Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color
Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color

Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color

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Colour your hair in your desired high shade with Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color. This innovative formula exerts a slight stress over the cuticle to give high definition shade to your hair. Formulated with ultra powered pigments and high reflectors, the product imparts ultra shine, making your hair look lustrous and gorgeous. The product contains no ammonia and does not damage the hair. It is available in various shades of browns, neutral tones, reds, and cool modern with different names. It covers the grey hair completely and gives a brilliant tone to the hair. Designed with the innovative Colour Injection Oil Delivery System technology, it delivers high saturated color, covering each strand seamlessly. The product lifts the shade by up to 3 times the regular color with bright tones. It also conditions the hair and gives a silky smooth texture. The product comes in a tube and can be mixed with the cream developer in the ratio of 1:1 to deliver a polished, vibrant tone.

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  • 3covers grey hair
  • 3soft hair
  • 2easy to use
  • 2permanent color
  • 2various shades


  • 2lifts hair moderately
  • 2availability issues

How To Use Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color ?

  • Mix the hair color with the cream developer in the ratio of 1:1.
  • Using a brush applicator, apply the mixture over your dry hair avoiding the scalp.
  • Cover the hair in sections.
  • Apply through the mid lengths till the tip.
  • Leave it for 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with shampoo and water.
  • Use a conditioner and rinse it off thoroughly with water.

Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color Uses And Benefits :

The permanent hair color gives high saturated color with ultra shine to your hair.

It is available in the shades of brown, red, cool modern, and neutral tones.

You get a high definition color as it is formulated with color injection oil delivery system and high reflectors.

The product moisturises and conditions the hair and makes it silky smooth.

It also covers grey hair.

Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color Ingredients :


Mineral oil

Ascorbic acid



Ascorbic Acid

C20-22 Alcohols

Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose

Cetyl Palmitate





Oleth 10

Oleth 20


Sodium Metabisulfite


Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color Shades :

