MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish

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MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish is a face highlighter. The liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflection is perfectly designed to sculpt and highlight the dimensions of your face, leaving behind a luminous glow. The creamy powder formula is easy to use and lasts up to 10 hours, keeping you looking fresh all day long. It is available in 7 shades.

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8 Ratings & 8 Reviews


Would recommend this to a friend






Suitable for all skin types


Highly pigmented

Imparts intense glow

Suitable for all skin tones


Might appear unnatural


Superb highlighter


Easily blends

Shade options

Long lasting

Worth the price


MAC introduced this extra dimension skin finish high lighter to make we women look more pretty with highlighted features. Whoever wil use it I am sure will fall in love with the product as it gives such a lovely glow on face but be careful in choosing the shade. There are 7sgade options so choose it wisely to get more beautiful look. The product is easily blendable on skin with a brush, little product goes long way, just apply on your Cheek bones, your nose ,chin see which parts of your face you wanna highlight more. Its a must buy product .

Love the Highlighter !


Intense pigmentation

Glow on the skin is really good.



MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish – I am a big fan of MAC products. I like the quality of MAC products as they deliver whatever they promise. MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish is a good face highlighter. When I use it on my skin, I prefer the highlighter for my nose and cheekbones. Also, a little touchup on the face is enough to give a beautiful glow. Additionally, the powder is so smooth, light and creamy. So it blends on the skin really well. And the best part is MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighter stays for a long time. Even up to like 7-8 hours. The pigmentation from the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish is very rich and very intense. MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish is suitable for all skin types and tones. This product is very safe on skin and eyes. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and colleagues. MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish is easy to carry during travel as the packaging is very good and compact.