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Keto Gold Premium Soap Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

4 Reviews


2 years ago

Gold soap!


Deeply cleanses

Removes impurities

Removes dirt

Contains ayurvedic contents

Natural soap

Free of alcohol

Free of chemicals

Prevents fungal infections

Eliminates itchiness and acne

Keto Gold Soap is a basic soap which protects the skin from any infection and also from severe infection. Its an antifungal soap. I had started using this soap after the recommendation and also a suggestion from a friend who is also a doctor by profession. I was suffering from severe itching which was again because of dry skin. Infcat extreme dry skin. Due to a bad itch, I used to end up bleeding or also the infection used to spread across. Now that was something that I really wanted to get rid of as it was getting very embarrassing for me. That's when she prescribed me the Keto Gold Soap. I started using this soap twice a day. I didn't apply this on my face as I still believe that it's better not to use as it was my face in my body that didn't have the infection. Every day i used the soap religiously and that's when I could see the difference in two weeks. My itching had relatively slowed or stopped. That was an amazing relief for me. Like this after one month I had completely forgotten about what problems I had. All thanks to the Keto Gold Soap!

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2 years ago

Effective soap for fungal infection


Previously, I have seen keto shampoos that is formulated with ketoconazole. For the first time, I am seeing a keto soap when a specialist has prescribed it to my friend to treat her fungal infection on her skin. This soap must be better used under medical supervision as few may be allergic to it. And this soap is not meant for regular use. It must be used only when the fungal or yeast infection persists. The formulation contains keto that fights the infection causing fungus and destroys its cell membrane to inhibit its growth, glycerine provides moisturization to the skin. It does not dry out the skin. Kokum butter and olive oil has hydrating and nourishing properties that nurtures the skin. The skin stays moisturized all day long. Apart from infections, this soap heals the very dry and flaky skin. It is very effective in extracting and removing the dead skin cells and provides soft, smooth and radiant skin. This soap also has side effects when used on long period of time. It may cause burning sensation, drying, peeling or blisters on the skin. It may not suit very sensitive skin. However, it is an effective soap to treat fungal and yeast infections on the skin.

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2 years ago

Keto Gold Soap


Stops itching

Keeps the area dry

Keto Gold Soap is the best fungal soap ever. I have been suffering from severe Itching under the arms and my husband too was a victim of severe fungal infections in between his toes and other fingers in legs. When we visited doctors they advised us to take tablets but we both were not ready for it. Day by day infection got worse for both of us and we started getting some watery like substance from the infection area. Finally, we went to a dermatologist who suggested this soap. We liked this instead of tablets and started using this soap regularly. From day 1 of its use itself, we saw positive results. It reduced the infection from further spreading. And it also reduced the itchiness and watery substance. The area was dry and so there was no irritation too. Though this soap is costlier than others, I would say it is the best and trustworthy antifungal soap for skin infections. A light irritation may cause initially so it is best to consult a doctor before going for this soap.

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2 years ago

Soap for skin infections


Helps in healing skin infections

Does not have any side effects

Eliminates all dirt and impurities

Not many soaps available in the market are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This soap is a unique combination of ketoconazole, glycerin, kokum butter, and olive oil. This soap is majorly used to treat several skin infections. My brother had a yeast infection on his body and he was prescribed this keto gold soap by the dermatologist. He used this soap for more than a month and found that it was really very effective. The yeast infection had left a very bad scar on his skin and it was also healed with the continuous use of this soap. This soap can also be used in cases of several bacterial infections and fungal infections on the skin. This soap can also be used for various skin infections like athlete’s foot, Dhobi itch, thrush, ringworm, and dry, flaky skin. It also improves the natural moisture of the skin and does not dry the skin. It also gives a natural radiance to the skin. Also, it is quite affordable and easily available. A must use for those who have skin infections and want to treat all other skin problems.

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Keto Gold Soap is an antifungal medicine used to treat fungal and yeast infections of the skin. It works by killing the fungus that causes infections such as athlete’s foot, Dhobi itch, thrush, ringworm, and dry, flaky skin. It deep cleans the skin by removing the impurities and eliminating the dead skin cells. The product also works effectively in providing natural moisture and radiance to the skin by nourishing it.

How To Use Keto Gold Premium Soap ?

  • Use it as advised by your doctor or check the label for directions before use.

Keto Gold Premium Soap Benefits And Uses :

  • Treats fungal and yeast infections.
  • Cleanses the skin.
  • Removes the impurities and kills fungus.
  • Eliminates dead skin cells.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Adds radiance to the skin.

Keto Gold Premium Soap Side Effects :

  • May cause a burning sensation


Keto Gold Premium Soap Ingredients

AntidruffCFL Keto Ketoconazole
CI 47000

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