Extra Light Blonde Ash - 10A

Extra Light Blonde Gold Violet - 10GV

Extra Light Blonde Mocha - 10M

Extra Light Blonde Mocha - 10M

Extra Light Blonde Neutral - 10N

Extra Light Blonde Violet - 10V

Black Ash - 1N

Natural Black Neutral - 2N

Natural Black Neutral - 3N

Darkest Brown Neutral Warm - 3NW


Dark Brown Neutral - 4N

Dark Brown Neutral Warm - 4NW

Dark Brown Red Violet - 4RV

Dark Brown Warm Mocha - 4WM

Medium Brown Ash - 5A

MediumBrown Brown Copper - 5BC

Medium Brown Gold - 5G

Medium Brown Mocha - 5M

Medium Brown Neutral - 5N

Medium Brown Neutral Warm - 5NW

Medium Brown Red - 5R

Medium Brown Red Copper - 5RC

Medium Brown Red Red - 5RR Plus

Medium Brown Red Violet - 5RV

Medium Brown Warm Mocha - 5WM

Light brown Ash - 6A

Light Brown Brown Red - 6BR

Light Brown Mocha - 6M

Light Brown Neutral - 6N

Light Brown Neutral Warm - 6NW

Light Brown Red - 6R

Light Brown Red Red - 6RR Plus

Light Brown Red Violet+ - 6RV+

Dark Blonde Brown Copper - 7BC

Dark Blonde Copper - 7C

Dark Blonde Gold - 7G

Dark Blonde Gold Copper - 7GC

Dark Blonde Neutral - 7N

Dark Blonde Neutral Warm - 7NW

Dark Blonde Red Copper - 7RC

Dark Blonde Violet - 7V

Dark Blonde Warm Mocha - 7WM

Medium Blonde Ash - 8A

Medium Blonde Copper - 8C

Medium Blonde Gold Violet - 8GV

Medium Blonde Mocha - 8M

Medium Blonde Neutral - 8N

Medium Blode Neutral Warm - 8NW

Light Blonde Gold - 9G

Light Blonde Gold Copper - 9GC

Light Blonde Neutral - 9N

Light Blonde Neutral Warm - 9NW

Light Blonde Violet - 9V

Clear Transparent - C

Darkest Brown Violet - 3V

Dark Brown Red Violet+ - 4RV Plus

Med Brown Red Violet+ - 5RV Plus

Med Brown Ash Gold - 5AG

Dark Blonde Ash Gold - 7AG

Light Blonde Ash Gold - 9AG

Light Brown Gold Ash - 6GA

Med Blonde Gold Ash - 8GA

Light Brown Gold Violet - 6GV

Light Brown Ash Ash - 6AA

Dark Brown Ash Ash - 4AA

Natural Black Ash Ash - 2AA

Med Brown Violet - 5V

Dark Brown Mocha - 4M

Med Brown Violet Red - 5VR

Darkest Brown Violet Red - 3VR

Med Blonde Copper Copper+ - 8CC Plus

Light Brown Copper Copper+ - 6CC Plus

Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color Reviews

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Good Pragya approves this product

12 months ago


This hair colour covers of all the grey hair and make the hair Shiny and glossy giving it really good finish the colour is good quality which means that it does not damage the hair causing split ends or something it does not even make the hair rough it is a good hair colour

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Lustrous hair Lalitha approves this product

12 months ago


My friend has obsession to hair colors. She tried a few shades on her hair. This time she was searching for a permanent hair color and got matrix colorinsider. After using it, her hair was lustrous and gorgeous with a vibrant shade. It was not harsh on the hair. But moisturized the hair making it soft and smooth to touch.

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matrix hair color Preity approves this product

12 months ago


Easy to use

Covers grey hair

Soft hair

I am trying out demi permanent hair color! It can be a great way to freshen up my look, especially i would like to avoid using permanent hair dye. I just have to mix the color and the oil together and apply on my hair. Each strand is covered seamlessly with high saturated color.. No matter what color I dye my hair, it’ll fade away within a few weeks. Likewise, with matrix demi hair color, your hair won’t look dyed or fake.The Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair color comes in many shades like red, brown, cool modern and Neutral ones. This Demi permanent color doesn’t contains ammonia and doesn’t damage my hair. It lasts up to 20-24 shampoos. I use it frequently to cover my grey hair completely. It comes with a high reflectors and ultra powdered pigments,from which it gives the silky smooth texture aNd leaves gorgeous hair for many days. It enhance your natural shade and make it look the way it used to be. This Demi hair color provides a great benefit and also comes with a pure organic ingredients which gives brilliant tone to the should try this matrix Demi color If you’ve never dyed your own hair before, and are worried about your hair..

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Good Rinku approves this product

1 year ago


My friend wanted to look different and hence decided to color her hair for an upcoming wedding function. She purchased the Matrix color insider permanent hair colour. This comes packaged with the color insider which is the actual colour and the oil cream developer which helps boosting the color well to the hair. The colour and the oil need to be mixed together and them applied on the hair. She was excited to see that a brush was provided too with the packaging which would enable her to apply the mixture easily. She wore a pair of gloves and then applied the mixture to her hair. She left the mixture on for a good 30 minutes and then washed it off with water. After drying her hair she found her hair looking brilliant. The colour looked extremely natural and she could not smell any Ammonia on it as the product claimed. The colour looked very natural and her had a nice soft and shiny texture. She would surely recommend this product and use it more often.

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Covers grey hair Ramya approves this product

1 year ago


Covers grey hair

Soft hair

Permanent color

Various shades

High definition color

Ultra shine

I have a hell lot of greys earlier i would apply henna on my hair or the store bought hair colour . So this time i decided to visit salon and and colour my hair. The beautician mentioned she use matrix hair colour .later while putting on told me shes using this Matrix Colorinsider Demi Permanent Hair Color and she mixed it with the developer. There are various shades available but she said she would choose the darkest shade since i had black hair and umpteen number of greys . The application was pretty much easy and did not have that overpowering smell at all. After rinsing the hair ,my hair felt soft and gave a lustrous shine to my hair. Although i have coloured my hair before i was scared if i would be allergic to this product but luckily i did not face any issues ,no irritation it itching on the scalp. It is ammonia free. This did help cover my greys completely. And After three weeks i can see my roots are back to the grey shade

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