Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art Reviews

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Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art is available in a versatile range of 30 vibrant shades. The trendy nail art nail color adds texture to your nails in Chrome, Glitterati, Shimmer, Unicorn, or Stargaze finishes. The various shades allow you to create playful bold, party, even classy looks on your nails. It is available in a sleek nail polish bottle with a glossy silver cap, making it look as appealing as packaging as on the nails. You can also customize various colors for unique nail arts. It is a long-lasting formula.

How To Use Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art ?

  • Exfoliate and clean your nails.
  • On clean, dry nails, apply a coat of Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art of your choice.
  • Follow with a second and final coat once the first coat has dried.
  • Let it dry for gorgeous looking nails.

Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art Benefits And Uses :

  • Available in 5 different finishes.
  • Playful colors.
  • Can be used as a base coat or top coat.
  • Can be customized.
  • Ideal for nail art.
  • Adds texture and vibrancy to the nails.

Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art Shades (Colors) :

  • M3 Original Nude
  • M15 Purple
  • M16 Mint Blue
  • M17 Peach
  • M18 Deep Olive
  • M19 Sunny Yellow
  • M20 Candy Pink
  • M6 Navy Blue
  • M7 Black
  • M8 Coral
  • G4
  • S5
  • U2
  • C2
  • C4
  • C6
  • C1
  • M1 Ox Blood
  • M2 Cocoa Nude
  • M5 Burgundy
  • M10 Fern Green
  • M14 Sand Blue
  • U4
  • C3
  • C5
  • S1
  • S8
  • G9
  • G12
  • M11 CLassic Silver
  • M17
  • M12 Gold
  • F3
  • M13 Copper
  • T1
  • T2
  • T3
  • P2
  • S3
  • G11
  • S7
  • F1
  • F2
  • F4
  • P1
  • P3
  • M4 Vermillion Red
  • M9 Fuchsia
  • G1
  • G5
  • G8