalwood, neem, and other natural ingredients in one product. Over the years, Keo Karpin has proven itself as a successful skincare brand. Their no-fuss, no-frills products are made largely from organic products, using ayurvedic formulations.

How To Use Keo Karpin Body Oil ?

  • Take the required amount of oil in your palm.
  • Massage it on your skin.
  • It can be used before or after a bath.
  • For best results, use it regularly.

Keo Karpin Body Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Repairs damaged skin.
  • Prevents sunburns, rashes.
  • Treats discoloration.
  • Prevents wrinkles.