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Aren’t there those days when we just want a little bit of color on our lips without the weight of layers of lipstick on them? Those are the days when we need lip tints. They are a common beauty trend in Korea and are also known as lip stains.

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Lip Tints Vs Lipsticks

For years, lipsticks have been a girl’s only go-to. For color, for style, for confidence, we have always carried a bunch of our favorite lipsticks. Times have changed and lipsticks have gotten rolling into lip tints or lip stains. Lip tints usually have a gel or liquid base that contains long-lasting pigments that stay even after the water base has evaporated. They deliver ombre lips which gives brighter color pay-off on the inside of the lips and fades as a stain on the outer edges of the lips.

On the other hand, lipsticks have a thicker consistency since they are made with waxes and oils. They give an even color pay off and can be bold or nude.

Perks of Using A Lip Tint

  • Lip Tints last all day long. They don’t budge or require frequent touch-ups. After all, they are known as ‘stains’ for a reason.
  • Lip Tints are lightweight formulas. They do not feel sticky, greasy, or heavy on the lips.
  • They are immensely moisturizing. They keep the lips hydrated and soft all day long.
  • A little lip tint goes a long way. Gliding a bit of this formula will run throughout the day. Hence, one case of lip tint will last you for many months.
  • They offer three different kinds of finishes i.e, gradient lips, diffused lips, and full coverage lips.
  • Lip Tints deliver a more natural look than lipsticks.

What Is The Finish Of A Lip Tint Like?

  • Gradient Lips: Swipe the lip tint on the inner corners of the lips. Press them together for a few minutes to achieve gradient lips. Furthermore, you can use a concealer or a BB Cream to neutralize the edges of your lips.
  • Diffused Lips: Swipe a light layer on your lips, leaving out the edges to get the diffused lips appearance. It will accentuate the look if you press the lips together a few times.
  • Full Coverage: Line your lips and fill in the lips using the tint for a full coverage look.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Lip Tints?

  • Liquid Lip Tints: The most popular of the lip tint family, liquid lip tints are the easiest to use. These are of watery consistency. Apply it on the lower lip and press your lips to avoid overdoing the appearance. Apply a moisturizer or lip balm before applying the liquid lip tint to keep the lips softer and hydrated. Blot your lips using a damp tissue to avoid creasing and achieve a natural look.
  • Peel-off Lip Tints: Apply a thick layer of peel-off lip tint and let it sit for ten minutes. After it dries up, peel it off and get deeply stained lips. The stain looks very vibrant and lasts for 12 hours.
  • Tint Sticks: If lip balms or lipstick bullets are your go-to, then tint sticks are the ones for you. These are very creamy and moisturizing, they keep the lips softer and make them appear fuller. The colors last long even after their shine has worn off.
  • Matte Lip Tints: An alternative to matte lipsticks, matte lip tints are the new favs in the block. No cracking or creasing out, these stay on the lips without drying out. They settle into a velvety finish with full coverage.

Lip Tints can spoil you easily with all the versatility. Choosing the best out of the lot from this new trend might seem difficult. However, StyleCraze Product Analysis has gotten the best to save your days.

Best Lip Tints In India

  • L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain
  • Dior Dior Addict Lip Tattoo
  • Benefit Cha Cha Tint Cheek and Lip Tint
  • Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain
  • Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint
  • Tonymoly Liptone Get It Tint
  • InnisfreeVivid Cotton Ink
  • Clarins Water Lip Stain
  • Amuse Dew Tint
  • Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint

Best Organic Lip Tints

  • NOTO Botanics Lip Stain
  • PureBIO Lip Tint
  • Au Naturale Lip Stain
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