Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

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Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer is specially formulated to target the troublesome under-eye area. The super concentrated and super-radiant formula with micro-corrector applicator instantly erases dark circles and blurs puffy eyes and fine lines. It is enriched with goji berry and haloxyl and does a wonderful job of reducing fine lines, instantly uplifting the under-eye area. It is available in 12 super-saturated shades.

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12 Ratings & 12 Reviews


Would recommend this to a friend


Infused with goji berry and haloxyl

Micro-corrector applicator

Medium to full coverage

Hides fine lines and wrinkles

Blends well


Great shade range

Easy to use


Might crease


Not for all skin types

Settles in fine lines

Setting with powder is needed

Awesome Buy


Reduces Puffiness

Great Packaging


I have been using this for long now and this is by far the best concealer. I love it to the core. It reduces the puffiness, shadows and the dark circles under the eye to a great extent and I found it very effective. It is available in a variety of shades to match each complexion. The packaging is good. It comes in a plastic tube, has a sponge applicator at the end. This is one thing I do not like as sometimes you need to twist the tube repeatedly for the product to pour out. It is easy to blend the concealer. The consistency of the concealer is very thin. I do like it because of the consistency. This stays on for almost 7-8 hours. I do feel my eye area looks more cleaner, fresher and better hence would surely keep buying this.

Easy to apply and superfine concealer



I generally do not use any concealer and never felt the need to use one. Recently, there was a wedding in my family for which I was wearing a gorgeous outfit. At that time, I needed a perfect makeup base along with a concealer to get that classic look. I searched for several concealers online and studied a lot. It was then that I came across this beauty. Maybelline is one of my tried and tested brands, and it is something that I can easily rely on. That was the reason I thought of giving it a try. I am delighted that it did not let me down. The packaging of this concealer is convenient. It comes in a plastic bottle with a cushion on top. You need to twist the cushion to get the product on it for easy application. The good thing about this applicator is that it is very convenient to use, but at the same time after using it repeatedly it might get dirty with the product depositing in it, and there is no way to wash or clean it. The texture of this concealer is creamy, non-sticky and lightweight. The coverage of the concealer is medium, which is suitable for personal use and without making it look overdone. The concealer blends beautifully into the skin without sitting on the surface. There is a massive rave about it on the net, and the product quality justifies all of them. This is very much affordable and very readily available. There are 6 shades in this range. The shades vary from the one who is covering dark circles to the one which is for illuminating the eyes. One can easily pick and choose it based on the effect that you want to generate. The staying power is almost up to 8 hours, which is pretty good for a concealer. It worked very well for me, and I am very much satisfied with my purchase.



Travel friendly


Number of shades

Hides dark circles

Blends easily


Sponge looks unhygienic

Dries without moisturization

I am a girl who wears glasses and have dark circles. When I wear my glasses, my dark circles doesn't show out much, thank God I am saved. Otherwise when I use contact lenses, the dark circles are my greatest enemy. They even put my confidence down and make me appear as though I am sick with fever. Sometimes my concealer and foundation doesn't match their pigmentation and my eyes appears as though they are in a grey hollow which is really very disappointing for a girl like me who loves to highlight eyes. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer claims to erase dark circles and blurs puffy eyes and fine lines. The product comes in various shades to suit most of the skin tones. It contains the extracts of goji berry and haloxyl which does a wonderful job of reducing fine lines instantly and uplifts the under-eye area. The product comes in a glass tube with a plastic cap. The glass bottle is thick and unbreakable. The packaging is cute, sturdy and travel friendly as it comes in handy to just keep it in the handbag. This product has a cushion like sponge which seem to be unhygienic as we have to use the same sponge over and over again. The good thing about the sponge is that it reduces wastage of the product. The Instant Age Rewind Concealer has a creamy texture and a super concentrated formula. It gives a medium to high coverage. It doesn't feel heavy when worn and blends well with skin and other makeups too. You just have to swipe the micro-corrector applicator sponge over your dark circles and it hides the dark circles and imperfections like magic. Never forget to moisturize your skin before using this, or it gives a dry patchy effect. This concealer can also be used over the foundation. You could use a setting powder over the concealer to give a even tone look. It stays on skin for 5-6 hours and with the setting powder, it stays even longer. You can have a touch up with a compact later. The price is affordable.

