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MAC Eye Kohl is a soft kajal pencil available in a number of shades. The soft pencil is useful for lining, defining, and shading the eyes to create different dramatic or subtle looks. The pencil liner offers a creamy, silky smooth, and matte/pearl finish. It is safe to be used on the waterline and by contact lens wearer. It is available in 8 pigmented and vibrant shades.

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  • 3easy to use
  • 2doubles as a liner
  • 2pigmented
  • 1ophthalmologist-tested
  • 1lasts long


  • 2expensive
  • 2smudges
  • 1price
  • 1need to re-apply
  • 1not water proof
MAC Eye Pencil Price - ₹ 3129.00

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I am a big fan of this product ! Ranjani approves this product


Easy to use

heavy pigmentation

I am a big fan of MAC products. The quality and the results provided by the MAC products are world-class. I own many MAC products and MAC eye pencil is one of them. it’s perfect for daily occasions and also for parties. For daily use, I only apply a lining. But when I have to go for parties, I use it for some shading so that the eye pencil gives me a dramatic look. The MAC eye pencil comes in different shades and it is very easy to use. The eye pencil provides a good amount of pigmentation. It blends well and lasts longer.

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Bold and Beautiful Prabitha approves this product


The very important feature of our face is the eyes and so we need to take care and beautify it for sure. Here is an eye pencil that has a dual purpose and does the work perfectly. Mac eye pencil is a rich-colored eye pencil. It is pencil-shaped and can be used easily.It is waterproof. It gives you a matte finish. It is very smooth to apply. They are smudge-free. It is long-lasting. It can be easily removed. I am in love with this product. It gives a matte finish. Those who are searching for a perfect eye pencil which gives you a perfect result Mac eye pencil would be a perfect choice. You can use it as an eyeliner as well as a kajal pencil. It can stay longer for a day. Perfect for daily use It is a must-have in your make up bag. There are few different shades available based on your taste. MAC products are really costly but the quality is very good. I would surely repurchase this product. Also, I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family. Make your eyes bold and beautiful with Mac Eye Pencil.

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Soft and Creamy Kohl Lalitha approves this product


MAC is a kohl kajal available in wide variety of shades. The soft and creamy kohl helps us to define and shade the eyes to give a smoky and dramatic effect. The pencil texture is soft, smooth and creamy that gives a pearly or matte finish to the eyes. This kohl is opthalmologically tested and can be safely used by the contact lens wearers. It does not irritate the eyes. The eye pencil is a normal wooden pencil with a plastic cap that can be sharpened with a normal pencil sharpener. But this kind of kohl gets wasted due to frequent sharping. It is extremely easy to apply the eye pencil on the waterline. Ensure that the waterline is not oily which creates break out. At least 2-3 strokes of the kohl give an obvious look to the eyes. Apply the kohl directly on the waterline. It can be used as eyeliner as well as eye shade. The longevity when used as eyeliner is more than used as a kajal on bottom lash line. This product has partially fulfilled the claim as it smudges after 2-3 hrs and later it starts fading and need a reapplication. The price of the product is little expensive. I recommend this product for its deep pigmentation that gives a dramatic effect.

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Not worth it


Intense Pigmentation

Doubles as a liner


I have a thing for kajal and I was really tempted when the MAC kohl pencil was on sale. Basically, its a soft kajal and MAC claims it is ophthalmologically tested. It comes in 8 vibrant shades. As expected from the pencil is very sturdy and so the list. The texture is silky smooth and gives a nice matte finish. It was easy to apply to the waterline and eyelids. The pencil was very comfortable to use and can help create a dramatic look. Although you need to apply multiple times to get the desired look. The only drawback is that it does not seem to be water-resistant. I had tears in my eyes due to dust and it smudged like anything. I wore it on another day and without the tears, it lasted long. The pigmentation is excellent though. I wear contact lenses and this kohl did not irritate my eyes. I do not think it is worth the price. We have better ones available in the market at a much cheaper price. So for all MAC lovers, this one is strictly ok since we all like our kohls to be waterproof.

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Best for me!! Vaishnavi approves this product




This is the one product that always in my makeup bag for a long time. I never wanted to pay this kind of money for a sharpened eye pencil, but it just applies so softly on my eyes without tugging and grabbing. And the deep brown shade suites me very well. It doesn't look too warm, red, cool or muddied. I actually have thin hair, lashes & brows...they all look almost black. However, I am not a fan of black liners because they always seem to give off a blue grey cast which I don't. This said a good deep brown is hard to find. But luckily I found this. It brings my eyes to life the way. I wear this in the summer with minimal to no shadow. My eyes feel brighter and younger. So if you ask me for cheaper options out there...I am not sure. Do I have the patience to buy and try a bunch of eyeliners till I get the right brown and the right texture? I will say No. Coffee works perfectly for me so, I will just stick with this. The only reason I did not give it a full five lippies is that I feel like it fades by the end of the day.

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Good eye pencil Pallavi approves this product


Easy to use

matte finish

MAC Eye Pencil is a good product which is Ophthalmologist tested. I have been using a contact lens, and the pencil is safe to use. The shade ranges are great with matte or pearl finish. I have used the pencil on the waterline, and I did not find any problem. The pigmentation is average and last long for an entire day. The MAC Eye Pencil can smudge easily because of the excellent pigmentation. MAC Eye Pencil is not water-resistant and can easily be wiped off with just a splash of water. If you have no concerns about the price, then I would recommend the product.

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Blacky eyes Keerthana approves this product


Good quality

Doesn't irritate Eyes


I'm fond of a variety of eye pencils. Because I feel each brand is unique in its own way. Let me share my review about this MAC EYE pencil which I had bought during one of the recent shopping. It is a rich black color eye pencil. I use contact lenses sometimes even those times this is very comfortable for me to apply on my eyelids. This is waterproof and smudge-proof. Anyway, On the waterline however it did not last longer than 3-4 hours max. Nowadays I prefer a soft Kajal look on my eyelids, I was keen on getting a soft black color that was not a jet black one and so that I can easily remove every day without much effort since eyelids are very sensitive. Recommended!!

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Just for MAC Divya approves this product


MAC Eye pencil is just a basic Kohl for the eye. This is an average product. The pigmentation is not great and neither are the shades. The shades are just what colour they are to be. It’s not easy to spread them or draw them in the eye. You need to reuse it more than once for giving yourself the perfect Kohl look. It lasts long but then it also smudges pretty bad. And yes, it is expensive. Not easy on your pockets. You get better and cheaper eye pencils than the MAC Eye kohl. But then for the brand, we can still give it a try!!

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