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Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Hair growth


Hair strengthening


Scalp Protection

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Paraben free

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Allergen Free

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Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk Keratin Care Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.4

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Therapautic care


Improves hair health

Prevents from hair damage

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk Keratin Care is not like a shampoo or any other tonic but its just like a supplement that boosts the health of the hair. It needs to be applied from the scalp and given a light massage. It is not necessary that we wash it off immediately with a shampoo. Even if you don't wash it off it will not look greasy or oily. It is a natural product and does not have any harmful ingredients that could cause damage to the hair. The smell is so pleasant and aromatic. It gives a nice shine and silky texture to the hair. It increases the volume of the hair and gives a nice bounce to it. If you are using this product it is not necessary to use any hair oil. This itself does the work of any oil. This can be used more than once in a day.

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2 years ago

Hair milk for hair care



Don't have to keep overnight

Saves time


Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair milk keratin care comes in a white bottle. The packaging is nice and sturdy. It is enriched with hydrolysed milk proteins. It conditions the hair and makes them soft. I don’t get the time to massage my hair and don’t like the stickiness of oil. This product is best for people like me who try and avoid oiling their hair. It keeps the hair soft and nourished. It is easy to apply. Just apply it 5-10 minutes before washing the hair and you are done. No need to do massage or keep it overnight. It reduces hair frizz and controls dandruff. It repairs damaged hair and is helpful for chemical treated hair. It reduces dryness caused by chemicals and brings back the natural softness of the hair. It repairs dry, dull and brittle hair and makes them strong and beautiful. Within few days of using this hair milk, my hair have become shiny, soft and beautiful.

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2 years ago

best hair care enriched with natural ingredients helps in deep nourishment of the hair


natural ingredients

strngthens the hair

bouncy hair

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk helped me nourish my hair from the roots and strengthened it. It is enriched with Milk proteins and essential oils. It hydrates the hair and locks the moisture in it for a long time. Milk protein helps in strengthening hair stands and keeps the scalp healthy. My hair has become more strong and shiny. It helped me with my dry dull hair, with regular use of this mask it became shiny and smooth. It gave great luster to the hair. It is very easy to apply no need to wait for a long time. It can be used on all hair types and gives a deep nourishment to the hair. I feel this is a must product to keep our hair healthy in this polluted environment. I have made it a part of my hair care routine and looking forward to continuing it.

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2 years ago

Hair tonic hair milk



Don't have to keep overnight

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk is a hair tonic for beautiful and healthy hair. It is not an oil or shampoo. It is a nourishment product for hair care. I got it as a gift from my sister. I was confused first and then read the instructions. It is a complete nutritional supplement for the hair. It takes care of all hair ailments. It has milk protein, amino acids, keratin and essential oils to cure dandruff, split ends and other hair problems. At the same time it controls hair fall and boosts hair growth. It protects our hair from sun light and pollution also. We have to apply this on our hair and massage it for 10 minutes. After some minutes of resting wash it off with ordinary water. We should not use shampoo on the same day. After using this I felt eternal as it calms the nerves also. This milk is easy to apply and does not leave any residue on the hair.

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2 years ago

keya keratin care



Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk nourishes my hair so well. It works great and my hair feels great. Will definitely be adding this into my hair care routine. I have allergies and it really add bounce to my hair. I could see the difference in my hair after washing. This hair milk reduces hair fall, makes hair lustrous and control hair damage and dandruff too. As it is enriched with the ingredients such as keratin care, few natural essential oils and hydrolysed milk protein gives your hair natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Every time I use this natural aromatherapy hair milk, my hair looks healthy, shiny and softer. Any person who is facing the hair problems must use this hair milk, aside it is reasonable in price and can be used for any kind of hair as it provides complete nutritional supplements to the hair. These days lot of people can’t take proper care of their hair. This product can be added for the hair care routine.

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Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk is enriched with milk protein hydrolyzed, essential oils, keratin care, etc. All these ingredients infused together gives your locks vital nutrients and vitamins. Each time you use this product your hair will be healthy, shiny, and lively. This milk can reduce hair-fall, control hair damage effortlessly.

How To Use Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk Keratin Care ?

  • Apply 5-6 minutes before bath on a daily basis.
  • Rinse the milk off with plain water.

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk Keratin Care Benefits And Uses :

  • Gives healthy, strong, silky hair.
  • Makes hair lustrous.
  • Provides complete nutritional supplement.
  • Protects from damage by sunlight.
  • Prevents hair fall due to breakage.


Keya Seth Aromatherapy Hair Milk Keratin Care Ingredients

Lavender Essential Oil
Citrus Essential oil
Eucalyptus Essential oil