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Mankind Acne Star Soap Ingredients

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Mankind Acne Star Soap Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.1

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Helps with acne prone skin


My brother was prescribed the Mankind Acne Star Soap to get rid of his incessant acne .it Contains Benzoyl Peroxide and it is better to use this after prescribtion from doctor. This is a mild soap and is gentle on the skin and he uses this mostly on his face.all product take their own time to heal and he was using this for a month .although it did not completely resolve his acne issue it did slightly help, it dried off quite alot .he is more than happy after using this soap and he was told not to use any other facewash or anything on his face to just use this. The soap is easily available in pharmacy and you can get this online and is priced decently too

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1 year ago

Good one for acne prone skin


Gentle formula

Mankind Acne Star Soap is one of the good soap that you can use if you have an acne prone skin. this soap has a gentle formula that does not irritate your skin. it soothes the acne and blemishes and helps in reducing its size. the soap does not cause any overnight results but works gradually in promoting a clear skin. this soap has benzoyl peroxide which is good for acne in treating it. the soap lathers well and cleanses of all the dirt and impurities from the face. it also keeps the pores clean by removing the oil content in it. it does not dry out skin but if you have a dry skin you will need a moisturizer.

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1 year ago

Mankind acne star soap



Mild on the skin

My doctor prescribed me this soap for my acne and dull skin on the face. I was suppose to use this soap daily twice a day. And I continued using this soap for two weeks. Initially I felt it is not working on my acne prone areas, but then as I continued the use of this acne soap I find that my skin was glowing and the acne pimples on the face got reduced. And all the blemishes, dark spots started fading away. And now I really feel happy to use this Acne star soap bar to prevent acne and all this skin problems on the face.

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1 year ago

Fresh and mild soap


Refreshes skin

Reduces acne and pimple marks on skin

This soap is specifically made for acne prone skin and for those who have a lot of pimples. When my cousin was facing hormonal imbalance in her body, she had a lot of pimples on her skin. Although medication helped her in getting rid of the pimples, there were marks all over on her face. This Mankind Acne Star Soap helped her get rid of those acne and pimple marks on her skin. It also reduced the appearance of dark spots on her face and now her face looks radiant and beautiful. This is very affordable and comes in a travel friendly packaging. 

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1 year ago

Star Soap


Soft skin

AcneStar Soap is the recent purchases that I did for my self and my family members too. With regular use of this soap on my skin I have realized that my acne problem has started declining day by day now. my skin looks so clean and clear that I hardly need to apply any thing else now. it cleanses my skin so well and deeply. All my skin problems now seems to be vanished with daily use of this soap. I must say this is one the best purchases that I have done in to bathing soaps after a decade.

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1 year ago

Refreshes skin


Refreshes skin

Clears the dirt

Softens the skin

My skin is too oily, and I usually face pimples and acne problems. I was fed up using all types of soaps that claim to be suitable for oily skin. As a last hope, I gave a try to this Mankind Acne Star Soap. I noticed a visible reducing signs of my pimples and acne. It even made my skin clear, and now I can feel an oil-free skin upto 12hours.

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AcneStar Soap is ideal to combact acne and pimples. It is formulated with Benzoyl Peroxide to cure acne by inhibiting the growth of acne-causing bacteria on skin. It acts as antimicrobial and unclogs pores, reduces pimples, and makes skin clear. The soap forms rich foam and effectively cleanses away dirt and oil without leaving the skin dry. It reduces acne and pimples and prevents further breakouts. It helps in removing dead skin cells thereby giving an illuminating radiance to the face thus reduces the acne scarring. It is suitable for both men and women.

How To Use Mankind Acne Star Soap ?

  • Rinse face and body well with water.
  • Use this soap on all the affected parts of your skin.
  • Lather well and leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Rinse it with water.
  • Use it daily for the best results.

Mankind Acne Star Soap Benefits And Uses :

  • Makes skin acne-free.
  • Prevents pimples.
  • Unclog pores
  • Exfoliates the dead skin cells