Best face corrector



It was from a long period of time I was facing several skin related issue with dark uneven patches all over my face being the prominent issue. I never used a concealer till now because back than I did not need any. But post my delivery due to extreme stress during child birth my skin has become so dull now that I need something to hide the patches and give an even skin tone. Since I never used a concealer in the past I was bit confused in deciding which one to buy. Hence I did a lot of online search and read various reviews to make sure I am buying the perfect product for my problematic skin. I pinned down my search on Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer. I read so much positive about the same that I instantly made up my mind in investing on this concealer. This concealer is specially formulated to target the troublesome areas of your face. In the first application of this product it self I felt that worked wonders on my under eye area. With the growing age you tend to get different issues like wrinkles and fine lines and trust me this is the product that I was dreaming to have. The super concentrated and super-radiant formula with micro-corrector applicator instantly erases dark circles and blurs puffy eyes and fine lines. It instantly gives you a fresh and refreshing look and you no longer look like your age person. Yes You start looking younger. It plays a vital role in uplifting my under-eye area and gives medium to full coverage. It is certainly easy to use and friendly on pockets hence making it available for each and every one out their who is in damn need of a face corrector like me. I usually apply a compact to set this concealer to give a more clearer look than expected.

Miracle cover for under the eye problem



Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer is a basic concealer for the under the eye problems. There are 12 shades available that one can choose from. The product has the goodness of goji berry and haloxyl which helps the eye to stop getting a little too dark. The concealer is more like a corrector that helps the under eye be as natural as it can be. The application is super easy to apply because of the roll on applicator. You really don’t have to bother much with the converge. Just dab and spread using your fingertips. The application blends extremely won. The best part of the product is that is super easy to carry and can fir in anywhere. The application comes in a leak proof tube or call it a mini bottle I really liked the fact that the fine lines are very well covered and also they seem to reduce the puffiness under the eye. As I have sleep trouble I generically always look like I have been sleep deprived. But then with the help of Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer the lines as well as the puffiness got away from me in just one dab!! I truly loved the miracle that the product worked on me. I would definitely recommend this product to all of those who have the dark circle trouble and the puffiness under the eye problem.

A do or die product


Exceptional coverage


Applicator can get a bit unhygienic

The product is a must have. It is a 100% coverage product. Has a lot of pros but only one con which is it's applicator which can be a bit unhygienic due to accumulation of product on it. One should surely consider it as a good option

One of the best under budget


gives good coverage and blends well


Not many shades available

This one is really good. I am using this for a long time. It blends really well. It gives full coverage to you. It has easy applicator which makes application more easy. So just go for it. Best for beginners. Once you're master at it go for high end products



Good quality


.Thick and creamy consistency. ⦁ Deep, rich colour. ⦁ Great applicator to work with. ⦁ Can be doubled up as a highlight for base makeup. ⦁ Doesn’t make skin greasy. ⦁ Very small quantity required. ⦁ The product would go a long way. ⦁ Worth the price.

I love maybelline


Very good coverage..does not crease


It is the best concealer i hv ever gives full coverage and does not also cover my melasma and does not feel gives s natural look compared to other heavy concealers..maybelline did a great job ...

My absolute favourite go to concealer



Travel friendly.

Medium coverage(buildable).

Great availability.

Does not crease.

Natural looking.

Brightens undereye.

Reduces fine lines.

Blends like a dream.

Not at all caky.

Comes with a spongy applicator.

Paraben free.

Covers hyperpigmentation.


Not so wide shade range in India.

Gives a little amount.

Dries quickly if left unblended.

Not cruelty free.

Maybelline age rewind concealer is my absolute favourite concealer. I am in fit me 322 and honey is my concealer shade. It is affordable,travel friendly,paraben free,light weight,easily available concealer and it blends like a dream, leaving with a natural looking finish.My shade has a slight yellow undertone ,which makes it perfect for covering my hyperpigmentation. And it's also paraben free..For a student like me, who has to study late night and use laptop a lot, dark circle is like a common night mare and this one is a saviour. I am currently using my 3rd bottle and it has a great applicator. You might need to be quick in blending as it dries pretty fast on skin.Its not also cruelty free; The shade range is not also so versatile. Currently in India this concealer has 8 shades. As Maybelline has stores in all over india, you may go to a store ,try and pick up your right shade. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Full coverage


Full coverage


This is a very good collection from maybelline this is amazing for those who have dark circles les in larger amount. This is highly pigmented. Give a try to this concealer. Worth buying. Application is very easy. ❤

Best Concealer Ever!!


Creamy and smooth firmula

Blends like a dream

Available in various shades


Medium to High Coverage


Availability Issues

Does not cover too much dark spots

This is the best concealer I've ever used. It works like magic as there were no darkness under eyes or any dark spot there. Being available in variety of shades for lightest to darkest skintone, It is much easier to choose which suits me better .

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