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MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion is an interesting innovation of polymer technology, which creates an optical illusion of blurring fine lines and wrinkles while tightening the pores. MAC’s signature charged water technology saturates the skin with both short and long-term hydration. This unique gel-lotion works on your skin to nourish and redensify the complexion. It comes in a unique glass jar with a pump dispenser that locks itself when turned to the other side.

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  • 3tightens pores
  • 2non-acnegenic
  • 2quickly absorbed
  • 2ophthalmologist-tested
  • 2hydrates skin


  • 3expensive
  • 1no spf
  • 1the nozzle is a hassle.
  • 1inconvenient packaging
  • 1not effective

MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion Reviews

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Pores are tightened Riya approves this product





Hydrates skin

Imparts radiance

Smoothes skin

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Tightens pores

I utilize this MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion both as a lotion and a preliminary. It feels so light and is assimilated like enchantment. It is best when I am going for the common look. In the wake of utilizing it ordinarily toward the beginning of the day. My skin looks and feels smoother, and when I apply cosmetics on top, they sit pleasantly and obscure my pores and lines; particularly the lines around my eyes. I prescribe this item on the off chance that: You're searching for another lotion/groundwork. In case you're similar to me, which means you don't need layers and layers of groundworks and moisturizers, and so forth… this is a decent item to attempt since its 2-in-1. Despite the fact that healthy skin item results shift immensely from individual to individual, I accept this item really works in the long haul as well. Not just my cosmetics is smoother with this, my skin feels youthful and hydrated. Water is the most significant skin part and our human body, for the most part, comprises of water. It is likewise the most widely recognized fixing in corrective items. To come clean, in contrast with different fixings, water does not have those numerous beneficial outcomes on our skin concerning our skin care items. It is utilized to dispose of the hardness, minerals and to maintain a strategic distance from item defilement. There are two unique circumstances I might want to expound on somewhat further: 1-Applying the cream as a preliminary before the cosmetics and 2-Applying it as skincare independent from anyone else. The Timecheck Lotion does not require that much time to settle, yet you ought to be cautious with the sum you use, as it will in general form a little film over the skin if an excess of the item is utilized. For my – honestly rather a little face – two siphons are the ideal sum, so I feel like a normal of three siphons for the entire face are a decent beginning stage. You can likewise blend it into your establishment to sheer it out a bit, make the application smoother or simply include somewhat of a skincare-impact to your cosmetics. In the event that you just apply the cream for your everyday skincare you can utilize a greater number of siphons than the suggested three out of 1. You will have a little film over your skin however that will get consumed after some time. My lone tip is utilizing some other fluid items like a toner before the Timecheck Lotion. On the off chance that you have a high inclusion establishment you truly like, however, don't crave completing an out and out excitement cosmetics but instead something sheerer, simply utilize a couple of spurts of the Mac salve and blend it into the establishment. In addition to the fact that this enhances the spreadability of your establishment, it feels so charming on the skin

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Swetha Krishnaswamy
This is the best primer!


I got this MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion thinking I made a smart choice. Because I was told that this lotion not only works as a good moisturizer but also as a good makeup base. Having dry skin, this lotion checked off all the requirements. It was like a 2-in-1 benefit for me.I have been using it for over three weeks now, so let me share my experience of using it.MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion is the best primer! It shrinks my pores and blurs my fine lines while moisturizing and plumping up my skin.I use this gel-like lotion every day just like a moisturizer and also under my makeup. If only it had SPF I would have worn it without any sunscreen. And because I use it very often, it is running out so fast. I wish it was a bit cheaper.I love everything about it but honestly, I am not very happy with the nozzle. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of more effort to get the lotion out. And the tip of the nozzle is usually clogged with dried lotion. If it came with an outer cover, it might be more convenient I guess.Anyway, despite that, this lotion does a very good job. With the continuous use, my complexion has also lightened, and it looks radiant.

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Simply perfect!


This is one great emollient primer that blurs, smoothes, and moisturizes skin and also provides a wonderful canvas for a foundation like my MAC Studio Sculpt with SPF. Ever since I got it, I cannot go without this lotion. It also makes the fine lines under my eyes disappear which is the best thing about it. My dry skin gets the nourishment it needs and my face gets the beauty it wants. Simply perfect!

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No value for money


I got this MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion along with Mineralize Foundation. I paid a lot but the results are very disappointing. I have combination skin and this lotion with the foundation makes my skin oily and greasy. I have tried wearing it alone just to see if it was better off, but unfortunately, it was not.After four months, I finally finished the bottle. There is also another disadvantage of this lotion – and that is the way it is packaged. Once the lotion reaches a low level inside the container, it is almost impossible to get it out. It is very annoying considering the amount I have paid for it.Other than hydrating my skin, it did nothing for me. I won’t be recommending it to anyone other than, maybe, those with dry skin.

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Farin Ahmad
Tighter pores.


I use this MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion both as a moisturizer and a primer. I also use it under my sunscreen. It feels so light and is absorbed like magic. It is the best when I am going for the natural look.Over one month of continuous use, I find that my pores have tightened and the texture of my skin visibly smoothened. The only thing I found that can be improved is its pump dispenser. It is not as smooth as others I have encountered. Sometimes, it almost feels stuck. So I hope MAC resolves it.

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