Bipha Ayurveda Kumkumadi Tailam Reviews

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2 years ago

Ayurveda face oil


The oil is absolutely herbal and made from natural ingredients

It improves the skin texture making skin soft and radiant

Kumkumadi Thailam - My dad is a big-time fan of Ayurveda products. Once I was talking about because of my stress and heat, I was getting a lot of pimples and worried that my face is getting ruined and I’m losing confidence. Then he suggested using one of the ayurvedic product Kumkumadi Thailam. He told this is very, and the ingredients used are very natural. So, I wanted to give it a try as I always not a fan of Ayurveda products. As Saffron is the main component used in the oil, I immediately asked for the cost, and it was very reasonable as Saffron is considered as the most expensive spice in terms of weight. The company claims the oils are perfect for the skin and it has anti-aging properties. A lot of companies manufacture this oil, but after thorough research, I opt to buy Bipha Ayurveda Kumkumadi Thailam. The bottle reminds me of an eye liquid with a dipper. I have used every night for a month, and I have seen tremendous changes to my face. The dark circles under my eye are reduced, and the spots on the face have been reduced considerably. As the oil is enriched with sandalwood and vetiver, I use it as a night cream. Sometimes I use the Kumkumadi Thailam to even out my skin tone. The oil has a powerful odor but completely fades out in five to ten minutes. Due to turmeric, it makes mu skin slight yellowish tint, but it is okay for a night treatment. The oil works silently on my acne and pimple scars. My face skin feels laxer, and pores size have reduced considerably. Tanning is also reduced, and my skin looker brighter. Overall, I would recommend the product to all who have no issue with just the price.

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2 years ago

Ayurvedic wonder!


Kumkumadi thailam is basically an Ayurvedic serum for youthful and healthy skin. More like an oil for application on face for a good glow and smooth skin. The main work that Kumkumadi thailam does is reduces the dark spots. For people who do not know why is it called thailam, here you go. Thailam is a Tamil work. Oil in Tamil is called Thailam. The orginns of Ayurveda comes from ancient south Indian culture. People belonging to the southern parts of India would vouch for Ayurvedic treatment. It’s their Pride. They take immense joy and care in getting the products out for other people to use it. They are the most humble beings. Kumkumadi is also known as Saffron in English. Kumkum Poo is the exact word in tamil for saffron. As this thailam consists of Saffron and oil it is called Kumkumadi thailam. Generically Saffron is an expensive product to own. It’s not easily affordable. But then the benefits are very high to be speaking of. The product is definitely going to be expensive. This product comes in a very handy bottle. The nozzle allows only the required amount of oil to come out of it, hence reducing the contamination. The bottle reminds me of eye drops. I had seen the same product from different manufactures coming in bottles where u have to put in your finger to take sufficient amount of oil. I feel this bottle is very easy to use. The packing is Classique. Looks extremely elegant. The fragrance is just wow. The ingredients are pure leaving it to give an amazing smell. For me it has worked on reducing my dark circles and dark spots. There are no harmful chemicals and you will definitely not smell any strong pungent smell. Can be carried where ever. The bottle is really small so not to worry.

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