Kiara Sky Dip Powder
Kiara Sky Dip Powder

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

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Kiara Sky Dip Powder is designed to give you natural, stronger, and long-lasting nails. It strengthens natural nails and protects nail bed from damage due to its unique formulation of vitamins and calcium, and absolutely no chemicals. Powered by complex bonds, it prevents chipping, discoloring, and lifting of the nails. These easy-to-use, time-saving dip powders are available in a wide, vibrant range of 136 shades to match the versatile Kiara Sky Gel and nail lacquer. The come featured in a travel-friendly tub packaging.

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  • 1long-lasting nails

How To Use Kiara Sky Dip Powder ?

  • Apply Bond to the clean, natural nail.
  • Apply Base to 3/4th of the nails.
  • Dip the nails into natural powder at a 45 degree angle to the painted base area.
  • Shake off the excess and brush off the rest with a brush.
  • Apply Base polish to the entire nail.
  • Dip into the desired color powder.
  • Shake off the excess and brush off the rest with a brush.
  • Apply Base Polish to the entire nail.
  • Dip the nail into Clear Dip Powder to protect nail from filing.
  • Apply Seal Protect to the nails.
  • File and buff the nails to the desired shape.
  • Wipe the remaining dust with an alcohol wipe.
  • Apply Seal portect againg and wipe with a lint-free cloth.
  • Apply three coats of the Top Coat.
  • After the nails are done, apply the nousihing oil on the cuticle and massage in upward strokes.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Uses And Benefits :

Strengthens natual nails.

Protects nail bed from damage.

Prevents dicoloring, chipping, and lifting of nails.

Makes nail long-lasting naturally.

Softens the cuticles.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Shades :

D632 - Lunar or Later

D631 - The Cosmos

D630 - Shooting Star

D629 - Give Me Space

D628 - Let's Get SIrius

D627 - Sunburst

DG148 - Moon Light

DG147 - Glow Up

DG146 - Blue Moon

DG145 - Money Moves

DG144 - Below Zero

DG143 - Glow Getter

DG142 - Love Struck

DG141 - Pillow Talk

DG140 - Stormy Weather

DG139 - Mr. Bright

DG138 - Peach, Please

DG137 - Beamin'

DG136 - Light Me Up

DG135 - Sand By me

DG134 - Ready, Set, Glow

DG133 - Touch of Blush

DG132 - SInful Pink

DG131 - Bright FUchsia

DG130 - WIld CHild

DG129 - Pinkaholic

DG128 - Famin-Glo

DG127 - Code Pink

DG126 - Pink Peonies

DG125 - Pink & Propper

DG124 - Retro Pink

DG123 - Electric Daisy

DG122 - Celestial

DG121 - Lillac Lillies

DG120 - Anti-Social

DG119 - Cloudy Day

DG118 - Blue Me Away

DG117 - Stargazer

DG116 - Hint Of Mint

DG115 - Teal My Heart

DG114 - Get Clover It

DG113 - Cute- Cumber

DG112- Electric yellow

DG111- Marigold

DG110 - Beaming Sun

DG109 - Glo Time

DG108 - Bright Clementine

DG107 - Neon Lights

DG106 - Electrifying

DG105 - Creamsicle

DG104 - Peach CObbler

DG103 - Melon - Cholic

DG102 - Cherry Popsicle

DG101 - Red Hot Glo

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