Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter Reviews

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1 year ago

Such a waste


Unicorn glow

Vegan brand

Not tested on animals

I tried this Make up Revolution Rainbow highlighter a long back. I thought it has pretty colors and ofcourse it is from a good brand. So, it will definitely do the justice. But the product is so cheap. The colors are not suitable for skin. Such light shades. Doesn’t even stay for long. I wasted my money on this

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Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter is a beautiful highlighter with different colors in a single palette. It gives a holographic effect when applied to the skin. The highlighter is intensely pigmented. The shimmers are perfect for getting a glow on the skin. It highlights the prominent features of the face like the cheekbones ridge of the nose, lip lines, and so on by highlighting it. Unicorn glow makeup look can be easily achieved by this highlighter as the 5 pastel shades included in this gives a beautiful effect. It is a must-have in every makeup lover’s collection to get that perfect look.

How To Use Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter ?

  • Swirl the brush around the palette to collect the shades.
  • Apply on the features of the face which you'd like to highlight.
  • Blend until smooth.

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter Benefits And Uses :

  • Highlights the best features of your skin.