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Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Defence Orange Body Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.5

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Love Keya Seth body oil





Not tested on animals

I used this product only once . I used to do massage of my body using this body oil . It has a very good fragnance and moisturizes the body very well. It feels light on the body and also it does not contain any chemicals in it . So anyone can use it . By skin started to show the results . I used to oil my body regularly . I loved it.

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2 years ago

Very Nice Body Oil


Very moisturizing

Reduces dark circles

Nice fragrance

Treats infections

Natural glow

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Defence Orange Body Oil gives a wonderful feel to the skin apart from the skin protection. It gives a natural smoothness to the skin with good moisture. It can be used in any season. The oil is very light weight to use and easy to absorb as well. It does not leave the skin greasy like most of the other body oils do. As orange is the prominent ingredient it develops a natural glow and prevents it from premature aging. I would recommend Keya Seth Aromatherapy,Skin Defence Orange Body Oil to everyone as it has rejuvenated my skin and made it free from any infection. It is to be used externally and can be used by both men and women. It prevents the skin from irritation and infection if any. Also detoxifies the skin giving it rich look.

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2 years ago

best oil helps in revitalizing the skin.



natural ingredients


Keya Seth Skin Defence Orange Body Oil is Vegan and is cruelty free. It has a unique blend of antural ingredients like sandal wood oil, orange, carrot seed oil, wheat germ oil etc which are known to be very effective in maintaining skin health. I just love the fragrance every time I apply it on my body. It helped me relax and improves my mood. It helped me with my dark circles and puffiness and gave bright and charming eyes. It hydrates the skin deeply and prevents dryness and flakiness of skin. It reverses aging signs as carrot oil helps in healing the skin from damages caused by sun and pollution. It can be used as sunscreen also as it protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It nourished my skin and made it soft and supple from the first use. It evens out the skin tone. It comes in a travel friendly package.

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2 years ago

The fragrance is quite soothing


I prefer using body oils especially during winters as that's the time when my skin tends to become more dry and also itchy . Well i also use it during the rest of the year too. What attracts me towards Keya Seth Skin Defence Orange Body Oil was the orange oil content in it . The key ingredients in this body oil includes Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil and Wheatgerm Oil. .best part when you open this bottle itself it gives a nice aromatic fragrance of the Essential oils in it .it just uplifts the mood and you feel totally refreshed and rejuvenated. This oil feels totally lightweight on the skin and is not at all greasy or sticky at leaves behind a Moisturized and nourished feeling skin and skin feels really soft and smooth textured.with continuous use you can notice lightening in the blemishes and the scars

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2 years ago

Good body oil


I am fond of facial and body oils and bought keya seth skin defence body oil. This oil contains all natural ingredients and essential oils like orange and sandalwood oil. It helps to moisturize the skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. The texture of the oil is runny and light which glides smoothly on the skin and spreads evenly. It is non greasy and non tacky on the skin. It lightens the skin complexion. I could see a visible change in my skin texture. It contains wheatgerm oil and vitamin E that nurtures the skin and makes it soft, smooth and supple. This oil gives a rejuvenating feel to the skin. It is helpful in lightening the skin blemishes. It reduces the dark spots, blotches and pigmentation on the skin. This has a mild and pleasant fragrance that lingers on the skin for sometime. This can be best used before going to bed which would nourish the skin effectively.

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2 years ago

Nice one


My colleague used the Keya Seth skin defense orange body oil and was very happy with the results. The oil comes packaged in a transparent bottle with a white colour cap with a flip open cap mechanism. The oil is orange in colour and contains orange extracts and Vitamin E which are extremely hydrating on the skin and lead to skin brightening. She took a small amount of the oil and gently massaged it all over her body including her face buy gently massaging it till it got completely absorbed into the skin. The oil has a lightweight texture and is extremely non greasy and non oily making it easy to use. The oil effectively hydrated and nourished the skin and made it extremely soft and supple. The oil has a lovely aroma of oranges which definitely delighted her. The fragrance lingered onto her body for a long period of time. With regular usage, her skin became extremely soft, supple and hydrated and had a natural glow on it. The oil also controlled the acne on her face.

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Keya Seth Skin Defence Orange Body Oil is enriched with many nutrients that nourish the skin. This oil has a sweet, fruity smell that induces peace and freshness. It is a blend of essential oils like sandalwood essential oil, which deals with the dark circles, pores and reduce inflammation, carrot seed oil that helps to smooth lines and repair sun damage , wheatgerm oil that repairs, heals, and prevents scarring and sunflower oil rich in vitamin E that helps to protect skin cells from harmful UV rays. It moisturizes the skin deeply, improves skin texture, making it soft and supple and rejuvenates the skin from first use. It is free of paraben, SLS, chemicals, and cruelty on animals.

How To Use Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Defence Orange Body Oil ?

  • Take a small amount of oil in on your palm.
  • Apply gently on the skin before going to bed at night or shower.
  • Use it daily for the best result.

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Defence Orange Body Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Reverses skin ageing.
  • Enables the tightening of the skin.
  • Adjusts skin tone.
  • Heals dryness of the skin.
  • Has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features.
  • Rejuvenates skin cells.

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Defence Orange Body Oil Side Effects :

  • Causes irritation and rashes when exposed to sunlight immediately after its application.
  • Might be not safe for pregnant women.
  • Doesn't suit sensitive skin.


Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Defence Orange Body Oil Ingredients